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  1. DC HS Basketball Junky

    I have been following DC high school basketball for over forty years and I believe that Wilbert Skipper(Anacostia HS 75-78) should also be recognize as one of the greatest pure shooters of all time. His shooting range in HS was a minium of thirty five feet.We may have to check the DC basketball achives to see if Skipper is the all time leading scorer in the schools history. lets not forget that Skipper is the all time leading scorer in Southeast Community College Neb with 1226 points in two years. After playing at SCC Skipper was a basketball star at GWU from 1980-82. The next time we discuss the greatest basketball players from Wash DC Wilbert Skipper name should be mentioned. Thank You -great DC High School basketball fan.

    • Thanks for propping Skipper, who could really play. Im always asking people if they recall him. He was a talented guard who went on to play at GWU.


      • i know who wilbert skipper is , he went to douglass jhs with my brother and cousin as a matter of fact its a picture of him in the douglass yearbook shooting a jumpshot and it look like he was shooting it from thirty feet then!

    • Stacey Robinson was head and shoulders better than Skipper but Wilbur should be mentioned. No one seems to mention Archie Talley from Central.

      • Chuck Jackson

        Talley should be recognized for working with area youths also…

      • Chuck Jackson

        Talley should be recognized for working with area youths also…

        Chuck Jackson
        Dunbar HS

      • Stacey Robinson was like Jordan in jr high school, I remember seeing him fast break and dunk when the rules prohibited it. This was at Thomas G Pullen jr high


  3. I saw Gary Browne from Whitman play in 1968, and he is the best high school player I have ever seen. A 6 foot 6 power forward with the softest lefty touch I”ve ever seen on a player at any level, and played his biggest in the biggest games. He went for 64 against Annapolis in his senior year state semi-final. The day before (maybe even the day of) the state final, he tore ligaments in his ankle. He still played and scored 33 points, with a heavy limp the whole game. Amazing performance. I remember all this, burned in my memory as an 11 year old. About 6 years later, I was shooting in the Whitman gym, and this large fellow with a beard comes in, and starts swishing shot after shot after lefty shot. It was Browne. I think his college career at West Virginia was cut short by a back injury suffered in a car accident. Wherever he is, I hope he is well!

    • Wow. Thanks for stopping by and fleshing out Browne’s game Lennie. Sounds a little bit like Jerry Lucas.


    • Dear Lennie K: Please see my post from yesterday, October 11. Perhaps you would like to attend this Friday night’s football game at Whitman to see Gary FINALLY get his due with induction into the Hall of Fame! Other admirers welcome as well!!

    • thanks for the sketch of Gary Browne, Walt Whitman 1968.

      My main friends and I were complete junkies as the story of Whitman’s best team unfolded. With the loan of various parents cars, we got to almost every game, watching a truly rare athlete compete.

      His 64 came late in the regular season against Gaithersburg, whose own star Ernest Clipper was no slouch. Clippper went for about 48 that afternoon.

      We have often wondered what Brown’s numbers would have been if the 3 point shot had been allowed. His range was scary and we were told by Coach Darget that Browne did indeed shoot around 60 percent his senior year.

      Browne hurt his leg late in the semi final victory over a very decent Dunbar of Baltimore squad. That he played in the finals was a rare combo of heart and the realization that Whitman had no chance without him (no offense to A Ruig, Grotberg, Mason, Bergman, and Carten)

      The sickening thing for us Whitmanites was the way Harold Fox of Northwestern (a great player in his own right) apparently feigned an injury of his own late in the second quarter. Fox went down in a heap clutching his ankle, and was helped off the floor by “concerned” teammates. Not coincidentally Whitman ended the first half on a run that got them back into the game.

      The players came out for the third quarter, or at least all the players save one; Fox of course was the missing element. After the warmup the players lined up for the jump. Suddenly the lower door opened and out came a limping Fox. The Northwestern center won the tap, Fox grabbed the ball and made a scarily smooth move to the hoop resulting in a lay-up.

      Whitman fell behind, until Browne led a belated charge in the middle of the 4th quarter that fell short. It was heartbreaking to watch our main man struggle; we all knew how inferior this version of Gary was.

      33 points on one leg was an incredible effort, but not quite enough against a player of Fox’s stature.

      Thanks for remembering this incredible player.

    • I went to the final game at Cole Field house with my older brother. I was 12. A gutty performance. Harold Fox, I think of Northwestern posited a great game and went on to Notre Dame I think. Got me into hoops…

  4. stan snookie kernan is my grandfather and he has always been the greatest basketball player to me. i look at all his awards and hall of fame pics. he is my hero and a great man… it has been a privilege to get advice bout playing basketball from him when i played i want to be him……

  5. My homeboy Terry Lancaster was as good as they come. He didn’t stick with the academics and never achieved a real college career…but he used to get it done on the playgrounds and in the Urbo & the Kenner.

    Not saying he was the best of all time from DC just throwing his name out there.

    Mark Tillmon played in the McDonald’s All-American East-West Game and had a great HS career.

  6. Nice props Millrats. They used to call Terry “Kris Kross” because of his dribble.


  7. Does anybody know where I can find old urban coalition videos? I’m looking for vides of Terry Lancaster and guys from that era (86-98)

  8. I wish I knew. We do have a request out on our homepage for folks to submit or upload their videos and images.


  9. How about Carl Jackson, all met, TC Williams, 1974, 27 points, 20 boards a game. Played in McDonald’s Capital Classic. Was all league at first year at George Mason before knee injury. Had several games against 6’8″ centers in high school with D 1 schlorships where he had games of 40 plus points and 20 plus boards in these games. Jumped like David Thompson and could play any position.

    • You’re right David- great nomination. Carl Jackson was a bad boy. I hope you enjoy the interview with Pete Holbert on our homepage. He talks about T.C. Williams.

      • And speaking of T.C. Williams how can you forget that in 1980 they had a All-Met guy named Arnie Russell who led T.C. to the State Finals and played in the 1980 McDonald’s Capital Classic against a US All-Stars team led by Doc Rivers, Joe Klein, and Tim McCormick? He should have been MVP of that game cause he won it from the foul line and was high point man in rebounds and points for the Capitlal All-Stars. He received a scholarship from Georgetown that year but eventually graduated from Iona College in NY. He was a bad boy too!

      • Thanks Booby.


    • Carl Jackson could shoot and he proved it every time he touched the ball. He couldn’t pass, but he could shoot. He proved it every time he touched the ball.

      He once won a game against West Springfield, but he had to shatter Dave Koesters’ arm to do it. The next evening the Koesters-Less West Springfield beat TC anyway to capture the District Championship.

      The, without Dave Koesters, West Springfield captured the regional championship by winning 3 games by a total of 4 points. They ran out of magic in Charlottesville when they collided with Petersburg’s Moses Malone.

      Anyway, Dave Koesters was the best high school shooter I ever saw. He did those other basketball activities that Carl Jackson couldn’t be bothered with. Heck, Carl Jackson wasn’t even the best player on his team. That accolade goes to the brilliant Myron Contee.

      • Koesters was awesome, for sure. Carl Jackson…awesome, also. Myron was a great player….great leaper, distributor, defender….I agree. But don’t forget, Carl Jackson not only scored, but grabbed more boards in one game than most high school starters get in four games. A phenom. So sorry his knee blew out.

  10. Anthony Cricket Williams was one of the best players that came out of Mckinley Tech , then went to Jacksonville Univ. Mckinley Tech was all-Met and all conference in the sunbelt conf that went to the ncaa tourney in 1979.

  11. I had the opportunity to be coached by two of DC’s finest in Herb Gray,Sr and Stan Kernan. Herb Gray,Jr (Bowie)was an excellent player, but did not have the supporting cast.
    Who is your founder and what year did he graduate from PHS

    • Good coaches. Our founder Pennington Greene attended Parkdale until 1974, and was an All-Met performer there.


      • Penny was THE MAN during my sophomore year. Had unbelievable accuracy, and we would marvel at the level of his confidence. Too bad that suburban schools, save DeMatha, didn’t get the accolades that they deserved back then. No way should he have been left off the Metro Stars for the first Capital Classic, and relegated to the preliminary game!

  12. I went to school with carl Jackson, can score from any angle, variety of shots. He had team mates, James Majors who broke his leg playing football, started for George Washington as a freshman, prior to going to T.C. Williams.

    Herbert Estes was T.C. Williams first All American, The quickest shot release, was left handed, first team all met.

    Craig Harris, most valuable player Capital classic was another bad dude. He had a teammate (Anthony Roach Young) averaged ten block shots a game. He was 6’6″ Center.

    Pete Dehaven, Edison, 1969 or 70. You have him listed for Madison 1975, which is wrong. That was a bad boy, had a spin so quick, gave George Washington fits in the playoffs.

    • Thanks Wade- those are some great players.


    • I personally watched Joe Manley from Forest Park in Baltimore tear Herb Estes up when Bowie State played George Mason back in the 70’s. Joe averaged 20 points and 20 rebounds for Bowie.

      • Charles Jackson

        I was at BSU when Joe Manley was playing… We called him Joe Nate…. Good jumper…..nice guy.

    • Wade you definitely mentioned some great players but ain’t no way you can mention players out of TC and not mention Arnie Russell. “Stroker” He took over where Roach Craig, Estes, and Carl left off. The boy was bad and he could hold his own in the paint.

  13. I had the opportunity to play with quite a few good players such as Donald Bullock, Joseph “Mousie” Sommerville, Joe “Radar” Carr, Jake Lewis, Norman Moon, Willie Suber, Earl Muschette , Marshall “Putt-Putt” Cromwell & Kenny Bruce.
    These guys could shoot & play with any one in the NBA At the trime.
    During The late 1960’s.
    And they were all under 6 feet.

  14. Thank you Mr. Johnson. Bullock and Moon are names that surface sometimes. I appreciate you recalling the others.


  15. Hello,
    First of all, let me say that I am using my daughter’s e-mail address to send this message. I am visiting her and I came across your website and saw this article on Mickey Michaels of Duval (and couldn’t wait to comment on your “Greatest D.C. Area Player Poll”). Unlike Mick, I was not a good ballplayer but a great fan of the game. I went to high school in Prince Georges (P.G.) County in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. The Duval team, from the winter of 1968 through the spring of 1970, was arguably the best “TEAM” to ever play in Prince Georges (P.G.) County. I saw many teams in the Washington D. C. area play during that 1970 season and it is hard for me to dispute people who say Duval was (again; arguably) the best team. Irving Copeland, Alphonso Adair, and Mickey Michaels were three of the top 10 players in the Washington, D.C. area in the 1970 season; barring none! Guys from that era who are honest with themselves know that these guys were “no joke.” They deserve to be ranked with the best of the D.C. high school B-ballers of any era. Bobby Stevens and Walter Schaffer, guard and center respectively, were also a tremendous part of Duval’s success over the 1968/1969 and 1969/1970 basketball seasons. Thanks for your time,

    • That team must have been something else Bill. At the time, St. Anthony’s, Eastern, and Tech also had monster squads. To play in back-to-back state title games, Duval must have had a stick.

      Don’t be a stranger- daughter’s computer or not…


      • That Duval team was very good, however they did not win any titles and to think they were the best team ever in the county is absurd. As I stated in a post, the Fairmount Heights teams in the same era did win state titles. I get in arguments about the divisions being different back then. They were only different because of the size of the school and the number of boys at the school. So a AA school back then was bigger but not necessarily better. On another point I have not read anything about Steve Higgins from Spingarn and how good he was in High School. I knew Steve back then and he was a nightmare for almost everyone that played against him.

    • Hey bill give me a call i saw all of OUR “Duval” game’s For both of those Seasons. We need to talk plz.

      Jerre Robinson

      (301) 817 3880
      (301) 322-4845

    • How can you say that the Duval Team from 68 to 70 is the best team to ever play in pg county? Fairmount Heights had numerous teams then that were better. I know for a fact that Alphonso Adair went to Fairmount Heights and could not get off of the bench and that is why he went to Duval. Now dont get me wrong there is no way he should have ever been on anyones bench. However the Fairmount Heights Team that had Jerome McDaniels, Larry Coleman, Cornell Jones, Fred Tabron, John Brooks and many others did not just make it to the state finals but won several state titles. Also there were some very good teams at Gwyn Park, Douglas and Central during that era. The Hornets were basketball royalty in PG county back then.

      • Fairmont Heights had a good team in 1969 w/Jerome and the fellas…but Central High School beat them with Warren “T” Cade and Jeff Baker. I remember, because I was there on the floor. Wonderful memories.

        Jeff Baker, Central High, 1970

      • And…the reason Fairmont didn’t go to the state finals was Central beat them at Fairmont Heights, no less. Warren “T” Cade, Jeff Baker, Kenny Leonard (Sugar Ray’s older brother), Andrew Williams and I can’t remember the fifth man – it may have been Butch Betts or a combination of Giles/Talley alternating (with Coach Bob O’Brien). Too long ago to remember. Shout out to the old guys…hope things are well. There is nothing like youth… I remember my early days at the Number 9 Boys Club at Stewart Jr. High in D.C., going toe to toe with Number 2 Boys Club in Northwest Washington. David Ross was our star Boy’s Club player and I believe he went on to play in high school hoops in D.C.. Those were the days…

        Jeff Baker
        Central Sr. High
        Class of 1970

  16. Two other great Interhigh players if you have not named them yet were Andrew Corbin (HD Woodson) and Diego McKoy (Spingarn).
    In Maryland, Booty Neal (Oxon Hill) and Barry Frazier (DuVal) were great HS cagers.
    One of my favorite Catholic league ballers is Tommy Branch.

    • You’re right Bobby, all those guys could play.


    • Barry Frazier went to Woodson and was an average player that took a lot of shots. I am just being honest.

      • Bobby Sumner

        On this websites Two Time All Met list he is listed as an All-Met for Woodson in 1974-75, however the other year he made it is not included…before my time as a freshman when we scrimmaged HD Andrew Corbin was the man, Wilbert Skipper for Anacostia and Tracy Jackson at Paint Branch.

    • I stand corrected, Darrell is right…Garcia Hopkins was the man at Duval & Barry Frazier went to W.T. not H.D. if I’m not mistaken!!

    • I believe Barry Frazier went to HD Woodson

  17. Morris Mills, Daymond Jackson & Michael Horton T.C. Williams. Morris Mills did not look like one of the best when you saw him play, but everyone you thought was greater then him came up short. H would just out play, shut you down defensively & score & rebound to the tune “He did What? He was only Six Foot Two, was first Team All Met & All State 1974-75 year. at T. C. Williams.

    Daymond Jackson was 6’4” tall, could really jump, dribble & shoot. He was first team all met his senior year, went to Georgetown, why he did not start is anybody’s guest, He should of started.

    Michael Horton, truly a talent, really, really good, but loved to have fun ( p..rty).

    I do not know how you can say one player is greater then the other except Mr. Baylor, Mr. Dantley, Mr. Carr, Carl Jackson & Pete Dehaven.

    I know you considered David Koesters of West Springfield, but his teams offense, something like a Princeton Style enabled him to shoot behind screens. I must say, I never seen anyone shoot from the corner like he does.

    Speaking of West Springfields offense, their coach Don Mc Cool was the best coach in the Wash dc area, “Bar none! ”

    In my opinion, He was better than Morgan Wooten. If, you gave him the same players Morgan Wooten had, he would smoke Morgan Wooten.

    You can see Don Mc Cool’s genius in his warm up drills and skill sets his players would go through during pre-game warm ups.

    Perhaps we will do a greatest coaches poll?


  18. So many great players– the best I ever saw in person were Harold Fox- Northwestern 1968 , Gary Browne Whitman 1968– both of them went for more than 60 a couple of times during the year. I saw Browne put 62 on Gaithersburg- very scarey shooter. They met in the state title game, Northwestern won but both of them put on a show. Also– everybody on McKinley Tech’s 1969 team. I saw them beat DeMatha , with James Brown, in the M Club Tournament. Randolph “Apple” Milam lit it up. He didn’t have a big college career and I’ve always wondered why– I thought he was a better player than Ronnie Houge, who was All SEC at Georgia. Austin Carr was unbelievable his senior year at Mackin– made like 18 of 21 shots in a win over DeMatha. I saw Adrian Dantley as a freshman– he was really good , but not yet the total package he later became. Ed Petersen , Springbrook 1969 may have been the best pure shooter I ever saw. Good career at South Carolina. The Fairmont Heights teams in the late 60’s and early 70’s were really something with Jerome McDaniel, two time All Met.

    • Those are some great names and some fantastic memories. I wish I could have seen Fox, and McKinley Tech’s “Magnificent Seven”.

    • What happened to Jerome McDaniel, what did he die from?

      • cagewriter

        I’m not sure chica. He played his college ball at Barber-Scotia w/ Eastern alum Embee Shaw.


      • ken alexander

        Chica… i grew up behind barber scotia college..i knew embee shaw and jerome mcdaniels well..two great athletes….jerome was shot to death at his dinner table whitle eating with his family in DC…deal gone bad I heard….so sad…

    • Ed Peterson had 1 “lights-out” game for South Carolina on a televised Saturday game against Maryland. I seem to remember that he hit like 9 jumpers in a row.
      He had 1 good year, but I think things fell apart and he transferred out of USC.
      Anybody remember his situation?

