DC Basketball’s 100 Best Schoolboy Players of All Time

Not long ago we posted our Top 50 local high school players ever. Such an abbreviated list does a disservice to a region with as many first and second round NBA draft choices, college record holders, and college conference record holders as Greater Washington. Because of that, we’re naming the 100 best the metro area has produced. Let’s start again with the best 55:

“One-Arm” Gary Mays, ARMSTRONG, Ernie Cage, DeMATHA, Jack George, ST. JOHN’S, Grant Hill, SOUTH LAKES, Elgin Baylor, PHELPS/SPINGARN, Wilbur “Ducie” Smith, FAIRMONT HEIGHTS, George Leftwich, ARCHBISHOP CARROLL, John “Sleepy” Austin, DeMATHA, Jim McBride, DeMATHA/DUNBAR, Bobby Lewis, ST. JOHN’S, Julius “Pete” Johnson, FAIRMONT HEIGHTS, Bill Butler, MACKIN, Harold Fox, NORTHWESTERN, Donald Washington, ST. ANTHONY’S, Matthew Gantt, DOUGLASS, Anthony “Jo Jo” Hunter, MACKIN, Collis Jones, ST. JOHN’S, Austin Carr, MACKIN, Aubrey Nash, DeMATHA, Ollie Johnson, SPINGARN, Danny Ferry, DeMATHA, Tom Little, MACKIN, Stan “Snookie” Kernan, McKINLEY TECH, Fred Hetzel, LANDON, Billy Bryant, ARCHBISHOP CARROLL, Earl Jones, SPINGARN, Gary Browne, WALT WHITMAN, Ed Hummer, WASHINGTON-LEE, Larry Featherstone, BELL, Jerry McDaniels, FAIRMONT HEIGHTS, James “Turk” Tillman, EASTERN, Billy Gaskins, CARDOZO, Herb Estes, T.C. WILLIAMS, Stacy Robinson, CROSSLAND/DUNBAR, Reggie Greene, EASTERN, James Brown, DeMATHA, David Bing, SPINGARN, Garcia Hopkins, DUVAL, Tom Hoover, ARCHBISHOP CARROLL, Walt Williams, CROSSLAND, Penny Greene, PARKDALE, Wil Jones, DUNBAR, Willie Allen, RICHARD MONTGOMERY, Phil “Bo” Scott, CARDOZO, Lamar McCoy, WESTERN, Tom Sluby, GONZAGA, Herb Gray, Sr., PHELPS, Jim O’Brien, JEB STUART, Ed Epps, CARDOZO, Harry Nickens, SPINGARN, Randolph “Apple” Milan, McKINLEY TECH, Lew Luce, WOODROW WILSON, Bernard Williams, DeMATHA, Floyd Lewis, WESTERN, Ronnie Hogue, McKINLEY TECH

Add to that: Donnell Bullock, CARDOZO, Gene Littles, McKINLEY TECH, “Slim” Barnes, CHAMBERLAIN, Donald “Duck” Williams, MACKIN, Henry Hall, PARKDALE, Michael Tate, OXON HILL, Lyndon DeBellotte, CARDOZO, Herb Gray, Jr., BOWIE, Merlin Wilson, ST. ANTHONY’s, Jerry “Coon” Chambers, EASTERN, Pat Dosh, ST. JOHN’s, “Biggie” Cunningham, EASTERN, Mike Jackson, CARDOZO, Lonnie Perrin, McKINLEY TECH, Steve Hegans, SPINGARN, Len Bias, NORTHWESTERN, “Shorty” Simmons, GWYNN PARK, Lovelle “Slim” Joiner, EASTERN, Hubert Davis, LAKE BRADDOCK, “Buzzy” Braman, SPRINGBROOK, Brian Magid, MONTGOMERY BLAIR, Jonathan Smith, ST. ANTHONY’s, Johnny Dawkins, MACKIN, Andrew White, WESTERN, Leroy Stover, SUITLAND, Archie Talley, CENTRAL, Terry Hatchett, ARMSTRONG, Craig Shelton, DUNBAR, Louis Grillo, ARCHBISHOP CARROLL, Billy King, PARK VIEW, “Skeeter” Swift, GEORGE WASHINGTON, Kevin Stinnett, ST. JOHN’s, Sid Catlett, DeMATHA, Ed Peterson, SPRINGBROOK, Al Dutch, ARCHBISHOP CARROLL, Irving Copeland, DuVAL, Dennis Scott, FLINT HILL, John Hummer, WASHINGTON-LEE, Pete Holbert, W.T. WOODSON, Carlos Yates, FLINT HILL, Mark Tillmon, GONZAGA, Lawrence Moten, ARCHBISHOP CARROLL, Donte Smith, ANACOSTIA, Lionel Harris, CARDOZO, Louis Bullock, LAUREL BAPTIST



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  1. How can you leave off some of the other great DeMatha players like Adrian Dantly, Adrian Branch, Jerrod Mustaf and Derrick Whittenberg? Where are two great point guards Curt Smith (Coolidge) and Clinton Venable (Northwestern) in this list?

    • I was a average player in the late 90’s. But in three games I played against Brian Westbook (All star running back Philly), Joe Forte (all acc and drafted) Keith Bogans (10 year NBA pro) John Day (NFL first round pick) Jordan Collins (ACC starting center) Roger Mason (All ACC and 10 year NBA pro) Chric Monroe (All time leading scorer in GW history). I understand that the the 60’s and 70’s produced allot of nicknames. But damn our generation produces players!! The WCAC alone in the 90’s produces more than 10 NBA players!!

      • Sonny Suntum

        Three point shot changed the game.
        Making skill less dimensional and overall the players less skillful.

    • man what about athony jones bill martin john irby, kenny sanders, mike graham. etc!!! john battle. beranard levi.

  2. I actually thought I named both Dantley and Branch when writing this in longhand, let me compare this with my original 100 and see if I forgot to place them both here.

    Thanks for the heads up.


    • Why isn’t Booty Neal(Oxon Hill), Skip McDaniels(Carroll), Kenny Matthews(Dunbar), Duane Nichols(Fairmont Heights), Earl Moore(Cardozo), Delonte Taylor(Carroll/Wilson) or Anthony Jones(Dunbar) on this list

    • I saw Booty Neal and Duane “Space” Nichols light up P.G. County back in the day. Charles “Skip” McDaniels was a monster. Kenny Matthews was simply dynamite. Earl Moore was unstoppable. Delonte “Nut” Taylor ripped the Washington Bullets apart for 50pts. Anthony Jones was rated higher than Michael Jordan !!! These guys definitely deserve to be mentioned when there is a conversation about the best players in the DC area. I will say this. All the real ball players in the area know who these guys are, and I’m sure that they would all agree !!!!!


  4. Kevin:

    Cricket’s received a lot of support from readers of this blog. I encourage visitors to submit their own Top 100’s, as no list will satisfy everyone.


  5. Angela Tillman-tuner

    Thanks for remembering my brother James “Turk” Tillman. I’m sure he will appreciate being remembered.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Angela- I hope he likes the site.


  7. What about donald ford,sherman douglas,moochie norris,mike smith,johnny rhodes,charles harrison and a host of others ?!?

  8. They were all nice. DC has produced more strong ballplayers per capita than any other Metro region (it’s not even close- Tony Ellis of Colorado and Glenn Price of St. Bonaventure both had 20 rebound games in college, and their names don’t even come up in local basketball reminisces- just an example)- thus the reason for this site.

    We’re gonna open the floor for fans to vote their own Top 50 soon, by beginning a poll on our homepage. Feel free to weigh in then.


  9. Hello,
    This message pertains to the “All-Met High School Basketball Players” web address. Although it is a matter of opinion as to who the “100 best D.C. High School basketball players” are it is not a matter of opinion as to who made All-Met in the Washington Post (POST) and the Washington Evening Star (STAR); it is fact. By the way, I noticed your (credible) selections were from the first, second, and third teams of the POST. Did this list of All-Mets include the STAR’s first, second, and third team selections?” The STARS’s Sports Section (especially in the mid-nineteen sixties to mid-seventies) was just as credible as the POST’s; some think better. In fact, your website displays a 1972 article from the STAR discussing the “best player to come out of D.C.” The STAR is also mentioned throughout the website as references for your entertaining articles. I am using my given name for this e-mail message but my nickname was the name I used when I played ball. It is not relatively important today who I am and which year I made All-Met but I feel it is important to me and possibly many others that may have been omitted from your All-Met list and will not be a part of your D.C. school boy basketball history. Maybe this was an oversight. One last thing, I do a great deal of research on business, education, and “sports” topics. One topic I am researching (for a chapter or two in a possible book) is related to D.C. area high school basketball. I mentioned the words “credible selections” earlier with respect to your list. You may want to review some of the names on your list of All-Mets. I know a couple of these guys and (based on my reviews and, more importantly, being there in that specific moment in time); I QUESTION WHETHER THEY ACTUALLY MADE ALL-MET! Who knows? I may be wrong. You have a very interesting website. I enjoy reading it. Thanks for your time.

    • Thanks for weighing in. On our blog, there is a link to both “Post” and “Star” All-Met teams until 1972 or so. I agree with your sentiments. In addition, the “Star” often included little captions about why each first-teamer was chosen- the nuances of their game (like the ’67 edition). And the rival paper ranked its All-Met’s, so that a player ranked as the 11th best player in the area, though a third-teamer, would realize he would be in the All-Met photo by the Post’s criteria of naming 12 guys.

      Pls. contact me offlist.

      Bijan C. Bayne

  10. hey guys i was going through the internet the other night and i noticed this site… my dad is pat dosh… are there any other sites that talk about old players from back in the late 70’s on metro basketball players?

