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Should The Clippers Bring Elgin Baylor Back?

At least one columnist believes the embattled L.A. Clippers should bring back Elgin Baylor, the man who sued Donald Sterling:


Barry Farms Goodman League Photo Exhibit

Here’s some information for fans of The Gate:

Elgin Baylor Turns 80: Father (Hang) Time

Here’s another recognition of Elgin Baylor of N.E. D.C.


Happ 80th Birthday Elgin Baylor

D.C. native and Spingarn High alum Elgin Baylor turns 80 years old:

Happy Birthday to the man whose moves shaped the current game.


Coach Joe Gallagher Dies

Longtime St. John’s College High School basketball and football Coach Joe Gallagher died. He was 93. Coach was a local product, a GWU basketball captain, and was instrumental in shaping the careers of Coach Morgan Wooten, Scotty Glacken, Jay Calabrese, Tim Brant, Collis Jones, Butch Ellis, Kevin Stinnett, Mike Kruczek, Grayson Marshall, and helped steer Dave Bing to Syracuse.

Long live Coach Joe Gallagher, who won more combined football and basketball games than any high school coach in the U.S.