    • I was at that game also….the M Club games. Yes Apple lit up De Matha particularly Billy Hite…. Apple was bigger and stronger than Ronnie Houge. However he didn’t make the transition to college. Houge did Apple didn’t . Great games…..

  19. Downtown Junior Brown of the Mount Vernon High School 79 VA State Champs. Awesome play-making point gaurd, deep threat shooter, and passer. Probably his most dangerous weapon was his ability to “pick” the ball away from opposing point gaurds as they brought the ball down court. He is a legend!

    • Thanks Tom for hipping me to this outstanding local performer. We are working on a documentary that will bring this rich regional story to the world.

      • If you can find Dandy Don McCool, he coached Junior Brown during those glory days at MVHS.

      • Thanks for the tip Tom. He’d make a great interview for our homepage, and for an upcoming documentary.


      • Coach McCool took West Springfield to the State Tournament 3 years in a row. 71/72, 72/73 & 73/74. They lost to Petersburg & Moses Malone in that final outing.

    • Very good player, he was the difference on the team.

    • Yes Junior Brown was no doubt a great ball player but who really had the deep jump shot on that 79 state championship team if I recall they had a jump shooter by the name Eric Sellers who probably invented the 3 point line with accuracy every night out one of deepest jump shooters I’ve ever seen.

  20. Bill Langloh of DeMatha (1968-73) was one of the great high school guards of his era.

    At 6’4″ he was a tremendous open-court ballhander and passer, and a dead-eye outside shooter; he could take it to the rack either left or right handed.

    During the historic 1973 Dunbar-DeMatha game at the Baltimore Civic Center, Langloh went for 28 points, while more heralded teamate Adrian Dantley was held to 12.

    Skip Wise shot the lights out with 47 points, and the Dunbar team shot 75% in the second half, and beat the Stags by 12 points or so.

    Langloh went on to have a stellar career at Virginia, winning ACC Tourney MVP in 1976, when the last-place, 2-12 Cavaliers won the ACC Tournament.

    • That’s right William.


    • Langloh was a great player. He left Dematha and joined great shooter Dave Koesters to form the University of Virginia’s backcourt in the mid to late 70s.

      That UVA team won the ACC Tourney in 1976 behind team leader Wally Walker.

      One note: I once stood next to Billy Langloh and he was 6’1″ tops.

  21. Oh yea, That Capital Classic MVP for Craig Harris came in the game that the national squad had Magic Johson & Gene Banks. Craig dropped 28 on them. The TC Williams team from that year went 28-0. Shout to “Little Wille” Jackson, point guard on that squad.

    Daryl Prue played wiith Tyrone Shaw (from T.C.) on that West Virginia squad. Wish Prue could of made that basket in the tournament.

  22. donald ford,victor page, jonny dawkins, xree hipp…

  23. Barry Frazier played at H.D. Woodson in the late 70’s with Weldon Parham before the 3-point line was in existence. D.C. has had many outstanding basketball players Jojo, Billie Bryant, Delonte Taylor-Peanut, BAY-BAy, Big Sky, brian Magid, but Stayce Robinson was one of the best that ever did it. He completely took over basketball games and was MVp of the Capital Classic, Curt Smith has held his own with every guard to venture into DC…Don;t forget Louis Bullock ,Michigan scored 40 in Capital Classic starred at michigan…Turk Tillmon, Ratiff, way too many ball players to name…fast eddie swailes…the unbelievable Sherman Douglas…playground legend Ducky Vaughn. I could go on all day Dennis Johnson-Mackin–Stevie Lincoln, John Battle, Moochie Norriss…wes Matthews…Clyde the Glide…Hawkeye, the gregory brothers…garcia hopkins…I;m sorry to the ball players Ileft out did not feel like typinganymore

    • He was a bad dude.


    • Hey its a little old but did know about guy by name Daryll Scott was about 5.6 was awesome the guy leap out the gym and was super quick & fast he played at anacostia all over dc, I remember Guy Arnold, Steve Postell and Daryll at Sherwood tournament in NE DC and Daryll Scott torch that place and walk away with MVP, played like Nate the Skate Archieball, he rocked with the best….ect.

  24. West Springfield in the mid 70’s was a very good team. It wasn’t a Princeton style offense that was run. It relied primarily on scoring opportunites off the press. As a matter of fact Coach McCool was quoted in one paper saying the team wouldn’t be running a set offense. In 1974 WSHS averaged 88 points per game – I don’t think the Princeton offense can generate that type of scoring. Lost to TC Williams in the district rournament when Koesters broke his hand. Came back the next night to beat TC. It was the only loss suffered agianst TC Williams in a 3 year span. Koesters was All Met, All Region and All District – not to mention a Parade All American. Bob Wetesnik was also All Met – all 6’4″ of him at the post, All Region and All District. Steve Bacon was All Region and All District.

    • Thanks for that insight. I knew of Koesters, but I never saw them run. We might call on you for an upcoming documentary on local ‘ball.

    • Help me with a memory of that time.

      Didn’t Bob Wetesnik and West Springfield square off against Moses Malone and Petersburg HS in a state championship in 73/74?

      Petersburg won by a score of something like 53-52, and Wetesnik held Malone to 13 or so points, IIRC. I remember it being quite the feat for the 6-3″ Wetesnik against the 7-0″ Malone.

    • Anthony J. Salemi

      I attended West Springfield from 72 to 76. Those teams were amazing. My sophmore year, I can recall the opener against Jeb Stuart. In warm ups, it looked like a mismatch. Stuart was on average, much taller and looked more athletic. We won by 50 points and it wasn’t even that close. The Washington Post ran a feature entitled player of the week. Steve Bacon received that honor, for playing fantastic defense, while Koester scored 30 points. The team was undefeated that year, defeated Carl Jackson’s T.C. Williams’ squad in the regional finals, (also beat them in the regular season) and lost their only contest in the State Finals to a Petersburg Team led by a guy named Moses Malone. This is all true and the names haven’t been changed.

      • 70's B-Ball Ruled

        Former player could not be more accurate. In fact, I remember many games, watching WS’s warm-ups and feeling that as sinewy as our teams were, they seemed to lack raw muscle. Imagine the disparity of facing a marvel like Malone. Walking in, the Spartans always appeared anything but. (Smile) But, I was never able, as one of the School Sports Writers during those early 70’s, to capture the atmosphere, the mass hypnosis McCool’s finest moments blanketed All of us with. WE ALL BELIEVED, never doubted. THAT was Don McCool’s true gift. Few remember after 30 year…Don’s young child died on School grounds at a fair-like function mere feet awa from the McCools. Somehow Don showed immense grace…and powered on for his boys. The Spartans of memory, I simply contend were the Perfect Storm. And that trance-state enveloping us all actually worked. Guess it’s no mistake I ended up in fan-tastic Lexington, KY! (Gotta have my B-Ball, thanks to WSHS-70-74.

      • Thanks D. Biggs.


    • Anthony J. Salemi

      You’re absolutely on the money. That was one of the greatest high-school basketball “teams” ever and it generated its offense off the press. I should know, I covered that team for the school paper, the Oracle.

    • Hi,
      I went to West Springfield and saw every game played from 71-72 to 73-74. Koesters was a great shooter. A GREAT shooter. He could shoot off of screens with remarkable percentages but he was by no means dependent upon screens. He could bring the ball down court and feint to his left and elevate to his right on the ball was through the net before the defender realized what had happened. These were 22-24 footers from around the top of the key. He was great from the corners as well. (His worst miss was against Petersburg & Moses Malone with 2 seconds left in the State Championship game. He missed a shot over Moses that would have tied the game. We were all heartbroken.

      Wetesnik was a great center. He worked his ass off on defense and he had no offensive plays run for him. He could however snare the offensive rebound and score to the tune of 15 or so pts per game.

      The unsung hero on those teams was 6’2″ Steve Lanier. He had unbelievably long arms and was a defensive dynamo. On offense Steve was frugal. Maybe 6 shots a game yet he averaged around 8/9 points per game. If you were on the opposition team you did NOT want Lanier covering you.

      Bacon was a great Freshman, but his skills did NOT evolve greatly after his Freshman year. He was strictly a screen shooter. He could not create his own shot off the dribble. He needed to watch the ball during his dribble and he was not able to elevate over his defender for successful jump shot. Put him behind a screen however and you had a REALLY GOOD shooter.

      Don McCool was a great coach. He left W Springfield for Hayfield High School and turned that program in to a winter. He then went to Mount Vernon where he turned that program from a perennial loser to a winner. He captured a State Championship while at Mt Vernon. The team defense that McCool employed made a bunch of short white kids into winners. They were fun to watch.

      In 1973 W Springfield finished first in the Gunston District for the regular season. As such, the district tournament was double elimination. The finals were against powerhouse TC Williams led by Carl Jackson. West Springfield was not given much of a chance. They indeed lost and furthermore Dave Koesters broke his arm in the middle of the game. That loss triggered another game, the next night, against TC (due to the double elimination). NO ONE gave West Springfield a chance without Koesters. NO ONE.

      West Springfield won that game. They went on to win three Regional Tournament games (by 4 total points) to send them to their 2nd State Tournament in Charlottesville. Indeed, McCool could coachj. He was better than Wooten.

  25. Would love to give you my insight. One of the great rivalries was between WSHS and TC Williams. The two of us seemed to always be the ones to beat over that three year span. There were some bad moments but in college I ended up playing with Myron Contee from that74 TC team and we were good friends.

    • I’ll e-mail you offlist, those stories will be important.

    • Oh what a fantastic run. Couch McCool was a GREAT basketball coach, to be certain, but also a wonderful math teacher and mentor. I try to explain to my kids what an inspiring event that whole season was, but my words fall short. A wonderful person, coach is, and his philosophies have guided me through life.

    • Contee was one of the best players I ever saw. He went to George Mason for at least one year after high school. He seemed like a nice guy too.

  26. You guys are on target as far as most of the players you have said you have seen, one other DuVal allumni is Cush Giles, great player in his time, one of Glenarden’s best! Find some stats on him. Of course I tend to be bias when it comes to Stacy R. and your founder Penny G., grew up with them. My favorites to watch would be Kenny Carr and Ralph Ledbetter, and Jeff Briscoe, they dominated at there positions.

  27. I did not see that game between West Springfield & Petersburg. However, it is my recollection that Moses Malone was not held in check by Bob Wetesnik, he was held in check by West Springfield stalling the ball & Timely jumpers by Dave Koesters.

    West Springfields Coach Don McCool embedded the best passing & ball handling skills I have ever seen for an entire team (Bar -none). You could observe the teams skills during warmups.

    Their was a guard from Bladensburg that went to N C State that could really pass the ball.

    By the way, that Myron Contee could jump to the moon!

    Wade Smith

    • West Springfield used the stall quite a bit under McCool. In 74 the year after the state finals Robinson HS joined TC Williams and WSHS has a force in the area. The first game of the year WSHS beat RHS on a last second shot. In the reachmatch RSH blew WSHS out by 24. When they meet in the district at Fairfax HS WSHS held the ball and won as both teams scored below 20 points.

      • Thanks f/ the memories LJ. Northern Va. must have been hot during those rivalries.


      • We never stalled. I am not sure where this story comes from but in 74 we played Robinson one time and beat them 94-60 in a home game for WSHS played at Fairfax High School due to the huge fan interest in the game. It is contradictory to say a team stalled quite often when averaging 86 points per game. Our only loss of the year in 74 was in the state championship to Petersburg.

      • My bad LJ. I just reread your post and see where it was the year after we played in the state finals. Sorry. I can’t speak for the 74-75 team.

  28. From what I’ve heard, my college coach, Wil Jones was THE BEST SHOOTER this city has ever saw…..

  29. I did not know about Will Jones. I believe that is the Will Jones that coached Hayfield High School & UDC, iF IT IS:

    His brother frank is one of the greatest human beinings: He was my Supervisor!


  30. I did not know about Will Jones. I believe that is the Will Jones that coached Hayfield High School & UDC. If it is:

    His brother frank is one of the greatest human beinings: He was my Supervisor!


  31. I think I can shed some light on the state championship game between WSHS and Petersburg as I was a starting guard for two years on the WSHS team. The final score was 50-48. We lhad the lead after every quarter but the one that counted. Bob Wetesnik got a lot of help in that game from our other forward – Joe Wilson – but I wouldn’t say Moses was held in check even though he was held to 13 points below his average and 10 rebounds below his rebound average. Moses scored 26 points and had 19 rebounds. That year he averaged 39 points and 29 rebounds per game. Dave Koesters had 29 points. At the end of the game we played for a tie and Dave had the ball but was covered and tried to lob the ball to a wide open Joe Wilson but Moses intercepted the pass and game was over. University hall was filled to the rafters with fans. I believe there were just under 10,000 people there for the game. Bob Wetesnik was held to 4 points that game and had to leave early because of foul trouble. There was no stalling going on even though we scored almost 40 points below our average. In practice leading up to the game we did focus on trying to be a bit more deliberate than normal but our fast break just wasn’t there and we did not press. We sored a lot of points off of our press during the reagular season and when we didn’t do that then the scoring came down. It was the only time all year we didn’t press. That was Petersburg’s 50th straight win and our only loss of the season.

    • Thanks Steve.


    • Steve, I got to know Bob Wetesnik from the All Star game that was played as the preliminary game to the Capital Classic in 1974. In addition to being an incredibly intelligent and savvy player, he was a terrific guy that I enjoyed getting to know, albeit for a very short period of time. You indicated in one of your posts that he went to Morris Harvey. I thought I remember him saying he was going to Bucknell. Nevertheless, an excellent player that I am sure was a major contributor that helped you guys get as far as you did.

      • Bob. He went to Morris Harvey. He played there with John Jividen and a couple of other guys from NVa. I went on a recruiting trip there as well but chose Washington College over them then transferred and finished career at George Mason. Inch for inch Bob was maybe the best defensive post player I ever played with or against – can’t forget about Moses. Actually played against him and John Jividen in a holiday tournamenttournam

  32. Will Jones coached at Robinson. I used to go over there and play as the Caulfield boys who played for him and I were pretty good friends. I used to play in pick up games and coach Jones used to play in them with us. He was one unbelievable shooter. I remember him telling me one day a player may lose a lot of things but he never loses his shot – just after he drained another from what would have been NBA 3 point range.

  33. Thanks for the insight Steve, for your explanation on the follwing:

    (1). West Sprinfield’s offense (2). The game between West Springfield & Petersburg (3). Will Jones.

    You were a pretty good player as well, “thanks a million”!


    • Steve and Wade:
      Thank you both.


    • Thanks Wade. Great memories brought back here. The competition between us and TC Williams was as intense as it gets. I remeber it being that way even on the JV level my sophomore year. We were playing TC at our place in the first game of the year and Carl Jackson had 44 points that night and I had 41. We lost but the rivalry had begun. “Mo” Contee and I had gone to basketball camp at the same camp the previous summer so we already knew each other and had become friends.

  34. I was a soph at Herndon and played against the TC Williams team team led by Carl Jackson. His shot, a little unorthodox, reminded me of Bob McAdoo. If I’m not mistaken, that TC team also had Darryl Jackson who was a physical stud. He killed me. We were in the regionals in 72-73 season and were supposed to play TC in the first round (We had lost to them by two in the regular season) but I believe they had been barred from the tourney because of some incident. We lost to Lee, who lost to West Springfield, who went on to lose to Petersburg and Moses. That Koesters was a smooth shooting assassin. It was a shame TC was barred because another West Springfield-TC match-up would have been something. Also at that time, I believe TC rotated between districts because they were viewed as too dominant. They were in the Great Falls district that year with Herndon, Oakton, Madison, Langley, etc.

  35. When is this documentary going to be made? My father is Dave Koesters and I’ve heard a lot from my uncles about his playing but he is generally not one for talking about it.

    • We’re working on it now JKoesters. We’ll e-mail you offlist.


    • Your father, without a doubt, was one of the best, if not the best shooter to ever play in NVa. He was also one of the best clutch players I have ever seen. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to play with him for two years. I stil don’t think he got enough credit for his clutch performance in the ACC Tournament. He was outstanding.

  36. For a poll of the greatest, the list has to start with Elgin Baylor ,Dave Bing, Autin Carr and AdrianDantley, all DC high school legends. There are a few more to comment on. The most exciting player I ever saw was Tom Little of Mackin. Fade aways from 25 ft ,I saw him hit 7 shots in 52 seconds all from downtown. others were Lonnie Perrin (Dunbar) in final game of K of C beating Mt Vernon of NY with 3 future all americans on their team (Gus Williams, Earl Thorne and Rudy Hackett) Bobby Lewis (St Johns) Jumping jack for St Johns and North Carolina. John Austin (Dematha) who put Dematha on the map for a young Morgan Wooten. One of the area’s best guards and was perfect fundamentally was John (BaBa ) Duren( Dunbar Georgetown) I saw him several times and not only did he not turn the ball over but he gave the ball to the right person in the right place. I have continued watching over the years and the players of today are as talented and exciting to watch as the old stars. DC is and always has been a place loaded with Basketball elites.

    • You can say that again!