    • Thanks for stopping by Patrick. As far as we know, this is the place. I believe there are pics of your dad in the photo gallery on our website, DCBasketball.com.


    • John "Junnie ' Nelson , Eastern class of 1977

      I remember him. Didn’t he play in The Capital Classic one yr?

  11. I will never forget the game when my brother, Pat Dosh played Adrian Dantly at Dematha and held him to like 6 points. I know Adrian can handle that being as successful as he was!! As Pat’s sister 2 years behind him at the time it was the social event of the year! They played it up for the audience with pushing and shoving and I think some spitting was in there. I often tell the story of walking to Pat’s car after the game and Pat and Adrian saying to each other “Let’s finish it out here in the parking lotc’. Little did I know,they were kidding!!!! That was scary! How nice to have these guys recognized and to be able to take some time to remember the glory days!!!!!


  12. Great List! but two players from northern virginia you might have overlooked. 1 Dave Keosters from West Springfield led his team to 3 Northern Region Championships,and if not for Moses Malone He would have 2 State Chapionships to his credit. 2 Creag Harris of TC Williams, led his team to the state championship and undefeated season. MVP of the Capital Clssic.

    • You’re right Drew, Koesters and Harris were two very solid All-Met performers.


      • Craig Davis Robert E Peary High 1974 McDonalds 1st All East team and was the East MVP of the game. Moses Malone was the West MVP. Craig went on to NC Sate were he had a solid 4 years.

        Thanks Joe Piccioni

      • Thanks Joe, that’s quite a distinction.


  13. By the way, for all the players that came through or played against Mackin, it’s now open for basketball Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. There’s even a very competitive basketball league that plays on the weekends. My company, Balance Gym, now leases the gym from the Catholic Church and besides basketball we also do personal training. I’m writing since some of you who played at or against Mackin might want to come by and get some shots in.

    And my favorite players has and always will be Walt “The Wizard” Williams.

  14. Wow, what a great list of names. Unreal that it has taken the rest of the nation this long to realize that the DC area is THE BEST HS Basketball in the country. One name that rarely shows up even though he was a dominate player is Sonny Procter and some of his Gwynn Park teammates, Mark Clark and Cornell Banks. Remember in 1976, Clark and Banks led GPHS, as Procter was injured, to a state title, defeating Tracy Jackson to get to Cole and then defeating Edgewood with Charles Bradley for the state title. Irving Johnson at Douglass was another big time scorer. Louis Wilson also of Douglass yet another. Shawn Clark (Mark’s brother) went on to have a decent career at Oklahoma. There are many others. Again, great list and it keeps growing. Don’t forget Scotty Reynolds, Jeff Allen, Louis Hinnant, Childress (Wake Forest), Sharrod Ford, man, the list could just keep going. Also, the McKinley Tech title team of the mid-70s had a couple of guys, who were they…Garry Jordan was one right?

    • David-

      You’re exactly right about Sonny Proctor and his mates- players from the southern portion of Prince George’s County don’t receive enough credit. We’ll soon post an interview on our homepage from a former player whose h.s. team went to the ’69 and ’70 state championship games.

      Garry Jordan was the center at McKinley Tech from ’75-’77, and later a Holiday Fesitval MVP at Niagara.

    • John "Junnie ' Nelson , Eastern class of 1977

      Gary Jordan was cool bro. played in middle for Tech in mid 70s

  15. A friend of mine sent me your list and it’s nice to be remembered. A few from my day that may have been missed were Tommy Amaker from WT Woodson, Arnie Russel from TC Williams, Othel Wilson from Garfield.

    Pete Holbert
    WT Woodson, 1980

  16. Wow, Sonny Proctor was my team mate at Johnson C Smith University where he was a good friend and a great CIAA player. He had a bad knee but still was quick and could pass. He gave me some great passes during my mediocre career. Always wondered what happen to him.

  17. wheres my uncle Harry Brockenberry of Western and then Teachers College. he was getting 70 without a three point line. Check it out.

    • I heard your uncle was a bad boy.


    • Ullysses Tucker, Jr.

      When I was at Roosevelt from 1972-75, I use to play at Upshur playground in northwest and Harry was one of the old school brothers lighting it up, we use to battle. I owe Harry a tremendous amount of credit for my basketball development back then and thanked him a few years ago when I finally saw him about 25 years after college ball. He sent me down to Winston-Salem University for the “Big House” Gaines-Earl “The Pearl” Basketball Camp as a raw talent and I came home MVP, with the confidence and belief that I could play on a college level. Harry could shoot the rock! He helped another brother from Wilson High named Bobby Kinser, who had a nice college and pro career in Europe as well as anyone who would listen. Cool brother–he was working in the DC Public Schools the last time we talked, probably 15 years ago in the Safeway.

    • Where can I get more info on Harry Brockenberry? I am trying to compile info for UDC’s hall of fame but I’m having trouble finding information about him online.

  18. thanks! his brother william was at Eastern and his son William Jr. was an All-American Quarterback from Dunbar in 83. My family ran the city at one time on every field and court. Reese Morgan was also a great quarteback at Dunbar before William Jr.

  19. Nice job! I agree that no list will satisfy everyone, but I grew up watching and playing with some of the great players from the late 60s and early 70s on this list, and I think that Tracey Jackson from Paint Branch deserves mention.

  20. hey there,

    adrian dantley was bad as a freshman @ dematha. let’s not forget: kenny carr, charles ” hawkeye” whitney, lamont reid, charles and randolph campbell from ballou. standing under 6’1, the brothers averaged at least 30 per night, bernard “ducky” vaughn, and larry ” shorty” coleman, the first harlem globetrotter from maryland.

  21. i have seen stacy robinson play all five position, very well. the sportswriters and fans fail to realize, he had a wicked curveball, too. could’ve made all moon in baseball. not let’s talk baseball, shall we?

  22. What about Barry Frazier H.D. Woodson
    David Reevis Mackin High School

  23. The Herron brothers, Keith and Larry, were standout players for Mackin HS in the late ’60s to early ’70s.

    Both went on to have great college careers at Villanova, where Keith is the #2 all-time scorer.

    Keith also had a brief, but successful, NBA stint.

  24. I am trying to reach James “Turk” Tillman who played part of his college career at Eastern Kentucky University. Would appreciate any information anyone has on how to contact him. Thanks.

    • Don’t know how to reach him myself Dan, but perhaps a blog reader will see this and respond. Somewhere in a comment to an old post, his sister weighed in here. You may be able to track that comment down via a Google word search. When I have a second, maybe I’ll search his name in my e-mail inbox from when she originally commented, and get back to you.

      I believe your university sports information dep’t donated some of the images of EKU players from D.C. on our homepage http://www.dcbasketball.com. I’ll also paste your request in an e-mail to some former players who may be in touch with Turk.


    • John "Junnie ' Nelson , Eastern class of 1977

      Hey Dan, reach out to Eastern HS Coach Rodney Wright , he may be able to help reach Turk.

  25. No love for Fast Eddie Jordan, a second round pick and NBA starter, who led Rutgers to the Final Four? That’s cold.

  26. Where is Tim Bassett, James Monroe, Jeffery Harrison of McKinley and the Campbell brothers of Ballou

    • Good choices Mr. Massenburg. Ballou was #3 in the city in ’71. And I spoke with Jeffrey Harrison yesterday at Coach Armstrong’s funeral. We have so many elite players- bear in mind D.C. high schools won the presitgious Knights of Columbus Tournament every year from 1959-1976!


  27. I was just taking a look at the blog again when it dawned on me that David Robinson, One of the Top 50 All Time NBA Greats, who played his HS ball in Manassas can’t even crack the Top 50 of the DC Area all time best…That’s how deep this region is…Unreal…Another who played with Robinson at the Naval Academy, Vernon Butler, played his HS ball at High Point…My 35 and over team just lost the other night to Vernon. He must of had 50 and we’re no slouches…Fernando Aunon and Gordon Austin (American) and John Niehoff (one of CAA all-timers from George Mason) are some of my teammates.

    • We HAVE produced more than our share of players’, won three Capital Classics between 1980 and ’84, and every Knights of Columbus Tournament between 1959 and 1977. Red Auerbach, a Brooklyn guy, said D.C. was the richest basketball talent pool in America.


    • Fernand0 "Ferdy" Aunon

      Vernon Butler is a great local player that played against us and beat us… he scored 50 points or so but it was the first time his team beat us. As David says “we’re no slouches”…. but he beat the pants out of us with his three point shooting effort…not his post play. Imagine a 6’10 player shooting 3’s against us… too funny. Post players always want to be guards !!

  28. Jonny Dawkins…Vic Page…Joe Gallagher…John Thomson…

  29. I cant believe you did not mention Byron Tucker from Potomac. Ask any player from that era from the county and we all will tell you Tuck was top dog by far. This cat averaged 38 points a game before 3’s were implemented. 6’10 with handles… Man come on…

  30. You know it is really hard to limit the lists of great ones from the DC area. One guy who played for Fairmont Heights and I think Northwestern, Harold Fox seems to be missing from all the lists. He played at Jacksonville with Artis Gilmore and the advanced really far in the NCAA tourney, Fox could fly and was a great hs baller here.

  31. I grew up in and around SE Washington and age 18 my parents moved to Upper Marlboro – which was really the sticks then. I had to travel down to Chegaltenham to find a good game there. Since I was a 5′ 8″ white boy from Gonzaga I was lucky to find pickup games that involved Matt Gant and 2 other black guys over 6’2″. Matt would always pick me to make it fair based on my lack of size. I took pride when he said I take that lil ni**** Rick. We played on 9′ courts and I could slam it down. Gant would stuff his whole right into the bucket and we’d always win. He wasn’t just a great player but a hell of a guy!

