This blog accompanies the website www.dcbasketball.com, as a vehicle to educate visitors about, and celebrate the rich history of Washington area basketball. The author is basketball writer Bijan C. Bayne. Why commemorate the D.C. game?

“If New York’s asphalt hoop game has long been known nationally, Washington’s, though not exactly a secret, has never had a real celebration of its legend…” Paul Hendrickson, Washington Post STYLE section feature, “Heroes in High Tops”, August 27, 1991

The same goes for Washington’s schoolboy game, local AAU ball, and summer league action. On any given day here, one may find news of D.C. area products playing abroad, or in the WNBA, NBA, D-League, or NCAA, as well as historical profiles, event notices, and links to pertinent articles. The organization DC Basketballⓒ has served in a consultant or historical research source for The Washington City Paper and The Washington Times, among others. It is also in, or forming partnerships, with the YMCA, The Washington Sports and Entertainment Commission, various local parks and recreation commissions, and the D.C. Public Library.

Bijan C. Bayne is the author of “Sky Kings: Black Pioneers of Professional Basketball”. A member of the United States Basketball Writers Association, and the Media Relations Director for the Association for Professional Basketball Research, his work has appeared in Pro Basketball News, “Washington Post Book World”, and his essay on schoolyard ball is part of the anthology “Basketball in America” (Haworth Press 2005). Bayne is a founding member of the tourism consulting group The Travel Educators (www.traveleducators.com). He has also served as a consultant and researcher for sports and history filmmakers for documentaries and PBS specials, and the books “Wilt”, and “Spinning The Globe” (the latter about the Harlem Globetrotters), and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s “On The Shoulders of Giants”, and also performed consulting work for Nike, and The Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau. Bayne is an Executive Board member of the Association for Professional Basketball Research. Bayne was quoted in the March 2009 issue of SLAM magazine. 4353972742

To contact Mr. Bayne regarding this site, or the general DC Basketballⓒ homepage, post your comments onsite, or e-mail bijan@dcbasketball.com.


14 responses to “About

  1. Nikki Graves Henderson

    Brother Bijan,
    This is fantastic! Your contribution to preserving and promoting the history (particularly early history) can not be underestimated! Your scholarship and passion are unsurpassed. Thank you for doing this.
    Best to all your efforts,
    Nikki Graves Henderson
    (grand daughter in law of Dr. E.B. Henderson)

  2. Thanks Nikki. You’ll note that DCBasketball.com went live today. I hope local schoolchildren frequent the site and blog. See you in a month.


  3. Loved the Fatty Taylor article…I had almost forgotten about Uline Arena. That’s a great story and he made the most important point of all….Basketball can lead to many opportunities outside of playing in the NBA! I first learned that from JoJo Hunter, who told me that same thing during my time spent working inthe CBA.

  4. Bijan, This is an amazing site and reference for D.C. I’d love to connect with you and learn more. Your listed email is bouncing back, can you reach out to me at danny@peoplesdistrict.com and/or update your email?

    Thanks, Danny

  5. I know there has been many great players from all around the washington metro an northen virginia area.Iwas wondering has anyone every heard the name Kenny Rucker who played for the groveton tigers in fairfax virginia. if so give me some feed back on this player.

  6. It is really wonderful, a really good step for this. You dona wonderful job. hat’s a great story and he made the most important point of all. Looking forward ………

  7. I gotta say, Bijan…you rock! What a wonderful, insightful, and inspiring website. Keep up the great work.

  8. This is a really great source for all things DC basketball.
    Fatty Taylor is a great guy. I talked with him about his Washington Capitols days for my book The Bullets, The Wizards and Washington, DC Basketball.

    • Thanks, and let us know if you need any data, interviewees, images, or would like us to include you as an event signer for the book.


  9. Leslie Anderson

    Apple Milam, Mckinley Tech

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