    • Just commenting on jumping ability, may seem bias, but they are all from T.C. Wiliiams except two. Top two_James Anderson & Brad Smith. the rest:
      (a). Pete Dehaven Edison 1970 (B). Donald “Duck” Williams Mackin 1974
      (1). James Anderson (Kabooby) 1970-71 (2). Lew Casey 1970-71 (3). fuzz Richardson 1969-1970 (4). Brad Smith 1972-73 (5). Myron Contee 1973-74 (6). Carl Jackson 1973-74 (7). Daryl “Red Rose” Turner 1973 (8). Pop Davis 1977 (9). Craig Harris 1977 11.Antrhony “Roach” Young 1977 anthony “Roach

    • Lonnie Perrin played for McKinley Tech.

  37. What, no Byron Tucker. Ask any player from 86-89 era in PG and his name will come up as the best. I am one of them. This cat averaged 38 per game. He gave Mike Tate 51 and on the next game gave me 49 and after that gave Walt Williams 45. This dude was mean. There would be no Monty Williams without Big Tuck…

    • Yeah Byron Tucker was nice as hell. I played against him during that same era I was a very good player as well back in that time. Tucker gave tate big numbers Tucker had a real smooth game tall cat with perimeter game he was sorta like Walt. Not sure what happened to him after highschool.

      • Great insight Rock, thanks.


      • tucker signed with nc state, then transferred to george mason, had a pretty good career there.

      • Byron was just an okay baller. His height is what made him good. Remember he grew a lot during high school and we I played against him. Walt was def better.

      • What is that Kevin dude talking about? Tuck was ahead of his time like many guys of his size back then. Yeah he grew from 5’8 to 6’5 in one summer but height alone doesn’t make you a baller. Kevin must have been one of his victims or watching from the bench. Walt will even tell you about Tuck. Name any other dude that was 6’10 and could handle and shoot like Tuck in the 80’s. No body!!! Who averages 37 points per game w/16 boards and is called an ok baller. LMAO. Just ran across this:

  38. Aaron C. Taylor

    Glad i stumbled upon this site i played on the playgrounds in D.C. back in the day and played against Bullock, Riley, Bow Scott, Channel 5, Tony Upson, And many other’s of couse they were older than me but i could play so i got run me and my boy went from playground to playground raiseing hell i think he was one of the best player ever to come out of D.C. his name is Arthur Daniels All Met but went to play football instead of basketball at B.C. by the way i got it done too back then you could go to playground after playground and find some of the best games ever man this brings back so much

  39. Did Skip Wise play in the first Mcdonalds Capital Classic. I thought he graduated in 1973 from Dunbar and was at Clemson in 1974 the first year of the all star game. Does anyone have the first roster.

    • Terrell Roberts

      Not sure about the McDonald’s game as it has been a long time since i last spoke with his son, Allen “Dip” Wise, but the later part of your inquiry is correct… he absolutely went to Dunbar Senior Highschool in Baltimore city. He also starred at Clemson for a short time.

      Allen “Skip” Wise is one of those special creatures that WOULD HAVE had a extraordinary pro career, but the lure of fast money, women and drugs lead to Skip’s basketball demise.

      I got a really good screenplay for his story, his son and many other great athelets ranging from Baltimore to Los Angeles. I think the people – the fans of the game, would really enjoy some of the stories in my head. I’ve seen them all from coast to coast, but the players that I have personally seen/played with in my basketball lifetime, the players that quite honestly, are better than many of the players that have had the opportunity to actually make it to the NBA – the world may never know about them – I’m trying to change that.


      PS – When basketball is the topic of discussion, I love the game so much that I often get caught in diatribe mode and cannot stop, so i apologize for such a wordy response – I just love the game!

    • Skip Wise did NOT play in the first Capital Classic. He was already at Clemson.

      • No, Skip Wise DID play in the first Capital Classic in 1974. He was on the team with Butch Lee, Moses Malone and Rick Robey to name a few. He was a freshman at Clemson in 74-75.

  40. Terrell Roberts

    I currently reside in Los Angeles although I grew up in Baltimore City… That’s in the state of maryland for any of you who might have been asleep under a rock for…ever! Anyway, being from Baltimore, I feel it only right to give BIG shout outs to Allen “Dip” Wise, son of Allen “Dip” Wise (Pop was no slouch himself). I know the subject states, “DC area” so the fact that Baltimore is in the, “area” – I HAD to represent. Moreover, Dip was by far, the best pure basketball player I have ever seen and please trust – I have seen a lot of great players. This was around ’93-’96 years, Dip was maybe late 20’s. His dad was a Baltimore Basketball legend already and the bloodline ran thick. I have not seen a more respected, gifted – complete player since. Unfortunately, like a million others, the lure of the street life was too much to handle and Dip – like his father, was consumed by it. I remember going all over the city with him and everywhere we went, there were at least 2-5 persons that not only knew who he was, but gave him the ultimate in respect. Dip was left handed, approximately 6’4″ give or take and he could jump out of the freakin’ gym. Graceful, a showman he was as he had, THE BEST DAMN FINGER ROLL/DIP when en route to the basket, hince the moniker, “Dip”. Look him up, research him. Lastly, I think Dip could have had a extremely successful career as a pro, but whatever that bug is that so many young, up and coming great athelets catch – which ultimately leads to the demise of any pro career opportunities – forever. I always wonder what he would have been like as a pro league player – I will never know. Allen “Dip” Wise – one of Baltimore City’s Greatest Basketball Players you never heard of. *sigh* Damn he was good – Damn good.

    Los Angeles

  41. Lonnie Perrin, All-Met Player of the Year in Football (1970-71) played on the McKinley (coached by McKinley Armstrong) squad with Jeff Harrison, James Monroe, Herb Joyner, James Gorham, Ronnie Williams, David Mitchell, Xavier Yeoman, Jo Jo Hicks and had they not left early in the season, Eastern Rambler transfers Embee Shaw and Michael Whatley. Had they (Shaw and Whatley) stayed, this would have been one of the most talented teams in DC basketball history. Nevertheless, without them McKinley still went on to defeat local powerhouses St. Anthony’s, Bell and Ballou, and also win three games on successive nights against nationally ranked teams from Chicago and New York during the Knights of Columbus Tournament. Lonnie Perrin known mostly for his football prowess was the key in the McKinley wins over either Gordon Tech or Hales Franciscan of Chicago; the semifinal win over St. Anthony’s coached by John Thompson; and the championship win over Mt. Vernon a team that featured Gus and Ray Williams, Earl Tatum, Rudy Hackett and Mike Young.

    • You’re absolutely right Robert, they were tough. And the team that came behind them (Arthur Williams, Cricket, et al) got Fort Hamilton when they had Bernard King.
      Another local squad that felled Mount Vernon was St. Anthony’s (Cheese, Merlin and them).


  42. marlon Boykin

    I would like to nominate a player from T. Roosevelt high in the early 90’s . Brian Deas, while he didnt have big high school numbers 13 points a game, (Team only avegeraded 50 points a game due to ball contorl offense) he was a whispered legend on the playgrounds of DC and at 5’5 inches tall the most effective shooting guards and defenders ever at that size.

    • Thanks Marlon.



  43. Stacy Robinson made All-Met 3 years in a row. No on ever did that!

  44. whats up i remeber carl Mcadoo jackson and myron contee. and all the other great players from t,c. williams and g.w. but know one spoke of darryl turner. also bkn as red rose. who could shoot and take care of theball. and was a clutch his days.

  45. Kenny Stat0n – Wakefield High School – Arlington, VA

  46. Anybody know where I could obtain a copy of the 1985 Capital Classic High School All American game? Michael Porter from Pulaski, VA played and won the dunk contest for this game. Porter was originally from the D.C. area but moved to Pulaski, VA. 5′ 11″ guard who could do 360’s with ease and get eyelevel with the rim on other dunks. He was good all around guard as well. Ended up playing at St John’s with Boo Harvey in the late 80’s. Any help obtaining this game video would be much appreciated. I have the 85 McDonalds game played in Dallas, TX that I would trade a copy of or provide to anyone who is interested. Thanks

    • Mark
      I wish i could help u out, i went to school with Porter an unbeleivable player ……i have been looking for any videos of mike Porter playing in BB games especially McDonalds all american high school game…can u help me? Email:



  48. Since I was several years younger than Elgin and a few years younger than Dave Bing and didn’t see them in high school then I can only go with I saw.
    I really started attending high school games in 1963.
    The best guys that I saw were :

    Bernard Williams- great leaper, shooter and player of the year , DC player of the year DeMatha beat Power Memorial and Lewis Alcindor.

    Tom Little – If you put all your eggs in one basket – cover it because he shot the eggs out of the basket that had to be coming down from near 30 feet out sometimes. Maybe you could stretch him to 6′ but he was a tank with quicks and an intimidating looking. If Mackin had of had a football team he surely could have been all met.

    Austin Carr – relentless , never stopped moving and could shoot with great accuracy from anywhere. His later NCAA tourney records support that, of the 13 highest individual scoring performances Austin has 6. He also has the all time tourney record of 61 in a game and highest career avg of 43 points in the tourney. He broke DeMatha’s string of Catholic League Championships in ’66-’67 having to go up against one of DeMatha’s defensive stalwart Wayne Lockett.

    Bobby Whitmore- Solid in all phases of the game , fine defender without him and Big Sid they would have never have beaten Power.

    Sid Catlett – 6’8″ like Whitmore and a really good defensive player.

    Adrian Dantley- Truth be told , I never saw him in in high school but I did play in a pickup game with him on the courts above Byrd Stadium. ( I wonder if they are still there) The players were so good in that game that I only set picks and passed a lot. The guy checking Adrian (who was a soph at ND at that time) was about an inch bigger and looked much stronger. Dantley shot 13 jumpers within about 10 minutes. The guy checking him slapped him on the elbow on every one of those shots , they all went in.
    The guy (don’t have any idea who he was) seemed to want to pick a fight with AD. Adrian didn’t even bat an eyelash , complain or gripe and prepared for the next 5 to take the court as his team won easily. The guy who attempted to guard AD walked off the court sulking and out of the stadium. I sat down and watched a few more games. I had a feeling that AD would be really good but I didn’t realize that I was playing with a Hall Of Famer that day. Unfortunately , I was on the bad guy’s team that day and I only had the pleasure of playing on the same court as AD for about 25 minutes.

    Aubrey Nash was also real good and little Bo Whittaker who was 5’6′” or so was able to stick it.

    Mackin also had a guy they called Earthworm who was 6’8″ or so and real skinny but a pretty good bigman.

    • Thanks Scooter. I didn’t see Nash, Earthworm, Austin or Bernard Williams, but wish I had. I have, however, heard a lot about them from men older than I, and know of their reputations. I started hearing about Tommy Little at a Police Boys Club in N.W. from cops who’d attended Mackin. Carr I caught in college. Thanks for the memories.


    • William "Beanpole" Howard

      You so right. Just found this site today. Was in Bmore for the first game when Whitmore was without big Sid. Power had a blonde kid with radar frrom the corner if I remember right. Next game at Cole, Sid & Whitmore were together and got the “W”. Remember the article in the paper (Post I think) that showed Wooten having his team using tennis rackets mimicing Alcindor’s reach.
      Saw Harold Fox jam on Sid at Jelleff one summer. Forget billing of game, but names like Fox, Catlett, Epps, Little. Saw “Leaping Louie” send Booby D’s stuff over the fence at Luzon when Dandrige came wearing his Milwaukee Bucks tee shirt. Not good as these guys but played at Emery at Ga. Ave & Madison St NW. Oh yeah, remember I think his name Geenie Littles (Minor Teachers College) home court was Langdon up off MIlls Ave & 22nd St NE. Me, Coolidge class of ’66 under achiever & messup, but did play with a rehab team with somne good men (“Bad News” Barnes – Arkansas/ Olympic gold medal /Celtics/ Bullets, Ted Campbell – old ABA, Cyril Baptiste – Creighton Univ., Donnell Bullock – Cardozo, Jimmy Miller – Spingarn & US Army & a few other old DC players trying to get it together). Cy never got it together. We were a team formed by News to incorporate offenders & ex-addicts back into society thru NTA 1972.

  49. best players and maybe era was the late 90’s. Terry lancaster played for Northwestern with Jay Bias but it was Parkdale that had good players, Henry Hall was the all met player of the year in 88 he averaged like 38 a game that year and had his up and coming good pg not been ineligible because of grades Ivory Walker they might have won States Henry had to slide over and play pg with Ivory gone and the team lost in the playoffs messed up the whole team chemistry. Michael Tate (GTown)was playing for oxon Hill at the time Walt Williams(Md) for Crossland, James Bryson (Villanova)for Largo and DickeySimpkins (Providence)for Friendly along with Monty Williams (Notre Dame)for Potomac and Randolph Childress (Wake Forrest)for Gwyn Park.

    Lotta good comp but Henry Hall(Gtown signee transfered to UTEP) had incredible range deep range in a memorbale game against Northwestern Henry Hall scoired 55 points, Jay Bias had like 45 Terry Lancaster had 18 and Ivory Walker pg for Parkdale had like 25. It was a great game. Parkdale won a nailbiter. was amazing to wtch Hall and Bias go back and forth but it was Walker who made the key passes and plays down the stretch.

    Gotta mention Curt Smith from that era as well Charles Smith little brother from Gtown was a tremendous player tore kenny anderson up in the 89 Capital Classic.

    • Thanks Rock. I know Terry, but didn’t see him play a lot. He was out of h.s. when I met him (and Mike Mundy). Killer crossover.


  50. what’s that guy name out of Anacostia that played there in 1986.

  51. Anyone mention Len Bias. He out jumped everyone I saw in person including Such great leapers like James ”Turk ” Tillman and David Thompson.. Finally,was anyone at the Maryland , Georgetown game at the DC Armory. Md had Jojo Hunter, Billy Bryant and the Turk. The Hoyas had BaBa Duren , Big Sky Shelton and help me out here. Coaches were Lefty and Big John Thompson. I went to Coolidge,was born at GU Hospital and attended Maryland. Great game


  53. 1973-76
    Coolidge Colts
    C. Jefferson, G. Roberts, J. Gregory, J. Bolds, L. Matthews, G. Bell,
    A. Sheard, D. Yates, E, Banks
    What is your take on this crew

    • I probably saw the latter end of that period, say ’75-on, play vs. Tech. We had a transfer from Coolidge, I think his name was Ronald Frazier.


  54. Hey BCB: I was privileged to have attended Whitman in 1968, and saw every one of Gary Browne’s games! Think Lynn Shackleford with more size and speed. I was also at the State finals “showdown” between Gary and Harold Fox (Browne had scored 62 that season, topped only by Harold’s 63). Well, anyway, Whitman picked its first Athletic Hall of Fame class last year … and DIDN’T include Gary (maybe because the Atheltic Director is 35 years old!). We were outraged, and lobbied to get Gary in THIS year! We succeeded (talk about your “no-brainers”) and he will be inducted this Friday night at halftime of the Whitman-Gaithersburg football game, which begins at 6 p.m at Whitman. Any and all fans of Gary”s who read this blog might consider showing up to honor him, and I would make a SPECIAL PLEA for anyone with reminiscences of Brownie to write directly to my email address: (feel free to print it on the blog!) and I will pass them on directly to Gary at a luncheon we’re having for him in Bethesda on this Friday afternoon! For those that never knew him, Gary is as humble as he was great on the court, and has not had an easy life. With a full scholarship to West Virginia, he was rear-ended at a stop light in College Park following his freshman year, and lost his scholarship due to a severe back injury (Red Auerbach testified at his damages trial that he “was an NBA-caliber talent” who had been “deprived of his livelihood”). He never received a penny, and wound up going into law enforcement. He retired a few years ago as Sheriff of Scranton, Kansas due to a heart condition. His health isn’t the best, so we are flying him and his wife in for the event. He is truly grateful (and a great guy!) so he would be thrilled to hear from anyone who saw him play and has memories or thoughts they wish to share. As I said, I will read and present them directly to Gary this Friday afternoon, so please hurry! We are currently arranging for his old rivals–who respect him immensely–such as Harold Fox, Willie Allen and Claude Prather to attend, plus many of his Whitman teammates. Thanks so much–he was “the Noblest Viking of them All!”

  55. Lonnie Barksdale

    How did the poll leave out Ernie Cage, Herb Gray Sr. Peter Rabbitt, Archie Talley, Whit, Sid. Adrian B. Larry Spriggs, Brian Ellerbe,Johnny Dawkins among some of the best. Just asking , and like the poll and keep it going.

  56. Skip wise did play in the first capitol classic had 4 points and 5 rebounds coach of national team did not play Skip. Skip started at Clemson in 74 per wash post

  57. Skip wise did play in the first capitol classic had 4 points and 5 rebounds coach of national team did not play Skip. Skip started at Clemson in 74 per wash post no this corrects my position

  58. this list could never be complete without the names of Charles and Randolph Campbell of Ballou Sr High better known as the CAMPBELL BROTHERS. At one point they were both averaging 30 points a game

  59. charles campbell was one of the greatest shooters that this area has ever seen to this day. Basketball in the washington dc area during 1971/72 was the CAMPBELL BROTHERS of Ballou Sr High


  61. Looks like I’m late “discovering” this site. I’ve played and watch DC basketbal for over 50 years, so let me add in my two cents. Played ball myself but not on the level of any of these guys mentioned. And I haven’t read the whole thing, but I can think of some players who’s presence and control were second to none in pressure time situations: players such as Joe Washington, Tony “The Thrill” Hill, Billy Bryant, Terry Hatcher, Curtis Perry and the Greatest of ALL TIME – MR. AUSTIN CARR. I’ve saw Kevin Durant afew years ago at a game at Coolidge High (Montrose vs Oak Hill) and I think he should be right up there if he’s not.