    • Great memories Ricardo. A 9′ foot rim can really foul up one’s jay (smile).


    • Matt Gantt was a leapin’ somebody. I saw him play on tv f/ St. Bonaventure. Cat closed out his schoolboy career w/ 52 points and 35 boards (are you kidding me).


  32. OOPS ! I missed Fox who is mentioned above . Given the degree of difficulty of this chore – picking the best ballers of DC , the author shows a great deal of knowledge!

  33. Hey if the list is 100 long did I miss Curtis Perry somehow?

    • Good point. Bound to miss somebody (when I wrote this, I forgot Dantley, Ferry, and Branch).
      We appreciate your input. Perry, for those not hip, ran at the old Western H.S. in G’town.


  34. What about Marcellus Anderson from Cardozo high School; He was a stand out who was pretty much under the microscope and problally recuited by every school in Divsion I until he was prop 48; Still played at NU; cut from the celtics and played in turkey, portegal, suadi arabia, germany and 4 years in China!

    I can remember him playing in the Urban Co in the summer and giving Dennis Scott AAU team about 50 and being pick up to play with that all star team: What ever happen to him!

  35. Hello thanks for the comments; I ended up joining the Navy and playing there also for All Navy team and Team USA for 5 years;

    Find me on Facebook thanks again Derrick and i remember playing with your brother in Turkey for 2 seasons and David butler was there also joseph Wiley;

  36. Marcellus Anderson

    Thanks again


    I think DC is still a mega for Basketball and that Barry farms league is ok; But we need to teach our kids more fundamentals of the Game and education :

    take care; DC

    • Thanks. We at DC Basketball will be scheduling clinics and career days for youngsters. The documentary is only one aspect of our educational outreach. We will also place former local players as school assembly and basketball camp speakers.


  37. Marcellus Anderson

    Thats awesome! Basketball was a key for me for obtaining a free education, and I also got to make some cash for about 12 years on the overseas market.

    I owe it all to the washington post, washington times, boys and girls clubs and DC public schools. Also I would loved to speak to the kids if needed or if you need any other local players i can contact Darryl Prue at georgetown coaching now or lonnie harrell who did play with the AND 1 team;

    Take care, Marcellus

  38. I see Derrick Lewis’ comments above and he was a hellofa defensive player.
    I just took a look at Maryland high school basketball players in the NBA. If there was a territorial draft of Maryland guys (with points per game in parens) we would have at guards : Ty Lawson (8.3), Keith Bogans(4.4)
    Roger Mason(6.3) and Delonte West (8.8).
    Forwards :Rudy Gay (19.7) Michael Beasley (14.8), Kevin Durant (30.1)
    Carmelo Anthony (28.7)
    Jeff Green (15.1), Donte Greene (8.5) and Josh Boone (4.0).
    Roy Hibbert at center (11.7)- I think that teams still play with only 1 ball at a time but that front line averaged 132.6 points per game this year in the NBA. All together over 160 points per game. If we take away the Baltimorons as we are Washington DC area (Gay, Anthony, D. Greene and Boone) that is still 99.7 points per game.

    This doesn’t include Northern Virginia nor Washington DC players. The DC area is well represented throughout the NBA today.

  39. I went to school with a dude by the name of Jeff “Rabbit” Williams, he played for Central High School and could put 30 on you any given night. He was also a standout football player.

  40. I also went to school with Chuck West (Central High) went on to play for American University and who was the P.G. County “player of the year” and won a state championship with another great Maryland Player Ricky Byrd in 1984. Ricky went on to play for South Carolina State!!!

  41. Joe Forte, Carl Racine

  42. Where is Thurl Bailey (Bladensburg High)

  43. In an ealier post I spoke of a baller form Central High School by the name of Jeff “RABBIT” Williams, I found out that he was recently named the Head coach of the Lasalle Univ. womens basketball team after serving as an assistant at Pittsburgh Univ. for six years, he was also a coach for Howard University and Georgia Tech womens teams. He also was The Head coach at South Carolina State for a while!!

  44. Another of my Central High School alum “Levi Franklin” was a 6’5” Center and went on to play for UMBC. Levi was the Head coach at Crossland High School in the mid to late 80’s and his teams were perennial top ten throughout his tenure. He was recently hired as Associate head coach at Robert Morris. Another player who was on the same team as Levi is David Talbert who produces the black plays and who was more prominent until Tyler Perry came along. Jeff “Rabbit” Williams is married to Madelyn Woods formerly of BET “video soul” who was also a classmate of mine.

  45. I just found out that Carlos Yates was killed years ago and Clyde Austin has been sentenced to 161\2 years for fraud I believe Real Estate. I also found out that Grayson Marshall is doing great and is a motivational speaker.

  46. Clyde Austin was sentenced to 16-1\2 years

  47. Dunbar in Baltimore really put out some talent, Ernest Graham, Reggie Williams, Reggie Lewis, David Wingate, Mugsy Bouges!!!

  48. Where’s the love for my old teammate Greg Carrington, Bell Vocational , 1st team All Met 1971 & 72. Greg was just a “Beast”….. also the absoute finest B-Ball Player I ever knew was “Big Slim” Glenn Price, 1s team All Met 1970, he drop 42 pts on a young Carrington in 1970… Bell still beat Coolidge by 20 plus, but Glenn was incredible …. at 6-10 Glenn was the early 70’s Dirk Nowitzki.

    • Carrington- great player on the Coach Coward teams. He’s mentioned on other lists, and elsewhere on the site if you “Google” his name. Glenn Harris had you on his 100.


    • Mr. barnes,

      How are things. You probably dont remember me. I was also a team mate of Greg Carrington. I though he was just as good as Mr Dantley

  49. You may want to do some research on the first and only DC Area player to be named 3 time Parade All American and Top 3 All-time scorer and rebounder at famed Dematha. Oh, he also won 115 games at DeMatha and only lost 1 home game in 4 years!

    • Thanks Mr. Mustaf. We will correct that oversight, and would also like to interview you for our documentary on local basketball.


  50. I’ve saw about all the 70’s players. Adrian Dantley, Jo Jo Hunter, Hawkeye Whitney, Turkey Tillman, Craig Shelton, Kenny Carr, Ed Jordan, Skip McDaniels, David Reavis, Duck Williams, James Ratiff, Arthur Daniels, The Gregory Brothers, The Herron Brothers – but on the high school level, the best of the bunch was Stacy Robinson. He was in a league of his own.

  51. What I personally saw regarding Stacy Robinson (Dunbar vs. Eastern) – Turkey Tillman alone on a fast break and Stacy pins his layup on the backboard. Stacy down on a fast break with Turkey checking him. Stacy goes up, at the rim, does a 180 in mid-air and essentially drops the ball in the hoop, above the rim, and with his back to the basket, while Turkey is right there. Capitol Classic. Bill Cartwright ( 7 footer) does a Kareem-type sky hook and Stacy cleanly blocks it at the apex of the shot.

    I saw him do many other things, but these I can see just like it was yesterday. He was playing pro ball at the high school level.

    • People have some incredible Stacy memories. One person I know saw him go for 50-plus in a jhs game, including one he threw down after he tossed it against the backboard. Joe Dean used to sit him the first few minutes so the other Dunbar players wouldn’t stand around & watch him.


    • John "Junnie ' Nelson , Eastern class of 1977

      I was there , u r absolutely right ,but Turk didn’t lay down. lol

  52. That Dunbar team had a “stacked” squad. Stacy, Craig “Big Sky” Shelton who snatched every rebound in sight, Joe Tweet (may have the name misspelled) with solid mid-range game, John Duren (who went to Georgetown). If I’m not mistaken, I think they were the number one prep team in the country. Eastern was far behind with James Ratiff and Turkey Tillman, but I remember a few games at McDonough and Stacy would school Turkey.

    • Chuck Jackson

      Do you remember Jr high that Craig, Big Rat, Rodney Wright, Lance, and a whole host of others. Half the team either ended at Eastern and the rest at Dunbar! Increditable Jr High team. Located in SE on East Capital, going toward Capitol Heights…

      • You are probably talking about Evan JHS.

      • John "Junnie ' Nelson , Eastern class of 1977

        I played against them at Kelly Miller Jr High in 1973-74. They all were at Evans Jr High off of East Capitol St .NE . Greg Nance ,Craig and I think Lance went to Dunbar and Rodney and Ratt came with us at The Big E.

    • John "Junnie ' Nelson , Eastern class of 1977

      I think Eastern was ranked either 1st or 3d in country at that time. People ,if they weren’t there to see those games they won’t believe how good those guys were. I thank God I had the opportunity to come though that time. I hope all are well .But I know for a fact there are some sore knees….lol

  53. Now among the 70’s players there were good ones, outside of Stacy. Of course, Adrain Dantley was All Everything, but with an uninspiring game. Jo Jo Hunter could shoot the lights out. Hawkeye Whitney was serious, but for me, next to Stacy was probably Kenny Carr. 6’8″ and smooth. A shorter version of Amare Stoudemire.

    Of course, for all around, I’m not sure of anyone but Arthur Daniels (Carroll) who was 1st team All-Met in both football and basketball.