  62. William James El (Rhino)

    I have to go back to the Campbell brothers, they could really play. There was
    a tournament called the Super Round Ball. St. Anthony was a power house team
    with a front line averaging about 6’9. The Campbell brothers shot the lights
    out beating the mighty St. Anthony team. Ballou’s tallest player was 6’3. What
    a game. There were so many great players from D.C..


  63. Charles Campbell was also named high all american in 1972 and so was Randolph Campbell in 1973. Randolph Campbell is the father of Randolph Childress who was also one of the best players to ever come out of this area

    • We’ll add them. We had to check PARADE back issues one by one, from photocopies, and don’t have access to “Scholastic Coach” or “Street & Smith” All-American teams, so it takes time. Thanks.


  64. they should be listed on your high school all american list

  65. i can’t believe nobody mentioned my next door neighbor and home boy
    walter(hawk) hawkins played for luther jackson and wt woodson under the coaching of high school legend red jenkins, won two virginia state champioships and was first team all-met and all american.

  66. I can’t believe no one remembers Walter (hawk) Hawkins who played at W.T. Woodson under coach Red (Virginia Hall of Famer) Jenkins.


  68. Being born and raised in DC (Washington) I had the priviledge of watching some of the best basketball you could imagine during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The talent on the McKinley, DeMatha, Mackin, Carroll, Eastern, St. Anthony’s and Dunbar high school teams, to name a few, was unbelievable. These guys played for the love of the game and they played virtually any and everywhere in the city, particularly on city playgrounds. My question is, are those days gone? High School basketball in the city now a days gets little or no respect. I never thought that I would see the day that not one (DCIAA) team in the city would be ranked in the Post Top Twenty. That not one player would be ranked or rated a pre-season All-Met. Is basketball in the city past history? Or, does anyone see any prospect for a return to the “glory” days? A majority of the players are now coming out of Prince Georges County and elsewhere. What’s happening in DC?

    • Good questions Rob, I’d never thought of it that way, we celebrate the entire Metro talent pool. One must take into account that children transfer much more nowadays, and that D.C. had a population above 800,000 in 1970, and a little under 600,000 today. A significant # of the influx is of Central American descent, or young professionals who want to live near work (Hill or downtown).


    Paul Furlong, long-time Mackin coach, agrees that Baylor and Bing belong in the top three. However, he rates his own star, Carr, as No. 1.
    “I think Baylor was the best rebounder and Bing the best ballhandler, but Austin was the best all-around.” Furlong said, “If you’re talking just about offensive skills, Jim McBride (an All-Met at both DeMatha and Dunbar) was the best I ever saw.”

  70. I played football at mckinley tech 69-70 lonnie perrin had to be the best basketball player counting apple milan ronnie hogue timbasset kevin tatum and a hold lot of shooters on the team.Perrin could do it all with any kinda of ball.Great teams and great friends techite for life.

    • Thanks Robert.


    • William "Beanpole" Howard

      True that Mr Taylor, with any ball. Was checking Perrin at Sherwood once and he took me deep in the corner & turned for a jumper – gave me an eyeball view of his waistband. Absolutely can’t leave him out.

  71. i played for blade in 84 to 85 in 85 we ranked in the top ten un the metro area. we didnt have super stars but we got the job done.ask david gregg and tucker from northwestern. this guy named gerald warren killed them. big dude. like barkley

    • Good stuff Gerald.


    • Yeah that 87-88 class was great I played against them all. Crossland gave most teams fits. Plus had a nice coach. I remember win crossland played northwestern. Walt Williams Jeff Summer, mike white, and Clarence alford .and company and beat northwestern. That was the year crossland was state champions.
      I played for Bladensburg high that yeah. Yates is my name.

    • Gerald warren was nice.

  72. Any one remeber Calvin Brown from Roosevelt(1970- 1973), I hear that he was one of the best during his time.

  73. I met Billy Gaskins in 1972 at Luzon playground as I was taking my little girl to the swings. He introduced himself to me and we were together ever since. To his surprize, when he told me he was a former all-met and was a draft pick of 1970 to Portland, I didn’t know what a gifted, talented, awesome basketball handler he was. I went with him once to watch as he and Ed Epps had some one-on-one play. Billy jumped so high (above the rim) that I couldn’t speak; and the dunks!! I was so proud to be his lady! G passed away on Easter Sunday of 2007 of complications from a stroke a month before. He never regained consiousness, but the Oregon playoffs were on that year and I tried to reach him by having the game on in his hospital room. Only once did he reach his hand out to touch mine – it was the love of his life – his basketball games were on.



  75. Below is the link to the all time basketball team dream team in Northern Va.
    Pete Dehaven is one of the starting forwards along with Grant Hill. Pete Dehaven made All Met in 1970 for Edison High School, not Madison in 1975 which is in error, as listed All Met By Team. If Grant Hill is the best ever in Northern Va, then Pete should be the second best. Pete in my opinion belongs as one of the fifity, if not 100 greatest players of all time, (bar non)!
    Keep in mine, Pete was selected on this team ahead of Herb Estes, & Red Jenkins obviously second that emotion, if not notion.



      Below is the link to the all time basketball team dream team in Northern Va.
      Pete Dehaven is one of the starting forwards along with Grant Hill. Pete Dehaven made All Met in 1970 for Edison High School, not Madison in 1975 which is in error, as listed All Met By Team. If Grant Hill is the best ever in Northern Va, then Pete should be the second best. Pete in my opinion belongs as one of the fifity, if not 100 greatest players of all time, (bar non)!
      Keep in mine, Pete was selected on this team ahead of Herb Estes, & Red Jenkins obviously second that emotion, if not notion.


      • Thanks again Wade, we’ll post this.


      • Ezell Stewart III

        Can’t find the all time dream team list for Northern Virginia. Just wanted to see if I was blessed enough to make the list.(page not found) I no my years were short (knee) like so many others but, Coach: Mr. Bethel(T.J.)Mr.(red) Jenkins(WTW), Mr.McCool,(WS) Mr.Veldren(W)Mr.Chuck Taylor,Mr.(Rock) Greene(United States Youth Games) Mr. Wooten(D) and many others helped many of us B-Ballers from the DMV become decent young men thru the game of basketball which we will love till death. Many of the Bballers throughout this page 1974-1978 I had the plesure of playing with or against from Wilbert Skipper(Ana),Greg Shelton(Dun) Lighting Lincoln(Eastern) Tracy Jackson(PB) etc. to Craig Harris and Anthony”Roach” Yong(T.C.) Rich Semeta(W.Spring) Armand Mancini(WTW) Great memories here! Keep up the good work. My name is Ezell Stewart (Wakefield High 75-78)

      • Thanks Ezell.


  76. I overlooked the comment from TY Sith dated Dec 10th about Walter Hawkins. My brother Hugh went to Luther Jackson & W.T. Woodson, all he talked about was Walter Hawkins & Pat Toomey. I f memory serves me, It was the wrist action that made Walter Hawkins standout. He said you could foul Walter hard, even on the forearm, but he would flick his wrist & the ball would go in. He said that Pat Toomey was a hell of a ball player as well. Pat ended up as an all pro football player for the Dallas Cowboys.


  77. I overlooked the comment from TY Smith dated Dec 14th about Walter Hawkins. My brother Hugh went to Luther Jackson & W.T. Woodson, all he talked about was Walter Hawkins & Pat Toomey. If memory serves me, It was the wrist action that made Walter Hawkins standout. He said you could foul Walter hard, even on the forearm, but he would flick his wrist & the ball would go in. He said that Pat Toomey was a hell of a ball player as well. Pat ended up as an all pro football player for the Dallas Cowboys.


  78. I am amazed that no one has mentioned Willie Jones of Dunbar, who was lights out in high school, and Mr Everything in DC. He later became an All American @ American U (I’m not sure but I believe he was their 1st All American) & played for the the Pistons.
    He was also a successful coach @ Hoffman-Boston in Arlington, led UDC to a Division II National Championship and is presently the coach @ Norfolk St.
    Kermit Washington also deserves a mention (I can’t remember but I think he played @ either Coolidge or Western). He to went on to become an All American @ American U and a very successful pro career for the LA Lakers until the unfortunate Rudy T incident, which unfairly protrayed Kermit as a bully.
    Also who was the big boy that played at Douglas in PG that had some epic contests against Harold Fox and then went on to play for St Boniventure in NY? This guy was a big time scorer but also a rebounding beast.

  79. Someone mentioned Calvin Brown (Roosevelt) and, yes, he was a beast on the boards and fearless. Can’t mention Roosevelt without Jesse Harrison who no one wanted to check in the Coalition. Also, St. Albans top-twenty teams from ’73-’75 ran through most of the inter-high except for McKinley and Dunbar with Billy Green (2nd Team All-Met), Eric Grant, Tony Coles and Butch Hill. All college players, Coles played on the USA regonal team vs. the Soviets. Green was one of the fastest guards of his time and his battles with Cricket and Stacy were fun to watch. Don’t forget Puffy Crooks who ran the point for Mackin and later Jacksonville and SW Louisiana. Phil Ward (Coolidge, Phoenix Suns) came along just a little later with his steady guard skills as well as Gonzaga’s and Notre Dame’s Tom Sluby (Mavs). Truthfully, Lamont Reid (Bladensburg) had all of the physical tools and ability to compete with anyone at any time.

  80. Wanda Oates, first year at Ballou 1989, first time Ballou went to the playoffs in 10 years since the Campbell brothers, had a strong roster that beat everybody including Dunbar’s City title team at Dunbar. No one big gunner, but a solid roster with 4 guys averaging double figures, that put Ballou back on the map.

  81. Did they forget Matt Gant , Butch Owens ,John Randall ,Joe Weems from Douglass in P.G County .


  83. Forgot a few sych as Lendin Debellitte from Cardoz0 senior high school he average 50 his senior year as well as played in the capitol classic, UDC and NBA. OR Kenny Matthews from dunbar to NC State Univ, Benny Bolton DEMATHA played NC State, Jay Hamilton who also average 50 points his senior year at Randall Senior High.

  84. I recall Big Michael Newby scored 60 points playing for Chamberlain Senior High School. The little brother of Reggie Newby (Larry Wright NBA Bullets, Stan Mayhew, John Smith, June Lightning, Chester Baxter) et al of the Western shs champions that beat adrian dantly, DEMATHA at the colefield house. Coach Piper.

    • Thanks David.


    • Reginald Newby

      @ David, CORRECTION: Damatha defeated Western SHS in 1973 at Colefield House for the city title game. However, We (Western SHS) were the inter high champs in 1973. We also can’t forget Carole Holmes (Dematha) Reggie Newby (Michael’s Big Brother)

      • William "Beanpole" Howard

        Western SHS, you had a smoker in Andrew White from the mid 60’s. All-met went to UTEP (Texas Western) & team mate of Tiny Archibald.
        Great player from the “Matchbox”

  85. I read a lot of these posts but you guys are missing probably the most unbelievable scorers in the DC area…… Skip Wise. He was from Dunbar High School in East Baltimore. He was drafted by Clemson and was dropping 20+ points everytime he stepped on the court in his FRESHMAN year! He made some bad career choices and life choices and is a distant memory now. He KILLED Adrian Dantley in Dematha against Dunbar.

  86. I lived in Falls Church, 1960-66, graduated from JEB Stuart in ’64. We played Bernard Williams and DeMatha in 63-64. Williams was one of the best. Ed Hummer at W-L in Arlington was one of the best big men ever, as was his younger brother John. Best of my time in No Va was Skeeter Swift of George Washington. His senior year his team played Wakefield in the NoVa final in 1965. Wakefield had one black player in 1964; in 1965 all twelve players were black (so much for the cartoonish “Remember the Titans”). Swift dominated every game he played for two years. Against Wakefield he scored, rebounded and threw full length baseball passes (he was a qb in football–a good one) for score after score. He fouled out and took a seat on the bench late in the game. The whole Wakefield team got up and filed by him in a line and shook his hand. Later played for years in the ABA. In high school Skeeter was 6′ 3″ and way overweight at about 230 pounds, but he was one of the best natural players I’ve ever seen. Marty Lentz of Mount Vernon scored 74 points on Stuart in 1961. He went to WVU. Rumor was that he cursed out the coach in practice one day, and never got off the bench. Last game of his senior year, the coach started him and he scored 27 points–6’6″ all around player. Tremendous waste of superb talent. I saw John Austin play for Boston College at Georgetown in 1965. It’s hard to believe many better point guards ever came out of DC.

  87. charles peanut parker

    maybe some of theses guys r not top 100 because they were so many ball players especially back n the day 60 – 90’s i played with a lot of these players growing up n dc, playing n high school, numerous tournaments, urban colition, melvins crabhouse and etc. i played at hd just missed playing with barry frazier, parham we do not talk of players that can do it all like brandon jackson 1 hell of a point guard and 1 of the best defenders in the area left out lamont reid, booty neal, gary washington, len bias (who was probably better than jordan), bootney green, delonte taylor peanut, earl & lynwood davis, kenny mathews, guy arnold, chick lyles, (reds) jones, melvin middleton playground legend (i never seen so many fans follow him (100) everywhere he goes I had 3 fans!!) kurt and charles smith, stacey rob, lancaster, kenny payne, hawkeye whitney, tibbs brothers, wes mathews, lyndon dabella, michael smith, henry hall, turk, darryl prue, david reeves so many more

  88. curtis campbell

    I am going to start my own greatest 100 players list. I said that i would not visited this site again for personal reasons. So i will start my list with just two names and then allow everyone to find 100 of the greatest players who were better than Charles and Randolph Campbell of Ballou High School in 1972 and 1973. Also they were both high school All Americans during those years which is also missing from your All American list. Thank You

  89. How about the ball player Delonte Peanut Taylor who played for the Washington Bullets and San Antonio Spurs

  90. Jimmy Black from Anacostia. Ask any guard in the area about him. They couldnt guard him. Gave Curt 50, Victor Page 50 as well.

  91. I think that israel matthews should be added because he and the rest of the chamberlin went undefeated in the early 70’s . They also beat georgetown that year. He did not play in college because he enlisted in to the army,but was recruited by georgetown a month or so after enlisting.

  92. When I was growing up, best players in the city were Anthony Jones (Dunbar), Linwood Davis (Roosevelt), and Johnny Dawkins (Mackin). I’d put any of them them up against anybody.

  93. I grew up in the DC area and went over to Kelly Miller Playground to watch Elgin Baylor, Jackie Jackson and other great players but when one guard named Willie Jones (Dunbar-All Metro, American U, All American) brought the ball down the court, everyone showed respect and sometimes fear at what he could do as a shooter, passer, stealer and also with his mouth. If you ask the better ball players of those days, they’ll tell you that Willie Jones is in the top ten for sure. My father Coach Carrasco coached him, James Howell and Dick Wells at American University. Willie, by the way, STILL holds the record for the most points scored in a single NCAA tournament game-54 against Evansville. Check out Wil Jones and check him into your list.

    • You’re right Carlos. He should be near the top of all lists.



    • Wil Jones AKA Willie Jones of Dunbar & American University. Former coach at Robinson, Asst at Maryland, HC at UDC & Norfork St. passed away in early March, 2014…RIP

  94. Maybe they should Glen Harris should come up with a Top 100 players from the DC area with college degrees and went on to successful careers after graduation in business, commerce, education, and technology. I played basketball in the Interhigh from 1972-1975, Urban Coalition for Executive III, and many of the players I competed against are marginally employed, dead from drugs, alcohol abuse, in jail, or still living the thug life but they went to college–wasting opporunities chasing the NBA PIPE Dream.

    • sajid abdul-bari

      What a Blessing for you, if in fact, you took advantage of the opportunity of a college education…..the list is about the talented high school basketball players and athletes from the DMV area…..their socio-economic woes, whether self-inflicted or otherwise, doesn’t negate the fact they were “OUTSTANDING” ballplayers and deserving mention in THIS forum…….I’m sure being college educated, you were taught to stay on topic. Come on man…… remember, There but by the Grace of Allah, go you!

    • William "Beanpole" Howard

      I came up in 60’s & went to HS when the zones changed allowing us to go to schools out of our “hood”. True, far too many excellent ball players & boxers got caught up. While recovering myself and playing for a team from NTA (started by Jim “Bad News” Barnes), I saw many DC area players come thru or played against due to wasted opportunities. Played against an all-met at John Howard one night who impressed News greatly. Yes, let’s give light to some success stories.

  95. There was a kid by the name of David Reds Clay from the Landover Palmer Park area, a point guard, this kid could shoot the lights out, I saw him go 12 for 12 from the floor and 10 for 10 on the FT line in a tournament in Melvin’s Crab house , he went to Fairmont Heights. This guy was quick he played a lot of street ball in and around the DC area and he went down to Lauringburg Prep and that was the last I heard of him. Someone check this out, All the locals new him and he could really shoot and play defense too.

    • Wow Paul, thanks. Readers?


    • Reds was not a point guard actually. I saw him play in lots of games and he was a dude that shot all the time. I personally watched Stacey kill him.

      • From what I saw of this guy he always played the point .At the times I’ve seen him play it was the2 guard , and he wasn’t big enough to play any forward positions, so what position
        did he play Darrel when you watched him play?

      • If you watched Stacey personally kill him, where did this take place,
        the 3 times I’ve seen Stacey play someone with with defensive skills Stacey never had that kind of game especially when he had no defense himself.
        A great offensive player Stacey was but “No defense” did he ever demonstrate. So Darrell please tell us where you saw Stacey kill this defensive guard? I am not sure of the criteria that is being applied here but each player bought some skill level to the game itself. If basing a players greatness on offensive skills then it’s Stacey hands down against this guy, as I said he isn’t a scoring threat but could score without a doubt, he was to me more well rounded that Stacey he was not a limited player in my view.

  96. I remember this guy, he very aggressive when he played and he was coached by Turk Tillman from Fairmont Heights one summer he dropped 47 over at Peppermill rec. And then I saw him drop 28 on Leroy Stover at Suitland as well in a summer league game.This guy played at Wyatts, Jellef and the Coca Cola League playgrounds in and around DC. I’ve seen him play against Stacy Robinson and Stacy had to guard this kid , this one of those times Stacy had to play defense for a change. I heard he played down at Laurinburg Institute with Mike Evans and Big Les Anderson. If you were a scorer and played against this guy you better have some defense cause he was gonna scorch you right back., for a short period of time and he kinda faded when he left Laurinburg, they said he got kicked out.

    • Incredible.


    • I remember Reds and he was pretty good but he was not in the class of a Stacey Robinson, Lamont Reid, Bernard Ducky Vaughn, Lamar RedDog Butler, Victor Kelly so many other guards in the area. I knew him back then and he was ok. As for Turk Tillman being from Fairmont Heights, that is absurd. He went to Evans and then Eastern. How many guys scored a lot of points playing at Peppermill? We don’t have enough space to name all of them.

      • Darrell,
        I concur with you on Turk Tillman being from Eastern and this guy Reds was not an Archie Talley but he has played against all those players you named many times I have seen him hold his own, though not a great scorer but a very good defender a true point guard I think he fits in well though I would not rate him among the 50 greatest here based on the criteria we have talked about among the best, if he had to come in behind either one of those players in the PG position I feel no beats would have been missed. Great observation on this kid. Never the less 47 is 47 no matter where you put it down on a legal court. I am not a defender of his but I call them Like I see them.Thanks

  97. Mickey Michaels, Whew, I believe he was the real star on the Duval Tiger team, I mean Irvin Copeland was very good but man when Mickey wanted to turn it on he would just take off on you.I was at the game when Bladensburg came over to play the Tigers and a fight broke and that ended the game then but before that Mickey was working Bladensburg real good. What an all around game he had back then.

    • Man! Thanks PK.


    • I played for BHS in that game @ Duval, it was ugly. Also, tied up in the politics, there was a coaches strike going on. It was crazy, we played it close but lost in the end and felt lucky to escape with our lives (it was a tues. afternoon game, no BHS students there). I had a couple of cousins who got into the game with my father and they had to, literally, fight their way back to their car. Crazy mess it was, Mickey and Irving were different players. Irving was incredible around the bucket, great timing, excellent hands and a clever scorer, Mickey had more range and was a 2guard in a 3body…but both were helluva good players.

  98. i know most of you guys have been watching the areas game for far longer than i have so im sure many of the names given were ballers, no doubt. you have to take into account the players of the late 90’s that started the next wave of DC area players going to the NBA. I went to middle school (william wirt) with DerMarr Johnson and he was the first guy i heard talk of him going to the league right out of 8th grade. ridiculous, i know. at about 6’4″ in middle school, he could do whatever he wanted with the ball and only got better in high school, then Cincinnati along with kenyon martin. the last time i got to see him play in person was the ’99 Cap classic and he could knock a shot down from anywhere on the floor. 6’9″ guard and one of the best ball-handlers i ever saw.

    Curt Smith for sure. i got to see him play after g’town, at the farms and other games, even getting older he had no equal on the floor. saw him score 50 almost effortlessly a few years ago. LOL

    i heard about henry hall from my brother who would play at any random gym in the area in the early 2000’s, and he was still a force.

    just a few players known to have “THE GAME”, as my friends and i call it.


  99. Hey,
    I wanted to comment on the guy David Clay, he was a very very good street ball player, he went to several schools Fairmont Heights, Suitland and Potomac . He also played in many basketball summer leagues games in the DC area.
    The guy could really put them up and play defense, he was shooting from 23 feet back in the early 70’s, I went to Suitland and coach see C, would just stand there and watch this guy shoot them up and shake his head is awe but he wouldn’t get him to go to class, he would light up Leroy Stover, Carl Rushtin and Larry Jenkins all whom played at Suitland anyone else that tried to check him. I watched him play in pickup game over at Fairfax SE,
    this guy shot 15 for 20 from the field and held his man to only 15 points.

    Fluff Parker and Mr. Bates liked this kid but couldn’t slow him down long enough to get him into a program where he could grow. He in fact did go down to Laurinburg but got kicked out the same year.
    He also ran Track , DC Striders and Model Cities Youth Foundation all round athlete. He and Carlton Shaw from Bladensburg

    • Andrew,
      9went to school with this kid at the Institute in Laurinburg, he did in fact get kicked out not because he had issues but his family didn’t have the money to keep him there (for the record). In the pick up games before the regular season started in the old gym he would defend Henry Wiggins, Mike Evans and many others and he could in fact play the point guard position very well. Scoring was done only to get your attention and he did that very well too if needed, but over all very guard at the Institute at that time was worried about getting playing time when the season started.

      He outplayed all the New York players daily and they loved him because he had game but he also loved his DC commrades. The kid showed little discipline and was always busy but not busy enough to stay, everyone wished he had stayed but his family didn’t have the money to keep him there. So there are no stats for this guy to really remember him so I had to speak up about his short stay at the Institute in North Carolina. The schools owner Mr McDuffy tried everything to keep him but couldn’t.

  100. Annette Hamilton

    James Hamilton was known as a shooters shooter 76-78 at Randell SR. High. Unlimited range great passer and a strong defender.While at a small program. he played big time. At one point he lead the area in scoring. Check him out.

  101. I played for Robert E. Lee HS in the 70’s and played against West Springfield’s great team in 1973. We lost by 2 points in the Regional finals at Robinson HS. Dave Koesters was the best high school basketball player I ever played against. He was a phenomenal shooter and jumped quite well. I played baseball with Dave and he was great at that as well. West Springfield was so well coached and had incredible talent. They were much bigger and faster than our team but we hung tough.

    • Thanks John, those are great memories.

    • virginia had some strange rules in 1973.

      The district winner got a mulligan if they lost in the district tournamnet final and got a finals rematch. thus, after the first TCW-WSHS ‘final’, in which Koesters broke his arm and TCW won, there was a replay the next night.

      WSHS won the rematch and late in the game guard Marty McNerney was sucker-punched on a breakaway by a TCW player.

      the ensuing chaos got TCW banned for the rest of the year and WSHS persevered through 3 very close games in the regional tourney to state, Petersburg and Moses Malone…

      • TCW could not have been “banned for the rest of the year” because by losing that “rematch game” against WSHS their season was, by definition, OVER!

      • Steve Bacon

        Paul L – Hank C is correct. TC was on provation from the riot game earlier in the year meaning if one more incident occurred then they would be “banned” the rest of the year. The Regional Tournament took two teams from each of the four districts. TC would have gone as the second out of the Gunston District. When Darryl Turner started punching Marty McNerney out, the VHSL banned them from the Regional tournament.

    • Hi John,
      I hope you are well.
      How is Janet?
      Say hi for me from
      Paul LaDue (McCrory/West Springfield)

      Note To All: John Jividen was a GREAT basketball player.

  102. does any body recall a point guard nicknamed Purple?

  103. Cricket Williams, Stacey Robinson, Lamont Reid, Barry Frazier, Jo Jo Hunter, Duck Williams, Skip Mcdaniels, Larry Wright, Morris Tyler, Sonny Proctor, Tyrone Jones, Weldon Parham, Bill Langloh, Brian Magid, Jeffrey Harrison, Randolph Campbell Those were the guards in the 70’s

    • William "Beanpole" Howard

      On Tyrone Jones. Is this the kid “Too short” from Eastern? Saw him in the McD Classic when all eyes were on Gene Banks from Philly committed to Duke & Albert King from New York (Bernards bro.) committed to Lefty @ Md.
      Beside these two, Earvin Johnson, Ray Tolbert (won dunk contest), Jeff Ruland and (a kid whose name I cannot recall) that was injured & paraly zed in a car accident before starting college. If memory serves me, “Too Short” was co-mvp that night. I’m thinking 1977

  104. Lonnie Barksdale

    Whit, Sidney, Chick, Billy Bryant, Lonnie & John somehow and some others were all champions during this time were not Sister’s of the Poor.

  105. I see down the line that a few people mention this guy name David “Reds” Clay.
    Well he really was a great guard, he had very good ball handling skills and could jump as well. He did not make it to the top in PG county but he played very well against the top ballers in PG county from 1969-to 1972 he then went on to Luarinburg Institute North Carolina, this school had Mike Evens from K State (Denver Nuggets), Big Leslie Anderson from GW Lonnie Baxster and several others from the DC area and east coast where many ballers from NY,PA, Baltimore, NJ, DC and even Chicago at that time.

    He had a jump shot that was deadly and had great defense and could lead the floor. This kid could have played anywhere but he had some very bad family problems and couldn’t turn it around enough to really be among the some of the best players from DC or PG, as a street baller he was great in PG County.

    He learned from the best in the county, Talley, Michaels, Cush Giles, Alfonso Adair, Leroy Stover and the like but way too many personal issues. When he went to Lauinburg he did well at first but got kicked out later that year. I knew him because he would eat dinner at our home in Palmer Park from time to time.

  106. Also to add on my guards in the 70’s wre Bey Bey Duren, Bo Holston, Ed Swails, Chick Lyles, Penny Greene, Harry Nickens, Mike Giles, Duckie Vaughn, Harold Fox, Archie Talley,Quille Mixon, Playground, Purple, Cheese Holloway, Victor Whatley, Whit, Sidney Lowe, Paul Devito, and many more

  107. I have loved DC basketball since the 70’s. Names I havent seen.Thurl Bailey Bladenburg, Grayson Marshall St Johns Bobby Gorham Eastern Michael Graham Spingarn Greg Jones Cardoza Doom Martian Tech./Gtown

  108. David Reds Clay

    Every generation of DC area ball players have produced greats ones and up and coming players, all I know is that the traditions continues with the current crop of players in DC, MD and VA. I know they call New York the Mecca and rightfully so
    but don’t sell the Metro area Basketball players past and present short. They have always met the challenge from anyone from anywhere. The talent has been tremendous and it continues today in fact players from around the country continue coming into the Metro area to get baptized by the DC brand of basketball.

    Whenever you come into the DC area to challenge us you’d better bring your AAA game because we have something for ya to talk about when you get back home. Great attitudes and styles, skills and above all great sportsmanship, we respected everyone and after we beat you we told you to get your hat and your coat and leave ha ha.

  109. Washington, D.C. has produced many great players over the years. It is really hard to single out one in particular. Some had steller High School & College careers and then went on to the Pro’s. I can only think of those I can remember growing up and those who really left their mark on the community. Without slighting anyone my nominee’s would include Elgin Baylor, John Thompson, Austin Carr, James Brown, Adrian Dantley, Danny Ferry and lastly, “Monk” Molloy.

  110. I grew up in mount pleasant and Cardozo had a good high flying mob in 86 or so like 4 d1 players William Davis, Terrance raycrow,Felix,Marcelis Anderson, jerry berry they was the dunkin mob back then ask anyone

  111. Forgot the point guard Greg Bullock…

  112. This is my tribute to Aubrey Nash; an excellent athlete that I never knew personally. Let me also mention that Aubrey is my selection for the “Greatest D.C. Area Player.” I will rationalize this selection later in the story. Aubrey made an impact on my young (16 year old) life based on a few pick-up games at LaSalle in the late 1960s. I believe this court was in Chillum, Md. near Michigan Avenue/Queens Chapel Road; it’s been a long time and I don’t clearly remember. Be that as it may, it was the summer prior to my junior year in High School. Aubrey had graduated from Dematha and was heading to Kansas University. Aubrey never had the slightest idea that he would be an inspiration to a young boy from Glenarden, Maryland (via South East D.C.) who everyone said had great basketball “potential” but lacked confidence in his game. Anyone that plays the game of basketball knows that if you lack confidence; you lack game (regardless of how much potential you have). I had seen Aubrey, James Brown, and other Dematha players (and great D.C. area high school players) ball at LaSalle before.
    Our traveling “five” (including Irving Copeland and Alphonso Adair) would sometimes come to LaSalle to get a “down” but by the time we got there the place was always too crowded. We would have to wait more than an hour or two for a game. For most of the time we were (basically) spectators. One particular Saturday we drove to LaSalle not knowing whether we would get a chance to play. It seemed as if it were at least 100 degrees that day. To our surprise no one was at the court “except” for Aubrey and four other Dematha players. In spite of the heat we played “three” games before everyone decided it was just too hot to play anymore. Aubrey and I checked each other during that series of games. Needless to say, I was “shut down” that first game. After the first game had ended and both squads were resting Aubrey came over, pulled me aside, and told me that I needed to “stop doing this with the ball and stop doing that with the ball.” “Position your body this way and position your body that way.” Everything he said was stated in an encouraging manner and was constructive criticism. This was a new experience for me because he was honestly trying to help me instead of trying to “shoot me with a bow.” I listened to him more intently than I would have listened to my own High School coach because (after all) this was AUBREY NASH; leader of the number one High School basketball team in the United States (in 1968 Dematha was the number one basketball team in the country)! Also, in retrospect, it was so funny how the Washington Post and the Washington Star made “Gods and Gladiators “out of the D.C. area High School basketball and football players in the 60s and 70s. Some D.C. High School “blue chippers” were more popular than some of the pros.
    During the final two games Aubrey would “coach” me and point out good and bad moves that I would make. Although we were playing team ball (in my mind) it felt like none of the other players were on the court; just “Aubrey the Basketball Drill Instructor” and me. All I can associate that experience with was various times at “boot camp” when I was in the Navy. Anyway, I was being schooled! What Aubrey taught me that day was part of a gradual learning process that helped to elevate my future game to another level. Lastly, as we were leaving the court I felt someone slap me on the back of my shoulder. It was Aubrey as he was exiting the court with his crew. The significance of that slap was as if I had “graduated” from the Nash Basketball Academy; a very significant accomplishment.
    One of the strangest things is that (at times) I can hardly remember situations that happened two days ago but I remember that summer day at LaSalle as if were yesterday. That was over 40 years ago. Never the less, whenever I recall “Those Days of Dominance” and this particular experience I bet myself that at least 95% of this story is the way that I remember it. For example, I really can’t be sure of the street address of the LaSalle playground that I mentioned earlier in the story. However, my memory is 100% clear relative to that “training session” I experienced that Saturday afternoon with Aubrey. The session is not only accurate but unforgettable; the memory still lives. Inspirational guys with the “Total Package: Talent, Leadership, and Guidance” like Aubrey and the Cardozo great Ed Epps don’t come around often. Based on my view (and considering the total package) Aubrey Nash is the “Greatest D.C. Area Player.” Aubrey was a great Basketball player; a great team player; and a great inspiration for young athletes. A person such as this is surely to be missed by family, friends, and people whose lives he impacted. May he rest peacefully.
    Mickey Michaels

  113. That was a good post about that Cardozo team 87 they had some good ballers Raycrow and Felix were two of the highest flying dudes I ever saw they used to have Lincoln packed wall to wall . They didnt win it all but they had 5 division one players William Davis JMU,Felix Pittsburgh,Terry Raycrow ODU, M.Anderson Northeastern C felix South Carolina State man i loved that team .

  114. You cant have a conversation about great DC players without mentioning the names George “June” Lighty and Parade All American Tyrone “Stretch” Jones

  115. How can you start talking about the best guards in the late 60’s and early 70’s and not mention Jerome McDaniels, Archie Talley, John Bowie, Duckie Vaughn and Michael Giles.

  116. Well, well, it’s time someone mentioned these great players, 3 from PG county Jerome, Michael and Archie of whom they all played with or against each other for years. I have seen battles with Archie and Michael against Jerome at Fairmont Height and Central High up on the hill. On Friday nights the whole Seat Pleasant community was at Central to see those battles and we were never disappointed ,
    the games were always fantastic. Then we’d go over to Chapel Oaks at Fairmont Heights and see the same intense game the next week, man what an era of players from those two schools. Bring those days back baby!