  54. Did you mention Byron Tucker from Potomac.

  55. I played in the Jelleff’s Summer league in 1973. Carroll Holmes of DeMatha got every rebound even over Dantley, Kenny Carr and Vern Allen. Duck Williams of Mackin was incredible. Langloh was tough for DeMatha at point as I recall. In the Fairfax County summer league that same summer was the runaway rubber hose, Carl Jackson for TC Williams and Jack Poulson and Rehnquist the supreme court judge’s son who was 6’7″ from a good Langley Club. The best player around then was Mike Simon of McLean High who went to Stanford and I believe is a doctor now? We once had a sunday afternoon game at the Falls Church community center with Jim O’Brien from Stuart, Alan Kendall from Woodson I think, Wally Walker and Gus Gerard from UVa, Greg Jones from Vienna’s Madison High, Wedell Byrd, long time coach at South Lakes and a stud in his own right and my twin brother Mark and me. Unforgettable especially watching O’Brien and Kendall battle both at 6’9″ and outside shooters primarily. Walker was a crybaby accusing everyone of trying to hurt his knees because we all actually blocked out on rebounds. Gerard couldn’t shoot but was a serious sky walker!

    • Great memories Dennis. Great league. Who did you run with?


      • Dennis Tracz

        DeMatha’s Jim Spirodopolous became our coach at George Mason High School in Falls Church and put us into Jelleff’s with St. Stephens. Sleepy Thompson was their coach and he wasn’t competitive so we became St. Stephens and played in Jelleff’s (Virginia High Schools were not allowed by VA rules) and St. Stephens played as George Mason in the Fairfax league. My teamate Glen Hood (who was an awesome player) went to summer school with Rehnquist at Langley and told him all summer that he was from DeMatha etc. Langley was undefeated going into their last game against St. Stephens at Langley. St. Stephens was in last place. We asked the St Stephens guys if we could play in their place instead. The gym had big trash cans all around catching water from a leaking roof. Hood was being covered by Rehnquist who kept shouting out “Hey this guy goes to DeMatha. Hood kept running him into a trash can pick all night scoring 32 points and we won by 20 points.

      • I played in St. Stephen’s gym in those years, as a middle school kid at St. Albans. I attended Jeleff B.C. during the daytime in ’70 (sort of a camper). Thanks for sharing Dennis.


  56. Ullysses Tucker, Jr.

    Wilber “Reds” Thomas of Roosevelt had a nice game as well. There was also Bill Lewis from Central High, Skeeter Penn and Kenny Kee from Phelps, Ronnie Tibbs who played point at Bell with Greg Carrington, Jeffrey Harrison at McKinley, Tyrone Jones at Eastern, “Playgound” Bennett from Cardoza, Lynn Nance and Robert Eubanks at Spingarn, Jeff Covington and Billy Parker from Ballou, and Larry Wright, who led Western to the City Title with Jon Smith against DeMatha. Bob Whitmore who played at Notre Dame with Austin Carr….what about Sherman Douglass? Embree Shaw? Carl Rustin and Kevin Durrant from Suitland? Gary Coble, Alonzo Patterson, The Davis Brothers from Roosevelt where I played? Webster Jordan and Desmond Dennis from Bell?

    Stacy Robinson was my road dog. We hung tough the summer before I went to college and played in the Urban Coalition together for Executive III, also played against him in the All American Roundball Classic where the DC All Stars played the Maryland All Stars. How he got to play for the Maryland team is still being debated today, especially since he played his senior year at Dunbar. They had Garcia Hopkins, Joe Gwynn, Lamont Reid, and a host of others from the class of 1975.

    We had myself, Barry Frazier and Weldon Parham, from Woodson, Cricket Williams from McKinley Tech, Mike Morton from Eastern, “Eggy” Knight from Spinagarn, Big Mike Morton from Eastern, plus many more and though we lost–there were nearly 300 points scored in that game. Stacy was throwing it off the glass and reverse dunking and shooting the lights out. Great memories.

    • Bad boys all. I met “Playground” when I worked at Union Station, and he told me he ran at College of the Pacific. Western’s John Smith had a nice career at Howard, as did his predecessor Achilles Carroll. No one talks of Aaron Shingler (Roosevelt?), Frank Williams (Coolidge), Earl Manago, John Morgan and Ernest Lewis (Tech), Ron Pulley (Bladensburg), or Angelo Council (Mackin/Dunbar).


      • Ullysses Tucker, Jr.

        Frank, if he is the same one, was coaching Coolidge when I played at Roosevelt and I remember Angelo Council, who I met through David Reavis in the Urban Coalitions. After JUCO, I think Reavis ended up playing for Georgia and in the SEC, tough player.

  57. Ullysses Tucker, Jr.

    Larry Wright played one year at Western with Jon Smith and they beat everybody in the city, inclding DeMatha with their star studded team.

    Stacy was my road dog the summer of 1975 before I went off to play college ball in Nebraska. Also played against him in the All American Roundball Classic when the DC Inter-High All-Stars played the Maryland All Stars at Fairmont Heights High School. How he got to play for the Maryland team is still debated today since he attended Dunbar his senior year. They had Lamont Reid, Joe Gywnn, Garcia Hopkins, Dudley Bradley, and a host of others. We had Barry Frazier, Gaines Shaw and Weldon Parham from Woodson, Cricket Williams from Tech, Mike Morton from Eastern, and several other notable DC players. We lost the game but there was nearly 300 points scored in that game, very entertaining with Stacy leading the way. Great memories.

    Also played with Stacy along with Ducky Vaughn, Rodney Wright, Leroy Moreno, James Ratiff, Rubin Collins, Billy Gordon, and a bunch of other ballers for Executive III when the games were held at Spingarn.

    Surprised folks haven’t mentioned Ronnie Tibbs, Webster Jordan, and Desmond Dennis from Bell High, Gary Coble and the Davis Brothers from Roosevelt where I played, even Wilber Thomas. Jeff “Fro” Covington and Kenny Buck from Ballou, and you can’t forget the Newby Brothers from southwest or Embree Shaw from Eastern, old school brother!

    Skeeter Penn and Kenny Kee from Phelps, Robert Eubanks, Sherman Douglas, and Lynn Nance from Spingarn. Gus Bolds from Mackin and Coolidge. Jeff Briscoe from Parkdale. Larry “Mama” Coleman from Fairmont Heights, and Fatty Taylor. I could go on and on. As good as Dantley was in college and the pros, he seemed to have a problem getting off on the playground–especially at Rudolph in northwest and Sherwood in northeat where every played. Eddie Jordan, Moses, Cricket, The Duren Brothers, Tibbs Brothers, The Wilson Brothers, Staten Brothers from Wilson, Duck Williams, Eric Coard also from DeMatha, JoJo Hunter, and “Playground” Bennnet from Cardoza, dude had made game.

    • Our founder Penn Greene ran w/ Executive III (Moses, Skip Wise, etc.)


      • John "Junnie ' Nelson , Eastern class of 1977

        I dare not leave out the HD Woodson guys . Barry Frazier shot the lights out . I witnessed him and Turk go at it where they both stepped over the time line and hit nothing but the bottom of the nets.Nets didn’t even move, no joke. Weldon Parham was cool and ran the show. Gaines Shaw was their big man, they were very competitive. Rodney Wright of Eastern also played with me at 3rd base on Championship Baseball team. He and Brandon Jackson from HD Woodson are coaching Eastern right now.Helluve a time period . Gerald Tubb Gaskins and Al Boo Boo Chesley,both of Eastern were awsome competitors. Boo Boo made it with Philly Eagles for a time . Ridge Rd playground in SE ,was the place to see some good basketball at anytime. Turk if u read this, I remember u go up to block a shot and the guy switched hands with a nice move and u did a helicopter move and blocked the shot shot agains the backboard with the other arm. damndest move I ever saw, and I saw u do a lot .Peace

      • John "Junnie ' Nelson , Eastern class of 1977

        Leroy’The Black Italian” Moreno was a helluva player ,too

      • John "Junnie ' Nelson , Eastern class of 1977

        I got the opportunity,in the late 1970″s to meet Archie Talley while he was at W Va State College visiting and shooting around after Hot Rod Hunleys basketball camp. Archie was helping out. He went to a small school called Salem College.He was a very cool ,easy going bro,who could shoot consistenly from half court with ease,wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it. I think he had a try out with the NY Nicks and with the Harlem Globetrotters.Boy could shoot!!!!He used to come down to Ridge Rd SE .

    • John "Junnie ' Nelson , Eastern class of 1977

      Man, let me tell the world now. I went to Eastern from 1974-1977 and saw some of the best basketball in the world . I know all of the Eastern guys mentioned ,including Mike Oliver and Tyrone Jones ,who haven’t been mentioned. Turk was off the chain.The battles that Eastern,Dunbar,H D Woodson ,Spingarn are etched in my mind forever.James Ratiff and Turk Tillman, if I remember correctly ,were Parade All Americans . Stacy ,Craig ,Bay Bay,Joe Thweatt were just sick with it. Cricket at Tech, Daryl Scott at Anacostia,Stanford Nance from Spingarn ,Slim Joiner from Eastern all garner mention.In my immediate neighborhood of SE, there was Gary Washington of Carroll, Charles Pugh of Mackin, Joe Washington of DeMatha,Andrew Corbin of H D Woodson, Lynn, Stanford and Reggie Nance of Spingarn,Greg Nance of Dunbar,Michael Jasper of Anacostia,Tyrone Jones of Eastern,and I know there were more ,and countless football players and baseball players . I would like to shout ou to all my Eastern Baseball Teammates who helped win the 1974 ,Interhigh Baseball Championship with A B Williamson as our coach.