    • Just found this site, its great. Brings back a lot of memories. The Fairmont Heights/Central rilvary didn’t begin with Giles/Talley vs Jerome at Fairmont. It actually started with Warren “T” Cade/Jeff Baker combination in 1969. Central beat Fairmont in 69′ and went on to win their Division State Championship. I should know…I was there.

      Jeff Baker
      Central Sr. High
      Class of 1970

      • Jeff, I read earlier that you were there when that 69′ team won the State Championship. I am doing some research on who won the first State Championship in Central High School Basketball History. I was the starting point guard on the 84′ team, and until 2014, had no verifiable proof until recently that a team prior to us existed. However, I was able to get documentation verifying it, but unable to get clarity as to who was on the team. I’ve spoken to Archie (Talley) who didn’t recollect the event. Could you verify who was on that team? Nevertheless, the Championships were momentous for all involved and the beginning links in the Championship Chain of history for generations of players to follow.

        Ricky Byrd, M.Ed, MS
        Central Sr. High
        Class of 1985

  117. What is the criteria being used to have someone mentioned as one the 50 greatest DC basketball players, is it how much they scored on or is it their all around game, eveyone has an opinion but what are you measuring these great players against, some were great scorers, some were great defenders and some were both. I was not around in the 50’s 60′ but hear ther many players from eras who were serious players that are worth mentioning today.

  118. Going back in time, Does any body remember Ernest “Slim” Barnes of Chamberlain Vocational High School. He was only the second leading scorer in the area(behind Jim McBride of Dunbar) and could do it all.
    Also Joe Vincent & Nathaniel Kithchen who at 6’2″ pulled down 37 rebounds and scored 20 pts, against the Andrew White, Pookie McCoy, Lynn Ring, Western High School Team.

  119. how about the middle school catholic league from 70-74 (David Little and Anthony Little) Ha!

  120. I can’t believe no one has mentioned Gary Mays, the one armed “stud”, who played for Armstring Tech and held Elgin Baylor to 18 points (Elg was averaging over 40 in the tournament) in the dc tournament in 1954, ruining Spingarn’s undefeated season.

  121. It looks like most of the comments are going down memory lane representing somr of their favorite players but the question is who was the greatest DC area high school basketball player. To that end it would have to be Adrian Dantley of DeMatha. High school all-american, college all-American, Olympic gold medalist, 20,000+ pts. in NBA career, & Basketball Hall of Famer. Honorable mention to fellow DC players & Hall of Famers Elgin Baylor & Dave Bing. Now as for my favorites & Anthony Jones of Dunbar ’81 was one of the best I saw & played against. 2time high school all-America who was considered a better player than Michael Jordan heading into their Sr. year. Anthony had a silky smooth jump shot & could put it on the floor & go to the hole as well. Also Earl Jones of Spingarn’80 who played only one year in the area but who was considered the nations best player from 78-80. After defeating DeMatha in the ’80 City Title game legendary coach Morgan Wotten stated that it was like a man (Earl) playing against boys.

  122. I know im late but can someone give me some info on GREG BENNS…he went to Spingarn High School In 1988-89 and I believe he was high school the player of the year..I know he’s well known…can anyone help me??? Thanks.

  123. I haven’t heard many talk about Michael Whatley from Elliot Jr. High and the Eastern Ramblers, he was the freshman point guard that lead the 1968 team of MB Shaw and Dyson that played Dematha with freshman A. Dantley. I think he was a guy who had NBA skills who never realized them. He should be in the conversation with the great high school players.

    • I didn’t see him, but know he ended up playing h.s. ball w/ Embee Shaw, Willie Daniels, Dyson, and Stanley Parham.

  124. Anything on GREG BENNS???

  125. Allen Iverson and Patrick Ewing who grew up in Virginia,was one of the best players to come from the metropolitan DC area!!!!

  126. As for people who attended schools in the District of Columbia I would have to mention Billy Owens and Lawrence Moten who attended Archbishop Carroll High School.

  127. I have to make a correction Billy Owens is from the district but did not attend Archbishop Carroll, but Lawrence Moten did!!

  128. I must correct myself Billy Owens grew up in the district but didn’t attend Archbishop Carroll like Lawrence Moten. They both went to Syracuse University.

  129. Dunbar (DC) against Lake Clifton (Baltimore) lead by Stacy Rob, Bay Bay Duran, Joe Tweet, Craig Shelton,Steve Dade.and the Grand Bros. @ Catholic University on 76..Holla back



  131. From: wade Smith (jimapel)
    I was in the Army from February 1979 to December 1983. I did however, saw T.C. Williams and Arnie Russell play two games. The write up did not stir my interest in him, but the entire team. They had two forwards, Dion Washington & I believe David palmer, a guard by the last name of Thompson, & another guard named Butler. The two games I saw, they used Arnie as a wing point Forward, as they would throw him the ball & when he made a move, the other teams would react in such a way that Arnie would pass to a cutting player. To me Palmer, Washington & Butler were bad, but Arnie had a ton of assist. I still wonder how that team would fair with Frank Hollaway, Anthony Roach Young, Graig Harris, Pooh Richardson, Pop Davis & Little Willie jackson (Daymond Jackson) brother team?

    In speaking of Heaven & Hell, the latter word would be inserted after how in the…….Othel Wilson & Garfield beat them in triple or four overtimes. I never seen Othel Wilson play, but know that he was a bad boy. Perhaps, inserting his name in the discussion for best ever is in order.


  132. Harold Fox. No doubt !

  133. stacy robinson

    this stacy robinson a lot of you guy man sitting at home trying to rate the best basketball players that come from the washington dc area man thats hard to do because so many guy came through here that can play the game so just say everybody can play the game dont say one was better then the other because we all did different things on the court if your name is mention just be thankful that people in the city remember you if your name is not mention you know what you did here in this great city of washington Dc Stacy Robinson Dunba high school pass the knowledge of the game to the ones that come behind you

    last note jojo hunter will be home sometime around july and we will an old timer reuion keep eyes and ears open

    • Chuck Jackson

      Well put Stacey! So many came through. It was in our bones to play and it was culture! Great comment…
      Chuck Jackson
      Dunbar HS

    • Stacy what happen to dc basketball it’s a shame tremendous athletes in that era

  134. David "Reds" Clay

    There are so many to name and remember I agree with you here, They all did something exciting and great at different times in their careers. I give props to whoever played in the DC ,MD and VA area at anytime because it only adds to the goodness of the game and what each ball player gave to the game and what that received from it in their time. Go DC Basketball.
    One other good thing is we do have many stories to share about this area.

  135. donald huff, washington post sports dept

    i have to agree with stacy’s comment that naming the Best 10 or Best 50 or 100 would be extremely difficult, everyone could hoop and everyone had their good games, bad games and dream games…i was waiting to read that someone scored 100 and grabbed 69 rebounds in one game….if we try to pick the very best, what criteria chwe use? What area was considered the basketball king in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or now…..i am probably older than most of you, but i had the priviledge of watching virtually every player named in action at some time….i could probably offer anecdotes or stories about most of them since i was there… is amazing to read how such and such made all-Met. Since I have every all-met page in my basement, i have to go back and look and make sure thse guys did indeed make all-Met. I have fond memories of so many players since i was the high school editor and first and last word on what guys made All-Met…..if you heard my best 5 or 10 or 25, you might faint. One game or season doesn’t make you the best or earn you a spot on DC”s Best. loved reading the comments……huff, former washington post columnist

    • Thank you Mr. Huff. You covered the golden age, so you would know.


    • Bobby Johnson

      mr Huff, I remember fondly reading your columns. i was a fairly average player as a youngster that barely received much playing time in high school,
      But I did have the pleasure of playing with and against some of the best players in the area in the sixties. If you considered your self a player, you somehow found your way to # 2 Police Boys Clubs outdoor summer Tournament.The experience of playing with players garnered me ALL- MARINE CORPS EAST HONORS IN 1969. I will admit after playing with area players here in the metro area, I found it easy to compete against men from all around the U.S. while I was in the Marine Corps. As a youth i was one of the only players in DC that could shut down Donald Bullock completely. Of course we played on the same team at the North West Settlement House and he could not stand for me to guard him in practice.
      NBA hall of Famer Austin Carr played in the same league as we did, but he played for Sousa. He was the third leading scorer in the league averaging 27 pts. a game. The two leading scorers played for the Northwest Settlement House. Joesph”Mousie” Somerville @ 31 ppg & Donald Bullock
      @29 ppg. Did I mention this was 12 & under ball. I would love to see your top 25.

    • Mr. Donald Huff, who I respect his opinion to the upmost because he was there. I would love to see your all-time best 50. I would love your take on. the Woodrow Wilson High team of 1974. Also the best Urban Coalition game ever when Fly Williams scored 50 pts the night Sports Illustrated was doing an article on him. I was sitting next to you on the scorers table and you asked him”How many you getting tonight Fly” and he said “50”.Thank you Donald Huff for all your articles. You dogged me though and didn’t give me All Interhigh honors but the Washington Star did! 🙂

    • Cricket Williams (Mckinley) should have been on the 1st team all met 1975 instead of the kid from Va. He should have played on the main Capitol Classic game . He was one of the best . AB williamson and other coaches were wandering why he wasn’t on the team. Donald Huff was one of the contributors to the team, he should have had more more influence on this decision. Cricket williams was one of the best to come out of this era. He went on to Jacksonville Unv right behend Harold Foxx and Artis Gilmore broke all assist records and free throws #3rd in nation at 90.9 1978 Went to Phoenix suns and overseas, Board of Directors at Jacksonville Univ

    • Chuck Jackson

      Mr Huff I do you remember you of course! We would play our games and then check the post for your comments and input! Great Job you were part of the equasion also! Job well done!!

      Chuck Jackson
      Dunbar HS


  137. Bobby Johnson

    iIn reply to SPM, as good a player as JB was, he wasn;t even the best player out of Dematha. Personally, I would rate him the fifth best player out of Dematha behind 4) Adrian Dantley, 3) John Austin, 2) Bernie Williams, and possibly the best player in the area so far, 1) James McBride.

  138. Why has no one mentioned billy gaskins and those great Cardozo teams of the 60’s

  139. David Reds Clay

    I am not saying it didn’t start without Warren and you, I came in on the games I actually witnessed both at Central and at Fairmont, I actually went to Fairmont at the time when I lived in Seat Pleasant and your recollection is correct about that game when Central beat Fairmont to go on to the state title game. Big Jeff, you all played a great game to win, I am not sure when Archie and Michael played in that game but I would think as good as they were that they may have played a role. You. Warren and Kenny had game and the winning combination at Central and I enjoyed watching you all play in the area.

  140. I would have to say you can not pick one player as the greatest, but I will go as far to say Elgin Baylor and Adrian Dantley would have to be the greatest ever.

  141. Bobby Johnson






    • William "Beanpole" Howard

      Bobby Johnson, GOOD LIST. I can remember Breast and Superman gettin’ done at Emery in classic duels. I remember Superman who not from around here. Saw him when he first came to Emery with his gym bag & did stretches before playing, but once we found out what he was about it was all over. Think I got sent on vacation and heard he got an offer from Va. Union from being seen at the right time by the right people.

  142. Im going to come back on and talk about Jeery Lucas!!!!!!

  143. donald huff, washington post sports dept

    Mr. Johnson, Mr. Kinzer, thanx much for your comment…appreciate it very much…as we speak (write) I am sitting here finishing up my top 50 just to start all kinds of dialogue and have the whole world call me crazy….i will have a criteria and not just pick people because they were nice guys or loved their mama….my top 50 will have game….when finished, I will send in….as far as the ’74b wilson team, i remember them well because as i recall they were so tall and had a nice 6-4, 6-5 point guard named Bobby kinzer….(ha, ha),,,coach fugel put together a nice team and i thought that team should have won it all but got upset….glad the star picked you…next time send your bribe money on time….later, donald huff

  144. Hubert Mcdonald

    Wow!!! I’m 56 I been watching and playing dc basketball since I was a kid. From Simon elementary,Hart Jr High to Ballou,And Spingarn Anacostis park,to watkins .number 11 boys club watts play ground ,up town .pg ,va ,watching the urban corlitilon on Man Dc had a lot of basketball players that were gooCheese lloway ,duckms ,jojo Hunter,the Heron brothers ,the Gregory brothers,the Campbell brothers.Austin Carr,Jenny Carr ,Doren Dent , John duren,lonnie duren Steve postell stand Simpson,Ratiff ,Rodney Wright,Curt and Charles Smith ,Mark Tilman ,Billy bryant,ducky vangh ,ken bias,Sherman Douglas,Steve lincon ,Joe tweet,Joe brawner.turk tillman ,Slim Joner ,tyrone jones,,stacey Robinson was show time..I can keep going but I’m tired .

  145. Just Love The Game

    This Was Very Interesting To Read.It Was Like Reading A Street/Smith Book.As EveryOne Can Say And Agree.Upon That All This Ball Players.Have Game.And Just Remember That You Are Only As Great As Your Era.No One Can Ever Say Who Was Better.Iys Just Like Trying.To Say Whos Better Jordan Or Kobe.

    • Hubert Mcdonald

      Man how did you for get Mr G Greg Sanders was a beast . What the cat that went to Northwestern in md I ran into this cat in Germany we were in the Army Ithink his name is cotton but he I had a battle on the court and after the game he ask me where was i from he said I thought so because I normally kill these cats over here . That was in Badtoz German in 1981 . He played in the Urban corlition back in the day against the bullets .

  146. victor kelly, buzzy, pat tallent, dan elliot, jeff briscoe, chink grey, george randle, its endless like rob says dc md va you can always get a game. sundays at goddard jr Summuerfelt comin up (played on mick at duVal ).

  147. Wow, you guys are pulling them up and man was there some talent going on in the Metro area, Going back to Sherrwood, Turkey Thicket, Melvin’s Crab House, Luzon, Watts, Hillcrest Heights. Jelleff. River Terrace on and on and on. A few guys I liked were big men the Wilson brothers, Big Moma ( Larry Coleman ) Carroll Holmes, Hawkins boys from Crossland to me these guys were sky scrapers.

  148. Rebecca Davidson

    I enjoyed reading about the players I used to hear about on a regular basis. I recalled most of the Dunbar outstanding players.

    Rebecca Davidson

  149. Is Melvin Robinson from the crab house and the Style shop still around ?

  150. PASSING THE KNOWLEDGE 1: I just had a chance to read Stacy Robinson’s comments from a couple of months ago and was impressed by the following: “Pass the knowledge of the game to the ones to come behind you.” I normally just enjoy reading this website and stay away from commenting unless I think I may be able to contribute in a positive way. This is one of those times. Attention Readers! I know this is long but “keep reading.” I’m sure you will find something of interest to “totally” agree or disagree with. My comments are based on feeling what Stacy is saying regarding passing the knowledge. My comments reflect the memories of older guys who helped me develop my game and younger guys who told me I had an influence on their games (most of these guys turned out to be better at the game than I was). In addition, my comments are also based on playing with, against, or just watching ball players from the mid/late 60s and mid/late 70s (most of them are D.C. Top 100 selections and some ballplayers who never played a single High School game). With that said; I do not mean any disrespect to the ballplayers not mentioned that played during this era or before/after this era. I also don’t mean any disrespect if I “butchered” your name and spelled it wrong. Most of the ballplayers from the 60s and 70s, good or not so good, can remember being 12 or 13 and looking up to the All-Mets that you would read about in the Washington Post/Washington Star. You also looked up to the playground or neighborhood legends. And when your “Days of Dominance” came you had the 12, 13, and 14 year olds praising you as well as the 20, 30, and 40 year olds who taught you how to play. The knowledge was passed down to you and you passed it down to the younger kids. I agree with Stacy; trying to rate the best basketball players that come from the Washington D.C. area is indeed difficult. Like Stacy said, all of us should be happy that “Our Names are Still Ringing Out”; as Stacy told me several months back at the Amtrak in New Carrolton (I also had a long conversation with Coach Morgan Wooten of Dematha at that same location. His memory about the 60s and 70s was better than mine!). By the way, I think Stacy is too classy a guy to “brag” on himself so I will offer my thoughts which many others agree with. Stacy was great with unlimited basketball potential! He was an artist with the ball, fundamentally sound, and a tremendous leaper. True basketball, in my opinion, is serious and Stacy had a serious game. PASSING THE KNOWLEDGE 2: Most people that praise Stacy’s game saw him after he became “Stacy Robinson.” I had the privilege of watching a very young Stacy Robinson and Ralph Ledbetter play in their early teens. In fact, Kenny Ledbetter (Ralph’s older Brother), Big Hawk, and myself took Ralph with us to various places to play. I gradually watched Ralph turn in to a beast (you should have seen Ralph and Kenny Carr go against each other at Glenarden Recreation (Rec.) Center back in the day). To see the development and progression of Stacy’s and Ralph’s games was awesome as well as inspiring. As years passed, Dunbar’s great coach Joe “Dean” Davidson who lived in Glenarden would bring Stacy, Craig Shelton, and Joe Tweat to the Glenarden Rec. and let them play against some “major dudes. Joe Dean’s young boys (as we called them) always held their own. Note: I also watched Johnny Dawkins progress from about 13/14 years of age to a Mackin legend. This was at Sligo Creek Park. Johnny’s father and uncles would bring him to Sligo and put him “in the mix” (as small as Johnny was). There were a bunch of Bruisers on the court weighing 215 to 250pounds (with twice that much weight in experience to pass down!). After a few summers of this I don’t think any young boy would be scared to “Take it to the Hole.” We all have seen how Johnny would take the ball to the rack at Duke! D.C. area ball players (let us not forget Northern Virginia) from many generations can feel proud that they passed the knowledge that was given to them to younger ball players. Just think, the knowledge from D.C. area ballplayers was passed to the likes of Ed Epps, Austin Carr, Aubrey Nash, Harold Fox, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Ronnie Hogue, Apple Milam, “Easy Steve” Hegans (another great guy as well as ballplayer), Jim O’Brien, Jerry McDaniels, Adrian Dantley, Kenny Carr, Tommy Amaker, Jo Jo Hunter, etc.; all the way down and through the decades to Lawrence Moton, Jeff Green, Austin Freeman, Michael Beasley, and Kevin Durant. As you can see, D.C. area ballplayers have passed, and will continue to pass, valuable knowledge. Doesn’t matter if your main playground was Sligo, Luzon, Watts, LaSalle, Glenarden/Palmer Park, P St. Beach, Maryland Armory, Thomas Jefferson (Arlington,Va.), etc., our games are all related; we are all one big happy D.C. basketball family. PASSING THE KNOWLEDGE 3: I remember reading (somewhere) on this website about all of these great ball players that came from a certain area in North East D. C. There were serious names mentioned. These guys could only have made each other better and great by playing against each other and passing the knowledge. Since I have mentioned “Glenarden” several times I just want to name some of the ballplayers (most who played with and/or against each other) from the 60s and 70s. Glenarden was the spot back in the day for basketball before Palmer Park Rec. took over with the better competition (and boxing). Most of these guys I’m going to mention are “directly from Glenarden.” Others lived within ½ to 1 mile of Glenarden (Palmer Park/Dodge Park), some played in Glenarden often, or played in Glenarden so much that they could have been a “bush or a tree” next to the basketball courts: Cush Giles (Duval: Captain of Seattle University’s Basketball Team in 70/71. Played at Seattle with Tom Little and Leaping Louie West), Larry “Big Mama” Coleman (Fairmont Heights), Jerry McDaniels (Fairmont Heights), Fred Tabron (Fairmont Heights/Minnesota Vikings), Ducky Vaughn (Duval/Cornell), Alphonso Adair (Duval/Cal Poly Pomona/pro tryouts), John Turner (I know he played in the 80s but still “Glenarden”: E. Roosevelt/Georgetown/Houston Rockets), Derrick Whittenburg (Dematha/N.C. State/University Coach), Harold Fox (Northwestern/Jacksonville/Buffalo Braves (LA Clippers), Mark Christian (Northwestern), John Hampton (Fairmont Heights), Irving Copeland(Duval), Mickey Michaels (Duval), Garcia Hopkins (Duval), Chick Lyles (Parkdale/Niagara University), Larry “Shorty” Coleman (Duval/Globetrotters), Steve Hay (Duval/Maryland Eastern Shore (gave Buck Williams of Maryland U./Nets/Blazers/Knicks all he could handle and more in college), Michael Williams (Duval/St. Francis/10 day contracts with NBA), Eugene Oliver (Fairmont Heights), Joe “Nate” Manley (originally from Baltimore),Jeff Briscoe, Chink Grey, George Randall (Parkdale 71 State Champs/ranked No. 3 in D.C. area, lived in Lakeland but were considered part of the Glenarden family), Mike Johnson (Bowie),Warren T. Cade (Central), Matt Gantt (St. Bonaventure/Kentucky Colonels). Eighty % of these guys were All-Metropolitan in the Washington Post or Washington Star and the rest should have been All-Met. A WHOLE LOT OF KNOWLEDGE WAS RECEIVED AND PASSED DOWN HERE!
    Mickey Michaels

  151. Does anybody remember Jonathan Taylor from Carroll, he was about 6’4 6’5 he often played in the urban coalition tourney? He went to Mankato State up in Minn.

  152. Stumble on this. I always argue that the DMV can match or better the New York, Chicago, LA, OAkland cats on b-ballers. The best in my time..Austin Carr. New Generation I have to give the nod to Kevin Durant. And many in between: Garcia Hopkins, AD, Turk Tilmon, Chicken,Len Bias, etc. And I also watch Tony “The Thrill” Hill drop 42 on Gene Bank’s Philadelpjhia HS in 77.


  154. Clarence Bootney greene, Lyndon Debellotte,michael graham, wilbur jones,tyrone jones,Milt Newton,teebone, sherman, in other words from 1980 -1988, the greatest era of dc ballers!!!

  155. Dantley and Branch have proven to be on the list. Dantley stopped Eastern from winning the dc city title in 1973 but in 1974 the Eastern Ramblers led by (PG) Tyrone “too small” Jones, (G) James “Turkie” Tillman, (C) LaVelle “Slim” Joyner, (F) Mike Oliver and (F) Ray Green, won the city title and was not only # 1 in the DC area but # 1 in the nation. What an accomplishment for Head Coach A.B.Williamson who gave me (Demetrious “Jerry” Kinney), the pleasure to be Statistician for the seasons 1973 and 1974 . I can still heard the players say…”how many points & rebounds did I get”.

  156. Somebody needs to pay props to Buzzy Bramen, what a pure shooter he was, he went on to become the GM for the Orlando Magic later in his life.
    Man could he put them in the basket against anyone, he was a form Montgomery County MD

  157. Ullysses Tucker Jr.

    LOL…Skipper broke most of the records set by Carl Rustin (Suitland) at Southeast Community College (Fairbury, Nebraska), who I played with from 1975-1977 with Robert Eubanks from Spingarn, Jeff Briscoe from Parkdale, and Pete Guthie from Fairmont Heights as freshmen. As a sophomore, Leroy Moreno, The Black Italian from Spingarn joined as and we had a good run for a community college. Weldon Parham signed the same year I arrived but he never show….You can thank Harold Bates, Fluff Parker, and Butch McDowell from Executive lll for opening up that pipeline to Nebraska. We had six guys make either the 1st or 2nd team all region, all conference, or honorable mention in 1976-77. If only Stacey Robinson would have joined us….

    • So much basketball history from DC………There really isn’t a way to tell both individually or teamwise the absolute best…….JoJo Hicks Mckinley Tech Class of 72

  158. how bout a little love for AA county hoops? Quintin Dailey was a beast for Annapolis in the late ’70’s – don’t think i’ve seen anyone 6’3 dominate bigger guys as easy as he did – Tom Sluby maybe, but Dailey had range!! Dale “Applejack” Solomon, who later went on to star at Va Tech was a monster and blistered everybody! Finally, from ’79 to ’81, little Southern High School finished second in the state twice and won the state championship in ’81 and they had a point guard that was as quick as anyone i have ever seen – Kenny “Pee Wee” Smith. Scored points in bunches and ball hawked at the front of the 1-3-1 full court press Southern ran. Pee Wee could not be stopped!!

  159. Wow, alot of great players mentioned. I think Michael Tate was a great player in High School. I played with him at Simon Elementary in SE. and I kept up with him through High School. Man he could flat out get it, he could shoot,rebound,score,defend and jumpout the gym. I saw him play drop 30,40s and 50s in high school, while being double and triple teamed. Some of the best games i saw him play was against Henry Hall, Jay Bias, and Walt Williams. His AAU teams was incredible (CURT SMITH, MONTY WILLIAMS, DONALD FORD, TRACY TURNER, HENRY HALL, TERRY LANCASTER, RICARDO LENOARD, JUST TO NAME SOME. COACH RILEY GORE) man they use to put on a show. This dude did big things in high school, Mr. Basketball, Mcdonald All American, Street and Smith profile, Capital Classic, Maryland Player of the Year, 2time All-Met(POY SENIOR YEAR). Much respect in High School. PEACE.

    • Thanks Dee, I attended Simon.


    • Mike Tate (Oxon Hill) was by far one of the best in the DC area. He could beat you inside and from the outside.The funny thing about it was that Oxon Hill wasn’t even a basketball powerhouse. It was a football factory. Mike Tate made them relevant. Also Big David Butler (Coolidge) was a monster in the inter-high. Big Dave was a 6″9 force in the paint who was a first team All Met as a SOPHOMORE. He later played juco ball at San Jacinto,TX and then UNLV.

  160. Sweet!!! Simon Elementary coach was Mr. Richardson when me and Mike Tate played. He also was the P.E. teacher.

  161. Coach Desmond Long

    I have helped coach many players out of the DC and MD area dating back to the early 90’s ..and let me say the level of competitiveness first off, raised to an all time high after the glorified 80’s in the DC and MD areas . Ive coached some players from the 2000 era which produced lots of D 1 talent and NBA and professional ball players , such as Chris Matthews (National Christian – St. Bona,Washington State) , Jerome Dyson (Prep -U Conn), Nigel Munson (Dematha- VT, UDC) the Baker brothers (Carroll – Quinnipac , Wichita State) Delonte Taylor Jr (HD Woodson) Lionel Coleman (Dematha, Coolidge- Temple, New Mexico Highlands) Calvin Douglass Jr ( Notre Dame Prep – , Clemson,Marymount) Jeff Allen ( Dematha , Oak Hill – VT) Abdullah Jiloh ( National Christian – St. Bona, J Madison) Ronald Allen (Morehead) Gregg Brisbon (UDC) Robert Lumpkins (NM State) and many other 3 and 4 star standouts from all met dating back from 2003- 2011 seasons. I wasn’t able to coach the five stars like Durant, Beasley, Lawson, Noland Smith and Roy Hibbert , but my teams played against these guys night in and night out in the Charlie Weber tourneys , pro day trainings at Maret high, the G Town and MD under 18 leagues as well as other big AAU circuits . These group of guys make up a great list of all met players as well as some of the best talent to come out of DC or MD in the last 20 years. I just thought I’d mention this younger era since they are the most relevant and to see what you all thought. The talent level has continued to grow so these debates will be interesting for years to come hopefully. Hope this helped !! Coach Long, Cardozo class of 84

    For contact info email me at
    Blue Chip Basketball Camps start in January all interested parties should rsvp immediately.

  162. I really enjoyed finding this website. It brought back memories of DC area basketball during the mid-80’s when I was trying to play.

    One person that I did not see mentioned in the post was Gary Ford of Groveton. He was a really smooth 6′ 4″ inch guard/forward, who could really jump and shoot.

    The best leaper from the Northern VA area during that period has to be James Clarke from T.C. Williams. He could really sky.

    Growing up in Gum Springs, I got to watch Eric Sellers of Mount Vernon fooling around in the local gym. He had serious range.

  163. Don’ t forget Bladensburg high school state champs 1972-73 we had don foster bruce bucley we kicked also ron pulley was good my big brother on early teams tpulley

  164. That team was alright, they didn’t win the AA crown because Duval still had a power house, T pulley and ron pulley was exciting and they also had Carllton Shaw. All these PG coutny boys came through Palmer Park and Seat Pleasant, Peppermill and all those areas. There were some great games. Does anyone remember the Coca Cola League back in the 70’s. That league produced some great teams and games in PG county back then, Mike Pepper Thomas, George Moore, Terrance Douglas, David Clay
    Rat, Archie Talley, Kenney Leonard, Warren T Cade with that nasty left hand, Mike Giles. so many came through that time to make their reps.

    • We were County Champ 2 years in a row -72 lost to Buzzy Bramen Championship game state won 73 state title game against BCC 72 Team had Roach Combs -Don Forster – Forster could go all day Duval any AA School 73 His brother came Frank Forster we were rank #3 at end of season TPulley

      • My cousin Cheryl attended Blade w/ your brother Ron, and her sister Carla was probably with you, but a little older.


    • William "Beanpole" Howard

      Carlton Shaw, would this be “Rook” from Seat Pleasant, father had a corner store on 6th & K St NE DC?

  165. Gum Springs !!, yes lots of great playaz from there. Gary Ford was awesome and I believe highly recruited but never made it too next level ??

    In my opinion greatest college player from No Va was Dennis Scott. He helped change college bball, i.e., 3 point shot.

  166. Here is a short list of my favorites.
    Harold Fox
    David Bing
    John Austin
    Austin Carr
    Bo scott

  167. Stacy,Harry,AD,Carr,JoJo,Bing, our list is too too long.i could go on forever,but it’s bed time….

    • Played Summer League games with Pat Dosh of St. John’s who was a First Team All Met and MVP in the Knights of Columbus when they beat the Dunbar of Baltimore team that had beaten DeMatha the previous year and Eastern in 1974 who had just crushed DeMatha in the City Championship. Of course he’s not Elgin or Durant but the guy could flat out play and score. He played Dantley tough and had some great matchups with Hawkeye Whitney after Dantley graduated.

  168. Theres alot missed and its just to many to say who was better than the next, they all did different things, some alittle bet more exciting but once again up in age been around DC for years that kid daryl scott amaze me on the basketball court and as a pitcher in baseball…..anybody know him!!!!

  169. Dc ballers can play,always could,always will.What is really compelling are the unsung “super-subs”.Guys who would come off the bench and affect the games outcome. I can attest to participating in quite a few myself.Our team(Mckinley Tech)1971&1972 profited greatly,Some of us were even called “Supersub of the city………JoJo Hicks class of 72

    • Yes I do agree…. Jo Jo HIcks could have started for a lot of other teams …. I remember he hit six straight jumpers in a game. Slim build….nice handle ….and would bust a jumper on you in a minute.. We had a great team then…..Money Monroe, James Gorham, Xavier Yeoman, and Jeffery Harrison…. Super team…and Jo Jo played a huge part in the success of that team.

  170. So who can tell me about David Reavis? He was drafted in 1977 by Washington Bullets came out of DC

  171. so do you have any pics or footage showing him in high school…college or NBA? Yes everyone talks about him but where is stuff about him? That’s crazy!!! I can pick up when he was in LA and he schooled the youngsters even Boston’s Paul Pierce on the game. matter of fact he went with the players sponsored by FILA from LA Summer League one year to Mexico where he was assistant coach and translator. he learned Spanish fluently playing overseas in Argentina and starring in his own TV Show. He was also an aspiring comedian and we promoted Comedy Shows and had a Comedy night near Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles on LaBrea who owned the club. David was a great person, he was like my Big Brother and I miss him soooo. His death was so senseless. The guy who owed him money stabbed him, because David asked for his money owed an altercation began and David was stabbed, as he ran he collapsed and died. We had lost touch. A new friend of mine happen to stay in the building David stayed in. I didn’t know David still stayed there. And one day after knowing this guy for a few months I asked him did he ever know David Reavis. He then told me what happened two weeks before. I always wonder if I asked about him sooner if there would have been a different outcome. I miss my bro so much. Hoping there are clips, pics anything to just watch or look at to fill his presence that has left. Thanks!

    • No footage, no one was thinking of that back then, but we have a college pic of him @ under “Gallery”.


  172. Ok thank you….:)

    • Having played with David, in Many summer leagues, and Urban coalition teams..David and I because close friends, we used to hang out at the clubs together, and I remember him practicing his comedy routines on us….As far as Basketball ability, Mr. Reavis, takes a back seat to no one, he was the total package on the Basketball Court, and possesed one on the greatest Cross-over Dribbles every seen , ANYWHERE !…anyone who could play back in the day, knew about David Reavis….I miss my buddy !

    • martin murfree

      Shake and Bake RIP

      • Chuck Jackson

        As a kid growing up and playing in the UC league I met David Reavis. He would come over the up and comers and give us some knowledge. He knew Joe Dean Davidson very well and Joe Dean would encourage us to listen.
        Chuck Jackson
        Dunbar 77-79

  173. Northwestern Basketball teams of 66/67 and 67/68 were unstoppable with Harold Fox and Mark Christian. Plus bench that had no trouble scoring. Fox was best player in high school that I ever saw. Talking at a golf tournament with a player from High Point and he was proud that he held Fox to 32 points!!!

  174. Fox had a pro game in high school.I was at cole field house in 68 to witness a masterpiece

  175. Me too!! I think Fox only scored like 41 that game

  176. Anybody know where to find the box score for the 66/67 and 67/68 MD state Final games?

  177. 1967: NW 72, R. Montgomery 41. Christian with 20, Fox with 17.
    1968: NW 71, W. Whitman 63. Fox with 21. He scored 41 in the semifinal on 15 for 28 shooting, plus nine rebounds and six assists, according the newspaper accounts.

  178. martin murfree

    Forgot the Ducky V of VA. Kenny Dabney with that quick release set shot you thought u could block, but couldn’t, Ezell, from Wakefield with Tony Rob, I know u remember, also Mike Mitchell from Alex,a fixture at TJ. Also shout out to Red Fox of Falls Church got much respect from TC squad in 75, brother Tony Harris got some UDC run, and son Jason at Fordham with smush parker

  179. martin murfree

    Sir Val has to get all NVa love

  180. martin murfree

    Went to odu with Tom Branch, so an adopted DeMatha head, looking for mention of DC Barkley, Percy White, and for all the Skip mention, no Ernie Graham? a Terp and Urbo fixture.