      • Gordon Roberts

        You named a few of the guys I grew up with & played ball against at the Ridge Road rec center in DC.
        Joe Washington of DeMatha
        Michael Jasper of Anacostia
        Tyrone Jones of Eastern
        Hey they are all great players but I attended Carroll in 76 & Billy Braynt is truly one of the best players I’ve every seen…. Gordon

      • Didn’t know those guys hung out there. I know Joe Washington is from around Alabama Ave., and that Ridge Road was a very competitive playground back then. Thanks Gordon.

  58. Ullysses Tucker, Jr.

    Played for Butch McDowell, Fluff Parker, and Harold Bates. Penny Greene from Parkdale?

    One thing about E-III, you never knew who was going to show up or which pro would drop in to play. Moses ran with us a couple times, Skip Wise out of Dunbar was the Freshmen of the Year at Clemson, crushed John Lucas at Maryland and was a far better player, shouldn’t went hardship but wasn’t a good students. Signed with the Baltimore Claws and they went bankrupt the next day–thus losing his elgibility and then he ended up losing a toe in a accident. I ran with them all. Glen Harris of Channel 4 was announcing the games and had the place rocking all the time.

    Greg Sanders from Bonaventure was also a solid DC area high school and college player, scored 40 plus in the NIT Championship game against Houston in 1977. Played against him over at Melvin’s Crab House!

    Does anybody remember Ballou and the Campbell Brothers spanking St. Anthony’s at Howard University in 1971, I think, when they were ranked #3 in the area?

    • We interviewed Steve Buckhantz about the Urban Coalition for part of a documentary on local basketball. Glenn H. is on our list. So is Fluff Parker.


  59. Buckhantz went to JMU with me. His high school W&L in Arlington had a couple of good players in Frankie Evans and Skip Mann

  60. This is a very good topic! There have been so many great bbasketball players coming out of the DC area the list could go on and on!

    I would like to talk about my career playing in washington DC. My name is Marcellus and I went to Cardozo 84 to 87! All met and Mc Ds all american!

    Want to give Props to the urban colition for giving me the opportunity to play against len bias, david wingate, manute bol, speedy claxon, sherman douglas, mike smith, donald hodge, Joe wieley, kurt smith, perry carter, dennis scott, darryl prue, david williams, kenny battle, late ernie hall, jay bias, lonnie harrel, william davis, steve hood, john quen, alonzo mouring, earl moore, micheal graham, john turner, ;ared mustaff and mike smith! Thank you we had something special at dunbar and every summer – came home you had to lace them up and represent! Everyone from my era did well; I’m sorry I left out a lot of other players but the list goes on and on! Sam Cassel and the graham brothers from baltimore finiest and kieth booth! All I can say is thank you all for giving me a chance to go to school for free, get a chance to play in the NBA and play 12 years over seas! oh yeah forgot about david butler, cedric lewis, david vandepool, james felix and coach kitchen aau; and big head grant hill!

    The mega basketball died down alittle, but the young crop of hoopsters are keeping the legacy on! Oh yeah thank you to coach henry lindsay, coach fraizer oleary and special thanks to Phil Chanier of washington bullets who always taked to me and kept me in line at the shilio baptist church on 7 street Nw! Number 10 boys and girls club also!

    I think that did it!

  61. This is a very good topic! There have been so many great bbasketball players coming out of the DC area the list could go on and on!

    I would like to talk about my career playing in washington DC. My name is Marcellus and I went to Cardozo 84 to 87! All met and Mc Ds all american!

    Want to give Props to the urban colition for giving me the opportunity to play against len bias, david wingate, manute bol, speedy claxon, sherman douglas, mike smith, donald hodge, Joe wieley, kurt smith, perry carter, dennis scott, darryl prue, david williams, kenny battle, late ernie hall, jay bias, lonnie harrel, william davis, steve hood, john quen, alonzo mouring, earl moore, micheal graham, john turner, ;ared mustaff and mike smith! Thank you we had something special at dunbar and every summer – came home you had to lace them up and represent! Everyone from my era did well; I’m sorry I left out a lot of other players but the list goes on and on! Sam Cassel and the graham brothers from baltimore finiest and kieth booth! All I can say is thank you all for giving me a chance to go to school for free, get a chance to play in the NBA and play 12 years over seas! oh yeah forgot about david butler, cedric lewis, david vandepool, james felix and coach kitchen aau; and big head grant hill!

    The mega basketball died down alittle, but the young crop of hoopsters are keeping the legacy on! Oh yeah thank you to coach henry lindsay, coach fraizer oleary and special thanks to Phil Chanier of washington bullets who always taked to me and kept me in line at the shilio baptist church on 7 street Nw! Number 10 boys and girls club also!

    Thebello and tyborn debollet cardozo:
    I think that did it!

  62. I am not from DC and I somehow stumbled onto this page, but read it with great interest, particularly the discussion of the great 70’s players, as that is my high school era. I learned of many of the great 70’s DC players at the Five Star Camp, which I attended a number of times back then, and which always had a strong DC contingent. One week in particular, August 1975, had among many great players from up and down the east coast, DC greats JoJo Hunter, Turkey Tillman, Hawkeye Whitney, John Duren and Craig Shelton. I’ve probably omitted one or two but, even after all the time gone by, those guys really stand out. I recall one epic battle under the lights outdoors between Hawkeye and Mike O’Koren, with most of the camp and what must have been 100 or so college coaches watching, where Hawkeye was on fire. He and O’Koren–another graet HS player, who actually won the camp’s Outstanding Player award that week, and was as smart and tough as anyone on the court, went at it point for point, rebound for rebound (shades of NC v NC State), and at least that night, I think Hawkeye came out a little ahead. I recall thinking that I just couldn’t believe a high school player could be that good.

    I also saw Stacey Robinson and Dunbar play against a great LI Lutheran team (Reggie Carter, Wayne McKoy) in Long Island in an XMas tournament at Lutheran HS. I have no idea what ever happened to Robinson–I don’t even recall hearing about him as a college player–but I think he had like 32 that night. I wholeheartedly agree with everything said about his rare talent.

  63. This blog is sooo on point. I am not from the D.C. area but it has to be accurate because no one has said anything about my boy Harry Nickens yet. We were teammates for 4 years at South Carolina State College from ’74-’78. He was a D.C. all american guard from Spingarn. Street & Smiths ranked him right behind Butch Lee and Skip Wise back in the day. Word was he led D.C. in scoring his senior year and broke Dave Bing’s scoring record, who had broken Elgin Baylor’s. I knew him as All MEAC 4 years, conference scoring champ 3 years and a S.C.S.C. (University) Hall of Famer. I happened to stumble upon this blog but Ya’ll know your stuff. NY guards have always respected D.C. and Chicago ball players. Philly too! But ” Nick tore” it up for 4 years. The game winner on a goal tend by Marvin Webster. The 39 he dropped against Howard in his last D.C. game, senior year. He taught me to play guard. He hurt his knee on that Webster play but came back to star. Much respect.

  64. What a great website. So many great memories for me. I moved to Maryland from California in 1966 at the age of 15, and attended Springbrook HS with Eddie Peterson in 1968. Moved back to California but kept up with a lot of the guys I knew.

    I was a complete Basketball Junkie in those days. I would take the bus down New Hampshire Avenue into DC to watch Mackin or St Johns or McKinley Tech. I was too naive to really know how much of a risk I was taking, but the people always treated me great. I remember a McKinley Tech Cheerleader telling me I was the cutest White Boy she ever saw, LOL.

    One name I am surprised not to see mentioned on here is Mark Christian of Northwestern, who played with Harold Fox.
    Anyone who saw them dismantle Richard Montgomery with Willie Allen and Billy Gordon can attest to how great he was.That was in the State Championship Game at Cole Field House
    I saw someone mention Matthew Gantt who along with Gary Browne, and Willie Allen was probably the best Montgomery County player of that time, (67-68). I can also bear witness to how good he was, and how cool. Played in a few pickup games with him, and he would play at 70% just so he didn’t show everyone up.

    One of my best memories from those days was the Knights of Columbus Tournament in 1967 that featured DeMatha and Mackin, plus 6 other schools from as far away as Chicago and New Mexico. John Somogyi who was the greatest scorer in New Jersey History at the the time, played in that event, as did Joey Meyer who followed his dad as coach at DePaul.

    Mackin had beat DeMatha twice that season to win their league. They had the GREAT Austin Carr, along with a huge and fearsome looking 6-8 center named Garland Williams and a very good point guard named Richie Ford.

    DeMatha had Sic Catlett and the Mitchell brothers and Aubrey Nash who was built like a Tight End (I believe he played TE at DeMatha), but was one of the quickest guards I ever saw.

    The day that game was played, the NCAA had instituted that stupid two year ban on dunking in a knee jerk reaction to Lew Alcindor’s first year at UCLA.

    So during warmups, BOTH teams put on a dunking exhibition that had the crowd going crazy.

    De Matha won a close game and Sid and Austin went on to do great things as teammates at Notre dame, along with Collis Jones.
    For my money, Austin Carr was the best player I ever saw in those days, but Harold Fox was REAL close second.

    • Thanks for the memories Michael. There are two (really three, because I did a 50 and a 100) lists on the blog. I named Harold to mine, and if memory serves, Glenn Harris had Harold on his. If not, he and Christian merit inclusion.


      • Man, I am so thankful I found this web site. This was such a great period in my life. It pretty much opened my eyes to a LOT of things. As a white kid who moved from Orange County in the 60’s, it was an incredible learning experience for me, and it changed my life in so many ways.

        I had never even spoken to a Black person before that. So it wasn’t just the Basketball. It was MLK’;s death, the DC Riots when James Brown went on TV and calmed things down.
        I have just never looked at the world the same way and that is a GREAT think IMO.

        Do you know what Eddie Peterson is doing now? It is weird, because I used to hear Buz Braman interviewed by the local Orlando Radio station when he was working with the Magic, and I knew he was from Montgomery County but had no idea he was from Springbrook.

        The funny thing about those Springbrook teams was that our JV team, in 1968 used to KILL the varsity that had John Bunting,Paul Fritts, Jim Ward and some other really good players, but Bill Kyle, who was Coach at the time, wouldn’t let Sophs play Varsity because he felt it had ruined Bunting and Fritts.

        Those guys had played together since the 7th grade. Eddie Peterson, Tom Higdon and Junior Jackson, who both played at Austin Peay with Fly Williams and two VERY efficient guards named Gary Robertson and Minor Appleman. Basically it was a 5 Guard team, but man could they play.

        We used to call Peterson ” Petergun”. I always felt he would have had a much better career if he had come along AFTER the 3 point rule, because that line would have had zero effect on his shooting.

        I remember when he went to South Carolina and Frank McGuire said he was the best outside shooter he ever coached.

        I wish I could add more to this, but my perspective is pretty much limited to 66-68. Although I did speak with one of my friends on that Springbrook team who told me about a Freshman at DeMatha named Adrian Dantley who he said was just ridiculous.

        Springbrook’s coach, Bill Kyle and Morgan Wooten had been teammates at Blair in the late 40’s and were lifelong friends, so we would scrimmage them every year in those days.

      • Thansk Michael, we’re glad you found us. I’m sure one of our regulars will tell us where Eddie Peterson is.


  65. Where’s Kelvin Scarborough?

  66. Do you know what happened to Duck Williams after his one year at Utah? It was like he disappeared in 1980. I played against him often at the Roc at Notre Dame…

  67. I would like to thank all of you how didnt forget my brothers, Charles and Randolph Campbell. Both were high school all americans and 1st team all met, yet they both didnt make any of these guys best 100 players list. What a shame and how soon people forget two of the best players to EVER COME OUT OF THIS CITY. EVER…Washington DC area basketball in 1971 and 72 was Charles and Randolph Campbell of Ballou High School

  68. Cagewriter i want to thank you for remembering them both cause its just so disapointing to think that anybodys best 100 list wouldnt have them on it. Thank you again

  69. Cagewriter let me know if u need any info on all met baseball. I can assist u with that as well. I also want to add that during my playing days at Ballou from 1975-78, 3 of the best shooters during this time from dc public schools were wilber skipper, kenny matthews and phil ward. I was a 2-time all met baseball player at Ballou high school from 1977 and 1978. Also i was the MVP of dc public schools in 1977. That year we won the championship in baseball. From 1977-1982 Ballou had the best baseball teams in the city

    • John "Junnie ' Nelson , Eastern class of 1977

      Curtis,I was at Eastern ,and played against yall. I was the RF for 3 yrs. What happened to ur SS Chico ? He was the bomb at that position. Do u remember John Smith ,DUKA. He went to W Va State with me and made the basketball team in 1977. he played outfield with Ballou.

  70. What about Willie Jones?

  71. Surprised that noone remembered All Met Eugene Watson/Oliver from Fairmont Heights around ’68 – ’69. Also remember a really good center from Suitland I think named Steve Ruest (sp).
    A little memory. Douglass with Matthew Gantt played Fairmont at Fairmont ’68 maybe ’69. Opening possession Gantt posted up and threw up a weak jumper. Fairmont center Sam Jordan almost smacked it back to half court. Gantt got mad. Fairmont got smoked.

  72. Man, how could yall forget James “Skip” Speaks??? That brother was an All-American, played in the McDonalds Capital Classic and was wanted by every school this side of the Mississippi…Every one in DC knew Skip Speaks…can’t leave him off the list…our senior year (Bladensburg Sr. High) we were 23-1 because of him!!!

    • Didn’t forget him, just difficult to name all the great players we have produced, on one list. We’ve produced more ballplayers (D-1) than NYC or Chicago.


  73. You are mentioning great high school players, but as I remember when I attended Rabaut Junior High from 1973 to 1976 our basketball teams were almost unbeatable. There was Terry “Wine” Goins, Claude “Stretch” Gregory, Lay Lay Banks, Anthony Suber, and a rack of other players that don’t yet come to mind. Our junior high team probably could have beaten most high school teams back in the day. I kind of lost touch with everyone’s high school basketball careers, but if you are talking about the best D.C. ball players of all time, the Rabaut Junior High Ramblers’ wreckin’ crew from back in the day deserves at least a shout out.

    • yes they were good I remember them, you forgot Dennis Yates from those Rabaut teams. He also one of the top 10 baseball players to come out of D.C in the past 50 years

      • The Campbell brothers played togetther on the GREAT Ballou squad in 1970-71 season, my 1st year going to univ of maryland. They were not a tall team as aaron dunmore and another foward i can’t eemember by name were no taller than 6-3. That year St Anthony coached by John Thompson was huge with all met Donald Washinton close to 6-8 and jr Merlin wilson close to 6-9!!! Also had 2 great young guards in 6-1 Jonathon smith and a 5-8 soph speed burner in alonzo holloway. Also 6-6 jr Greg Brooks played alot the next year. The big argument in 1971-72 season was who really was the dc area #1 team as Dematha was voted at 28-1, Dantley-langloh-holmes junior season or ST Anthonys with 6-9 merlin Wilson 6-6 Greg Brooks 6-2 jonathon Smith 5-8 Alonzo Holloway and others all on the TONIES that year. At 24-1 ST ANT won the Knights of Columbus tourney while Dematha at 28-1 won the Alhambra post season event. I believe at the time a small fued between wooten and thompson had something to do with those 2 goliath teams from playing that year. By the way i recently spoke recently with coach wootten who is feeling and doing great these days!! By the way that 70-71 Ballou team did not win the city title as a Vvery young Mckinley Tech team won with 6-3 soph 6th man and a bevy a great other underclassmen then killed one of the fields ever to run away with the 1971 knights of columbus post season crown!!! THOSE WERE GREAT YEARS IN DC HS SCHOOL HOOP LORE!!!

  74. You have put together a great list. It is, indeed, so hard to include and remember them all. I would love to see Carl “McAdoo” Jackson, TC Williams of 1974 on the list. Named to the McDonalds Cap. Classic, averaged approx. 27 points and 20 boards his senior year. He had several games, against 6’8″ centers going D-1, with 40 plus points coupled with 20 plus boards. Started at GMU…17 points a game freshman year…then the knee went. Incredible talent. 6’3-6’4, 140 lbs., jumped out of the gym…coupled with a very nice shot and ball handling skills.

  75. Gerry Schrenk

    Thanks for this truly informative site. There have been so many great DC players, it’s definitely a challenge really knowing who to include or exclude. Still, it’s hard to disagree with your choices. Great job. Like everyone else, however, I have one personal favorite to mention. If scoring statistics matter, I think that Harry Burton, who played for Mackin in 1958 and 1959 deserves some consideration. An All City selection, incredibly strong and gifted, he regularly scored close to 30 points a game. Maybe, unstoppable. I’m convinced, if he had chosen to focus on basketball instead of baseball, he could have starred in the NBA. Again, congratulations on your great homage to DC basketball.

  76. I’ve been checking these list for a few years now and I never hear anybody mention Steve Hegans from Spingarn HS. This guy missed his mark because of life decisions and was without a doubt one of the top HS basketball players from the Metropolitain area ever! Deserving of top ten. DC’s version of the GOAT.

  77. I’ve been checking these list for a few years now and I never hear anybody mention Steve Hegans from Spingarn HS. This guy missed his mark because of life decisions and was without a doubt one of the top HS basketball players from the Metropolitan area ever! Deserving of top ten. DC’s version of the GOAT.

  78. I remember how good Steve Hegans was. The guy was so talented he would not even take his hat off during a full court game (Playground). He would let everybody else play and get their groove on until it got close late in the game. The he would step across half-court and fire off that soft jump shot he had, rarely missing. Steve never seemed to rush his shot, had incredible hang time and never came straight down. Always letting that soft jump shot go after the defender aggressively tried to block his shot he would just glide down and shoot that soft jumper. He played Summer league with the Washington Bullets. Should have been a Pro without a doubt.

  79. John "Junnie ' Nelson , Eastern class of 1977

    I forgot about another brother,Steve Lincoln ,at Eastern in 1976.He put in some good work . And he and John Duren had some shooting battles .Steve went to Villinova under Rollie Massamino.There was a bro at Chamberlain in the 74-76 period that could light it up,but he was all by himself on his team. Shout out to you,man.

    • The Chamberlain player may have been Michael Ray. My boy ran w/ him.


    • grew up with Steve in Brentwood anyone remember that classic Eastern v Dunbar game at Spingarn in 1975 that was Steve’s coming out party but Stacy Robinson beat them at the buzzer great high school game.

  80. No the Chamberlain guy was Artie Simpson I went to Chamberlain as well I’m known asT. Carmichael I played in the MD JUCO with All- Met John Smith Chester Baxter Goerge Lighty these guys played along with Larry Wright.Also Quiilie Mixen from Anacostia High.

    • I got you. Carmichael. That’s my mother’s maiden name. Baxter and Smith are a little eariler than my h.s. time. The cat I’m talking about at Chamberlain was there the same time Mr. Nelson was at Eastern, like ’74-’77. My boy “Pres” ran w/ them.


  81. How can yall forget all about GAINES Shaw from HD Woodson and Embee Shaw from Eastern.

    • Thanks Donell and Brain. I’m also biased for basketball players named “Shaw”. My father Gerald Shaw played f/ Morgan State in the early 1950’s.


  82. curtis campbell

    john i have not seen john smith since h/s. you know that during our years in h
    /s, we had the best baseball players in the area. during the year of 1977, tony
    realy and i, your team mate, sorry for misspelling his last name, both had pro
    tryouts with the phila phillies. his dad drove us to the tryout but we didnt ma
    ke it. that was 1977. we both were in the 11th grade.

  83. Thanks T for montioning my cousin Quillie Mixon. That was a very good Anacostia team. I didn’t go to Anacostia but I knew soom of those guys from hanging out with my cousin. There was Wit Moore (rip), Theodore Hutchinson, Tony Morgan, Steve Postell and others. The fact that they were barely a top 5 team in the Interhigh their senior year shows how great DC basketball was in the 70’s. I went to Dunbar DC but wasn’t good enough to play above JV. I played Boys Club and Rec ball against I lot of the guys on the list and some of the guys were my friends and team mates growing up. T if you are who I think you are I understand you were a pretty good high school QB.

  84. I played on the 1967 Maryland State Championship team of Northwestern High School. I am delighted that you listed Harold Fox in the top 50 players since he was our great point guard. However, you should have also listed our center, Mark Christian. Although only 6’4″. Mark was the best leaper that I have ever seen. He dominated inside play on both offense and defense and averaged over 20 points a game, not to mention a huge number of rebounds and blocked shots. Thanks, Mel Harrison

    • Thanks Mr. Harrison. Some of the guys who told me about players I did not see, would prop Mark Christian. A lot of them transferred from Fairmont’s zone w/ Harold.


  85. More 70’s love here. My time was the tail end of hightop Pro-Keds and Chucks. Rufus w/ Chaka Khan, P-Funk, Jhoon Rhee Karate,etc.

    Anyway, ‘just gotta testify that name again: Stacy Robinson. What a legend! (is there film?)
    Jo Jo Hunter was my favorite creative, improviser/stylist. I still look for traces of that level of Grace and Style and it’s always futile. Turk Tillman was the baddest. End of.
    And what did Lefty _do_ to these talents?

    The Jellef Summer League games were amazing. I remember a funny, kind of vocal guy who would be at every game, who looked like Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein. He knew every one of the players and I think he lived in Petworth. Everybody called him, “Spook.”

    I remember Richard “Puffy” Crooks at Mackin, going head to head with Whittenburg (remember the games at Catholic U!) Ed Swails and Jo Jo’s cousin Cedric Sullivan at Tech. Coolidge had Lay Lay Banks, Tony Greene, and Phil Ward. Spingarn had Ryland Braxton (silk!), Clifton Cotton, and the awesome Diego McCoy (I played a pickup game against him at Randall in SW and his finger-rolls were just killin’!). Eastern had Mike Thomas and Zach Jones (am I the first to mention him?). I also remember Chuck Jackson, Terry Tibbs, Rodney’s brother Mike Wright, and Jake Hamilton.

    Love this site!

  86. eugene williams

    back in the 60 my brother rudy williams who wore a ear ring that played for phelps who was the best pure shooter I ever seen who could shoot with either hand. A lot of guys on your list rudy shot them down in some of the tournments that was going on at the time ,not only could he shoot he could jump also.I seen him play in a game against dave bing at kelly miller playground and he matched bing shot for shot.A lot of people who seen him play would agree he was one of dc best.

    • Thanks so much Eugene. We just interviewed an ambidextrous shooter, Angelo Council, for our documentary. Wish I had known about your bro.


      • give Angelo a shout out that dude could shoot and dribble with both hands with the best of them. underrated talent glad to hear you interviewed him

  87. eugene williams

    I remembered rudy he was the only one in dc who wore an earring in the 60.He was a pure shooters with durant range,he did’nt go to the hoop much,not because he could’nt it’s because he could shoot.I remember him because I was a fan.

  88. George Elliot Randall

    I played with a guy named Jeff Briscoe Parkdale Senior High 1971 State Champs, Coached by Stan Kernan of Mckinley High(who’s on your list).
    Jeff was All Met and All American. My name is George Randall forward on that team that also beat Carroll High coached by John Thompson.

    • George Elliot Randall

      Addendum to earlier comment Thompsom coached St Anthony’s. Their back line averaged 6 foot 10 inches in height and we beat them.


  89. How can you leave out Kenny Scott from Bowie High School?

  90. Two guards from Montgomery County need to be mentioned. Jimmy Schofield the point guard on the 1969 Blair state Championship team,
    went through Duval’s fabled press like a hot knife cuts butter in the State finals.
    All -Met Richie Farmer led Northwood to the State finals in 1965. Richie went on to set national JC scoring records at Montgomery JC.
    I saw him in a memorable pick up game @1968 in Northwood’s gym lighting up Harold Fox of Northwestern.
    Also the best defensive guard out of DC was Louis Grillo of Carroll. Held Austin Carr to single digits in 1966.
    Great names on the list and add-ons.

  91. Aaron J. Shingler

    Aaron Shingler played for Roosevelt H.S. and Coollidge H.,S. in the early 60’s. He later was named Captain of the Basketball Team at Howard U., averaging a double-double each year, and was inducted into Howard’s Hall of Fame. He also played in NJ for a farm team of the Chicago Bulls.

  92. Steve Hegans, was without a doubt the best baskeball player to come out of Washington DC. I’ve seen a number of these guys mentioned but Steve was the best. The best pure shooter I’ve seen was Barry Frazier (H. D. Woodson). Steve was just unstopable but a Team guy!

  93. Rick aka Shootem Up

    Kevin Scarborough, Charles Smith, Kenny Payne, Kenny Saunders, Len Bias, Sherman Douglas, Mike Graham, Andre McCloud, Sonny Hicks, Curt Smith, Darryl Prue, Ducky Vaughn, Wilbur Thomas, Big Fox, Adrian Dantley, Sleepy Harrison, Greg Saunders …………

  94. Lamont Reid 1975 All Met team. where’s the love ?

  95. Earl Lloyd, Parker-Gray High in Alexandria, was the Jackie Robinson of the NBA. Lloyd has got to be on the Top 55 and Top 100 lists. Good to see Harlan “Skeeter” Swift on the list. There has been pretty good ball on the other side of the Potomac for a long long time.

  96. Steve Hegans, Steve Hegans, Steve Hegans. The dude was a master on the court. Steve not achieving more should be a lessen to all up and coming young ball players, “YOU can make it if you try”. Steve could have excelled above them all. Steve just needed to want it and not take it for granted. The game was too easy fo him and he never realized what a blessing he had, letting the wrong things be important to him. The guy was the best to step on the playgrounds of Washington, DC.

  97. Anybody that saw Steve Hegans play would tell you the same thing, the dude was gifted and very respectful to other players. Steve just enjoyed playing but was not carried away with humiliating other players. Silky smooth, excellent handle with the ball, great hang time and a Hawkeye. I am in awe of that guy right now to this day. I don’t know what happened but he is the best I ever saw on the courts of Washington, DC.

  98. sam.coleman@tonwerswatson.com

    Help me out someone. I met a Luis Grillo in 1974 at a Mackin Retreat. Great guy. Went on to become an NBA referee. Is this the same Luis Grillo that played for Carroll High?

  99. Lawrence Moten, Carroll and still the all time big east scoring leader

  100. Where is Adrian Dantley’s name in the first 50 ? … Gotta be there

  101. Not sure if they have been mentioned yet, but Al McKinney of Walter Johnson and Butch Baylor of Blair, both class of ’80, could be considered for this list. McKinney started at point for Vanderbilt in the early 80’s. I recall they were both first team All-Met in ’80 and actually played together at Kensington Junior High, forming an All-Time Great middle school team.

  102. How ’bout Sonny Proctor, Gwynn Park ’77?

  103. Stevie Francis, Takoma Park Fire Department

  104. Brian Howard, Rockville HS

  105. Harry Brickenberry

    Harry Brockenberry can be located at his Ice cream parlor at 3829 34th Street Mount Rainier, MD. (202) 384-6363. harrybrockenberry@yahoo.com

  106. JIMAPEL 1

    The august 11, 2011 comment from Eugene Williams, the reply talked about a documentry, I would like to purchase. Also, would like to purchase documentry about David Koesters West Springfied High School.



  107. Greg Williams W.T. Woodson Fairfax VA. was smoth as silk, good passer, drives to basket well, with good hang time, tristing acrobatic lay-ups & team oriented.


  108. Let’s go back…way back…I remember a great Knights of Columbus game in December, 1956…with DeMatha against St. Francis Prep of NYC. Ernie Cage of DeMatha against the great Tom Stith of St. Francis. St. Francis won by 1 point as Ernie’s jumper missed at the buzzer. What a game!

  109. Brian Burton, Eric Yates, Greg (Unseld) Gilmore, Ricky (Stir Crazy) Teamer, Carolton (Pistol Pete) Black, Terrence Baber, James (Big Bob) Spruill, Terrell Owens warriors at Backus!

    • Wow…all the guys I grew up with…playing day and night at Backus…while sitting on the bench at Carroll, I got to see a lot of these great players…(’72-’75)…..I moved to South Carolina my senior year….but, Lord..I thank you for growing up in DC….

  110. WOW!!! Man, I just stumbled across this blog, and reading all of the names of players from the past, has brought back so many memories.
    I’ve seen many of the players play, and have had the privilege of playing against a few on the courts of DC, through the 70’s and 80’s.
    I remember going to my first basketball game (Mackin (Austin Carr) vs Dematha (Bo Whitaker). I don’t remember the year. My dad took us to see my older brother, who was on the Mackin team (Kenny Robinson).
    That game left a great impression on me, and from that day forward I became a basketball fanatic.
    Thank You, for bringing back the memories.

  111. Where is DerMarr Johnson on this list?

  112. What about sam lanwance monten made all met football and baskeball

  113. Chew Chew Davis

    How about Eddie SIR SLAM Hipps out of Suitland High? The only player i have ever seen dunk on the great Len Bias….

  114. How about Eddie Hipps from Suitland high? Sir Slam

  115. I went to high school with Eddie hipps and he was not a very good shooter but he had a vertical leap out of this world. At lease a 44″ vertical. That”s HOPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Where is Boyce Cherry on this list ?

  117. cagewriter: do you have any info on Gary Jordan from McKinley/Niagara He was Charles Barkley before Charles Barkley. A sad end, I am afraid.

    • I attended h.s. with him, he was Holiday Festival MVP.


      • Great list, but you left Billy Bryant, Arthur Daniels, Lionel Hollins and Larry Wright , Greg Carrington and the Campbell Brothers….again how did you leave Adrian Dantely off the list??

      • Dantley I forgot to name. We’ll have an online poll soon so everyone may vote.


  118. What about sherman douglas and donald ford….come on…Donald Ford was like batman on the court. The guy had an answer for everything, ask Carroll and DeMatha. Sherman Douglas was a point guard’s nightmare in interhigh basketball.


  120. Rodney crestwell

    I didnot totally agree with your 100 best basketball players in the d.c. Area. You left out delano dunmore, charles & randolph campbell of ballou high school, & they all were 1st team all metropolitan players. Dont you remember the campbell brothers of ballou & johnny lloyd of anacostia.

  121. Duck: Lot guys talked about and alot of guys missed, hey do any you guys remember daryl scott for anacostia played basketball & baseball, closest thing I’ve ever seen to nate the skat archie ball and jump out the gym and was a mean pitcher with everything.

  122. I know it’s a lot of great players from this area and this list is someones opinion, I just have one issue. I saw above where someone said the 3 point line ruining the game and players skills and abilities that had something to do with the choices, well if that’s the case, I would have made the list twice. And also Curt Smith. What we did for DC basketball in our era has been unmatched. What we were doing here got national attention with no internet. If that wasn’t worthy, this list should be empty.

  123. you forgot Archie Talley, Central HS. Ralph Ledbetter, Crossland HS, Chic Lyles, Parkdale HS. Larry Spriggs, Northwestern HS. Stacy Robinson, Dunbar and Crossland HS

  124. Zachary Graston

    How can you put Louise Bullock, before you put Mike Powell, Victor Paige, Gerald Hilliard, Greg Jones, Moochie Norris, or Lonnie Harrell from the early 90’s era?

  125. Duvall’ s Ron Miner should be added to the list. In 1981, he torch E Roosevelt in Greenbelt for 48 points in just 22 minutes, long before the 3 point shoot was in the game. He was also Street & Smith’s top 5 JUCO transfers with Spud Web in 1983. That boy could shoot the lights out.

  126. Can we go down to Woodbridge and include Othello Wilson and David Robinson. Also Jerome Williams at Magruder in Rockville. Robinson and Williams weren’t all that great in high school but they did pretty well in college and the NBA

  127. Will Jones (1976)

    Shout out to the best ballplayer I ever played with Stacy Robinson. Played with him on the one of the best junior high school teams ever at Thomas Pullen in 71 coach by Taft Hickman where we averaged almost 80 points in Jr. High school. Also played with him at Crossland when we had the best AAA team in PG County on a team that also included Ralph Ledbetter in 1974. Won the region by beating a very good Bladensburg team with Lamont Reid and Scotty and then a very talented Suitland team led by Jim Mattingly, Wright, Carl Powell and Rustic. To all my old mates, stop by and see us at Crossland where I’m one of the varsity assistant coaches and where we will be honoring the first team in Crossland history to go to the states in the very near future.

    • 100% in agreement. I’ve seen most of the DC greats. Stacy was the best player at the high school level, I have ever seen. He was in a league of his own. It was like watching Allen Iverson (in his heyday) playing against high school talent – no contest.

  128. Thére was à little guard from Potomac in thé early seventies That gave à lot of our neighborhood légend guards thé blues, they called him Lil Richie. Ask Stacy Robinson about him.

  129. No one mentioned Rob Spagnolo – Walter Johnson point guardin 1968 – the guy was unreal – went on the Univerisity of Miami (Fla) to play with Willie Allen – and broke Rick Barry freshman scoring records down there. Finished as starting point guard at George Washington University when Miami dropped basketball – leading GWU to about 10 in a row in the second half of the season. He was very good.

  130. You have Donnell Bullock on here, but not Emmett Clark – Anacostia.

    And yes, quite a few guys are mising from the late 80’s and early 90’s.

  131. I have put together a listing of every Scholastic A-A team back to 1956 and the Parade A-A team back to 1957 for a book I am writing. The listing will include where each player went to college. Does anyone have any information on 1964 Dunbar great James McBride? Thanks in advance.

  132. My father was Bob ( gunner ) Custer. He played at Eastern and Western High schools back in 1939-1941. He was an all Met first team and the star of his day and was the cause of rule changes regarding transferring from one school to another just to play basketball. He played basketball with the likes of Bones McKinney and Red Auerbach.

    • Thanks Ron. Your dad was something!

    • Garrett Schofield

      My Pops was on the Springbrook State Championship Team Jim Schofield. Buzzy Braman and Vic Brick played with him. He tells me Ed Peterson was the mastermind of the shooting coaching and era of DC players that learned from him. A lot of great players.

  133. Craig Davis/ Peary High Rockville and Pete Strickland / De Matha…both were way ahead of their time as far as ball handling…bad boys!

  134. Wonderful collection of note worthy neighborhood, national and global basketball memories and it’s players. The lens of each of these player provided a unique insight into their will to survive and thrive. B-ball sustained many lives in the “hood’ It’s player brought credibility and displayed personal dedication to themselves and their families. These boys now men created expentially a value and legacy that is irreplaceable and uneraseble. Thanks Penny”4 forever Young” Greene and your colleagues for a job well done. The “Five Fingers” of Westchester County, New York (Peekskill) are suggested inclusions: Ben Smith, Ronnie Jenkins, Michael Ritter, Tony Woods and Jeffrey Burns

  135. rich watter……….from nj and went school at maryland in coollege park in the fall of 1970…….I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE HS BASKETBALL PLAYED TERE IN THAT ERA!!!! Dematha soph class of Dantley-Langloh-Kenny Roy-Carroll Holmes made them almost invincible from 70 to 73. The 1972-73 team at 29-1 was just awesome. Dont forget on that bench where jrs Kenny Carr, 6-9 Vern Allen, and Eric Coard. In addition they used pg Buzz O’connell and a big 6-7 soph Mike Morton who then started for some great Eastern teams. In the metro conference Dematha went unbeaten playing the likes of Mackin with larry and Keith herron, duck Williams, 6-6 Larry Long, 6-5 gaurd David Reavis, And a rising Frosh named JoJo Hunter…Carroll had the great Art Daniels, Eddie Jordan, Skip McDaniels, Ronnie Joiner, and Soph sensation 6-7 Al Dutch…….St Johns had 6-6 mark Hartley, Pat dosh and Larry Cannady……….In the city title game that year Dematha had to beat a red hot Western team With star Larry Wright and the powerfull john Smith in the middle. Than Western team won the year end KOC tourney beating many of the nations best teams!!! Dematha also won the post season Alhamra Tournament………..NO excuses but the nite before Dematha lost to Skip Wise and Baltimore Dunbar they had won a tense overtime game against St Johns prep And lost the “chairman of the boards Carroll Holmes to a serious ankle injury. All in all With a great Eastern team, West Springfield at 25-2, Bladensburg, Springbrook, and BCC ALL playing great ball THAT 72-73 SEASON WAS JUST AMAZING!!!!!

    • You have an amazing memory, and great memories.


      • Too many to include all of them!!! As a basketball fan, watching the 1974 city final at a PACKED COLE FIELD HOUSE when Eastern with Tyrone “too small jones” James ‘Turkey Tillman, Lavelle ‘Slim Joiner, And big 6-6 michael Oliver among others and some 12,000 fans rooting them on, Beat up a great Dematha team with 6-9 Vern Allen, 6-5 ‘Hawheye Whitney, And super star 6-7 Kenny carr was an amazing day!!! In the 75 final with Hawkeye Whitney leadiding the way and for them an average supporting cast Dematha got a measuure of revenge against the great interhigh league when they upset a GREAT DUNBAR SQUAD with Stacy Robinson, John duren, Lonnie duren, Joe Thweat, And SOPH STAR Craig ‘Big Sky Shelton!!!! By the way Dunbar came and beat Dematha in the post season KOC tourney later that year……….Also that year AB WILLIAMSON;s Eastern WAS THE BEST TEAM IN THE AREA!!! Turkey Tillman and a CAST OF STARS!!!!! Were upset in the inter-high playoffs that year………….Great basketball and GREAT memories!!!! THANKS

      • Thanks Rich.


  136. Did you ever hear about Bernard J. BURNS, 1990 to 1993 Potomac High School in Md who was a great bb player and was 6ft.7in.?.

  137. what about one of Brentwood of D.C /McKinley Tech’s Tim Bassett from those great McKinley Tech Teams of the late 1960’s that was a bad man! yeah and I went to school with cricket he was smooth . anybody out there remember “little” Raymond Lee from Chamberlain and MckinleyTech and don’t forget Melvin Crab House’s and St. Anthony’s Greg Sanders a true scoring machine.

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