  181. Mookie, would you have any other stats for those two championship games? The other players for both teams perhaps. I know that is asking a lot.

    • George he probably got them from the newspaper archives. You could join an online newspaper archive service for a free trial, or hit the Libary of Congress or MLK microfilm on a free day.


  182. George: I don’t have the full boxes, some some faded newspaper clips. I used to live in PG and lots of folks used to talk about Fox. Word is he’s still around, playing locally in some over 50 leagues.
    Here’s what I can tell you about the back-to-back state final games: Richard Montgomery shot poorly in the 1967 state final. Their two big guns, Willie Allen and Billy Gordon were a combined 4 for 26. Allen had four points and Allen had five. Both averaged over 20. R-M had won 26 straight entering the final. The win in the state final was NW’s 19th straight win; it finished 21-2 that season. That’s all I got.
    In 1968, Gary Browne had 31 in the final for Whitman (after 45 in the semis!) but shot 10 for 28 playing on a badly sprained ankle. Somebody named Ruegg had 15 for Whitman; nobody else had more than seven. Fox had 21 for NW, followed by Doug Walls with 20 and Mel Francisco with 11, plus 17 boards (he was 6-6). Nobody else had more than seven points for NW. That’s all I got on that game.

    • Thanks George. If I could have seen any DC area player I never saw play in h.s., including Baylor, James Brown, and Stacy, it would have been Fox. If I could see any others, even on film, and were given only two selections, I’d love to have seen Jim McBride and Tom Little. A JHS teammate of Little called me and told me Little could shoot w/ both hands, and had a man’s body at Hine JHS.


  183. John Blackwell

    Cage, I played against Marty Lentz in 1961 and in fact I played in the game he scored 74. I scored 30 that night, which was my highest ever, and was not even mentioned in the paper. I thought the game would never end. They even stopped the game and gave Marty a game ball in the middle of the game. I have film of JEB Stuart vs Mt Vernon at JEB Stuart earlier that year.

  184. I haven’t seen the name Kenny Key from Phelps he and Greg Milam were a great pair to be dealt with as well. Kenny could jump out of the gym. Someone please share more information on these two in the early 70’s

  185. Thanks for the spelling correction Cage Guy, I know he and Greg both

  186. Diego McCoy, was one of the greatest ever. At 6’1″ he played every position on the court for Spingarn HS. He was a starter from the time he entered high school. He averaged double figure points all 3 years. First team all Met. as a junior when he damn near averaged a triple double ( the only junior) 1800 pts. 600 reb., 500 ast. And 200 blk. How many people are in that club

  187. I have played against some of the guys mentioned here in the 80’s and have seen many play from all the generations. There are so many guys that were great over the years. Some played pro and others didn’t make it for 1 reason or another.

    For the ones that made the pros I would name Dantley as my favorite. His game was fundamentally great and he could play inside and out. He was a great rebounder as well.

    For those that didn’t make it I would go with Stacy Robinson. This is a cat I actually had the pleasure of playing with one night on the playground. He could use either hand and hand hops. In our game of 3 on 3 he made 13 of 14 shots and all were from at least 17 feet. I think we won 16-4 and this wasn’t make it take it.

    There are others that could compare to both my choices, but again this is just my opinion.

  188. The 1980s were filled with some great basketball players in the Washington Metro area. Most specific, the early 80s, I remember watching Bladensburg’s Thrul Bailey, Northwestern’s Len Bias, Bowie’ Brian Ellerbe, and so many others. But I remember a skinny 6’6″ kid at DuVal High in Lanham, Md, that had a jump shot that was smoother than anything I had seen in that era, and it was good from one zip code to the next. Ron Miner was one of the best High School players to every come out of this area. I saw him drop 48 points one night against Eleanor Roosevelt High in just 22 minutes of a 32 minute game, and sat down for 10 minutes as they beat Roosevelt by more than 30 that night. That was the most points scored by any area player that year. He is now the Pastor of a local church here in DC, The First Baptist of Deanwood, he went on to play in college and over seas. With over a 40 inch vertical leap to go with that jump shot, he brought many people to there feet with slam dunks high above the rim. Now, as Pastor of one of DC’s most historical churches, he is no longer winning game, he is now winning souls for Christ. But what a high school player.

  189. Hey Steve, thanks for the follow up and clarification on Bob.

  190. There was a point guard who played wtih Darryl Prue at Dunbar in the 80’s, I think his name was Daryl Mcclain. This dude was better than Sherman Douglas during that time.

  191. I gotta put Mustaf in that category, as local poor man Danny Mannings.

  192. Bernard Levi Spingard High School

  193. Mid 80’s Andre McCloud and Charlie Thomas

  194. Lawrence V Turner aka dead legs
    George Washington high school
    1969- 1971

  195. Lawrence Turner aka dead legs

  196. italianstallion

    I noticed Steve Bacon’s comments several times on this trail. The opening game his senior year was against JEB Stuart, Koesters lit Stuart up for 30 points but it was Steve’s defense, shooting and court savvy that earned him player of the week from The Washington Post. You can look it up!

  197. I apoligize to all that balled here in the city, a friend callecd me this morning aboutt this coment, was unaware of this web until today. My response is that there is one that was the best, guys all had different game and weakness and strengths…just pass on to another your knowledge and know how of the game !!!…My apoligizes to all !!!

  198. When you speak about the best its always going to be a on going conversation…count on it.

  199. I see a lot of good ball players being mentioned in this post. However, there were a ton of good players in the mid to late 90’s that I don’t see mentioned on this list… Loonie Harrell (Eastern), Johnny Rhodes, Deon Murray, Mike Smith (Dunbar), Mike Robinson (Ballou), Frank Martin (Ballou), “Mouchie” Norris, Greg Jones (Cardozo), Lawrence Moten, Charlie Harrison (Carroll.. Private School) and many more I could mention. But I’d put my money on Sef Robinson (Mckinley Tech). In 91 Sef lead the DC Interhigh in scoring (21+/game) and made 1st team all-interhigh. He was clutch in crunch time and equally strong on offense & defense. He almost set a single game scoring record for Thursday Night DC Cable game of the week (back then) with 35 points in a lost to Duvall (PG County). This was when Stacey Robinson, Jr & Carl Turner played for Duvall. In my opinion he was robbed of a 1st team All Met selection and the Capital Classic game. But Sef still gets my vote because the competition was much better throughout the city during that era.

  200. TONY J..
    take your top 12 local player from 70’s , 80s & 90s
    5 starters
    2nd team
    2 reserve players…

    1.LEN BIAS
    11. JO-JO HUNTER


    • My top 12 from the 1970’s through the 1990’s, are: Stacy Robinson, Adrian Dantley, Jo Jo Hunter, Grant Hill, Billy Bryant, Earl Jones, Garcia Hopkins, Adrian Branch, Lyndon DeBellotte, Duck Williams, Bruce Buckley and Mike Mundy.


  201. I concur completely with what Paul L has written!!!!

  202. Any team without Olympians Kenny Carr & Adrian Dantley was not around in the 70’s when these two dominated DC

    • martin murfree

      70,80,90 right off the break eliminate Baylor, Bing, Austin Carr, and Durant. Im a old head, so, not up on the 90s like that. Like my man said, first I’m looking for is AD and Kenny Carr. David Robinson Kenny Carr Adrian Dantley Grant Hill Steve Francis

      Earl Jones Jerrod Mustaf Len Bias Adrian Branch Jo Jo Hunter

      Dennis Scott Stacy Robinson

      Hard to leave off John Duren, Hawkeye Whitney, Thurl Bailey………..

  203. martin murfree

    My $.02 on shooters is whenever mentioned, I have to bring up Brian Magid, and his teacher Buzzy Braman from the MD side, can’t forget Mike Pepper and Eric Keller at Flint Hill way before Dennis Scott, and best I laid eyes on in city was Kenny Mathews of Dunbar, accuracy, range out to half court, and form unmatched until I saw Donald Ford

  204. Eastern Heyday

    I may have missed mention of him in the list above but no compilation of DC greats would be complete without Austin Carr.

  205. Eastern Heyday

    I played playground ball with/against Mike Pepper. I think he went to Duke or UNC. Great jumper and hustled all day long.

  206. Incorrect Paul L. Two teams advanced from the district tournament to the Reguonal. TC Williams would have gone but since they were on probation from the first incident at WSHS they were banned from playing in the Regional.

  207. Charles P. Jackson

    Harold Fox, Jerome Mc Daniels, Randolph Milian, Austin Carr, Jo Jo Hunter, Eugene Robinson…Yeah I said Gene…and Adrian Dantely…nuff said..

  208. Charles P. Jackson

    Ok My team 1970- 1973
    Adrian Dantely, Jo Jo Hunter ( at Langley Jr. High he scored 50 against me while I was playing JV for McKinley ) , Billy Bryant, James Tillman, John Duren, Stacy Robinson, Anthony Cricket Williams, Larry Wright, Randolph Campbell, Lonnie Perrin, Wilbur Thomas, Skip Mc Daniel and Arthur Daniels ( he scored 38 at Lincoln JHS against my JHS team.

  209. DC has always had great scorers but who would you all say was the Best Defensive stoppers in the area, go as far back as you’d like, 70 80 90 and so on. Also who was a great scorer but didn’t play any defense?

    • Didn’t see him in h.s., but Fatty Taylor was a great stopper at LaSalle and in the NBA. Bernard Williams of DeMatha was also noted as a defender. I would list John Duren, Curtis Perry, and Gene Smith here.

      • I think I might put Steve Lincoln of eastern and Lonnie Duren and Steve Dade of Dunbar on that list also.

  210. David "Reds" Clay

    Cage Guy, All the people you mentioned were in my time some of the best defenders I’ve ever seen defend the best players in their era, I liked Fatty because he was taught to be a defender and a true point guard, B W
    was great defender because he played for a coach who demanded that you play equally good both ways. John Duren played defense very clean and he made you work for anything you got, Curtis Perry and Gene Smith from two different eras but would D you to the end and never backed down, to me these players who played the game on both ends are the best that DC had to offer, because they would score on you and come down and stop you from scoring, this is what I liked about DC players big heart and lot’s of game all around, we loved seeing a defensive game as well as an offensive game but when you put the two together it was poetry in motion. Go DC Basketball!

    • Others known for their defense were Penny Greene, Johnny Rhodes (more for steals than on-the-ball stopping moves and drives),Garcia Hopkins, James Brown, Mike Mundy of Springbrook, Willie Allen, Steve Bacon of W. Springfield, Tommy Amaker, Sterling Savoy, Michael Riley, and Mark Christian of Northwestern.


  211. Steve Bacon was a superb defender at West Springfield. So was Marty McAnearny.

  212. Stacy, how are you man, I agree with your comment, theres alot of guys from the area that was good and could play the game and with that in mind alot of guys were stronger and weaker with there talent & skills and some had a balance game so its difficult to say who was the best, u had guys that was about the team or about self…ect

  213. David "Reds" Clay

    Diplomatic statements true they are Stacy and Daryll, DC has always had great players along with great defenders from all over the Metro area. I am glad I had the opportunity to play against some of the greats and see the greats play, it was always inspiring to me, the DC legacy lives on and the game has changed and sped up and the payers are bigger with great skills. All the comments and all the responses have been wonderfully put what a great town and time to have grown up in the DC area in the 60’S AND 70’S,

    I can only speak to my era of 60 and 70’s players who gave their best and I respect them all for that, this is how each generation learns and bring something new to the game.

  214. I went to a DC legends picnic yesterday 7/20/2014 and saw ans spoke to so many sporting legends. I went with my father Larry Watson Sr. who attended Western Sr. High school during the mid to late 60’s. Now I am 40 years old and I am telling you I felt like I was 4 years old listening to some of the greatest stories possible ever told from DC spread through out the rest of the country from these sporting legends who made it in and out of this crazy city call Washington DC that we call home. I wish I could mic everyone of old dudes up and let them just go for it. Thank you all for your stories history is amazing.

  215. did Larry Watson play with these guys at Western High school?

    • There were former athletes there from all kinds of local schools, representing various eras and school systems. Coach Butch McAdams, who worked at Mackin, St. Albans, St. Paul & Augustine’s CYO, and Maret, hosts it. This was the second year. Last year, 400 athletes attended, and it is held at Hains Point in East Potomac Park. Many of those there saw Watson play. McAdams is from his neighborhood.

  216. Hubert McDonald's

    Played one year at butler high school in augusta ga

  217. R.I.P. to one prominently mentioned on here, all time great shooter, (Skip) Wilbert Skipper.

  218. nelson washington

    LovedR eading Everyones Input.For All The Ballers That Played In The Area.I Want To say Thank You .For The Memories.Growing Up In The 70,s.You Guys Where Our Pros.No One was Better.You All Were Blessed.Thank God For Giving. All This Special Talent.

  219. Didn’t see anyone name the best shooter I played against in the late 80’s, Hubert Davis, from Lake Braddock, who played for UNC and several nba teams including the NY Knicks. I went to put a hand up on his shot once and realized he had jumped so high my hand was at his waist. I don’t think that bothered his shot.

  220. Don’t sleep on Lonnie Perrin the basketballer…..played football on a Championship team……then dominated the court……MC Kinley Tech won games against the great St. Anthony teams, Ballou, Eastern and Roosevelt…. Another shout out to my boy Eugene Robinson (RIP) Roosevelt High and Wilson ….1971

  221. Ullysses "TUCK" Tucker Jr

    Interesting read, I played against or with most of the guys mentioned during my generation (Roosevelt 1972-1975) in the Urban League, Executive III, Police Boys Club, at Sherwood, Watts, Rudolph, Candy Cain, Barry Farms, Melvin’s Crab House, the Inter-High, and many other places. Stacy Rob, Carl Rustin, Sweet Slim, Ducky Vaughn, Embee and Gaines, Jerry Mac, Lonnie and Bay Bay, Moo Moo, Billy Bryant, Big Sky, Sid Lowe, Staten Brothers, Wilson Brothers, Dunmore Brothers, Herron Brothers, Kenny Carr, Eddie Jordan, Dantley, Rubin Collins, Billy Gordon, Postel, Gus Bolds, Barry Frazier, Weldon Parham, Stanley Washington, Cricket, Shirley Martin, Slim Joiner, Tyrone Jones, Turk, Chesley Brothers, Tub, Larry Wright, Jon Smith, Playground Bennett, Jeff “FRO” Covington, Space, Skeeter Penn, Kenny Kee, Alvin Madison, William Moore, Joe Threatt , Artie Simpson, Mike Morton, Mike Dabney, Lamont Reid, Garcia Hopkins, and in my opinion Gary Coble of Roosevelt and Darryl Scott were two of the most under rated players to come out of the area. Pure talent. Scott reminded me of Nate Archibald and scarified his game because Anacostia had a deep team then and Coble was All Inter High on a not so good team.

    • You saw everybody. Someone said Larry Harrington just died. I didn’t play pickup w/ the guys you named, who are a little before me, but saw Shelton, Bay Bay, Kenneth Kee, Joe Thweatt, Cricket, Shirley, Michael Morton, and Tub play in h.s. I saw Sidney play in the JHS championship when he was at Hamilton, against Shaw, who had a dude named “Popcorn” who was smooth. Did play at Thicket, Taft, Langley JHS, Police Boys Club, Anacostia Park, Rolling Crest JHS, Holy Name, the Monastery, Takoma Park Middle, Edgewood Apartments, Kalorama, Blair H.S., Takoma Rec, Jelleff, and for a rec team, at Hamilton J.H.


    • tuck you remember Larry Hawthorne he played at Roosevelt you seen him recently

  222. Ullysses "TUCK" Tucker Jr

    By the way, Gary Coble played with Duck Williams at MacFarland Junior High and was the more complete guard as well as far superior player. The difference is high school choices or accessibility. When I played at Roosevelt, most of the team at Carroll during the Arthur Daniels and Skip McDaniels era lived right in our school zone and Kenny Carr and Eric Coard just a couple of blocks away. Duck was a one dimensional jump shooter who in many instances couldn’t create his own shot, had plenty of trouble on the court when folks like Skip McDaniels, Harry Nickens and Robert Eubanks (both of Spingarn) Art Daniels, Bobby Kinzer and others got up in his grill. His handle was shakey. Neither him or Dantley were free-stylers and got the most out of their games playing in systems or the offense revolving around them. Trust me, there were better battles out of league than in league play. There are hundreds of DC ballers who will never go down as the GREATEST, but their contributions to the game should never go unnoticed. Some of these guys listed as such got served on the playgrounds and in various leagues. Ask Glen Harris!

    p.s. Kenneth Kee out of Phelps, who played with Skeeter Penn there, attended Canisius University with Larry Fogel and once scored 39 against Villanova, 40 years ago yesterday.

  223. best shooter imo was ed Peterson of springbrook. he went to s.carolina and his coach frank McGuire who coached a natl champion at n.carolina called him his best shooter ever. used to play in pickup games with him at cole field house.

  224. Would anyone know anything on a kid from the DC area near the old RFK stadium and attended EASTERN HIGH SCHOOL name Sylvester Joiner?

  225. I don’t know where he played high school ball, but one of the best players I ever played against was Tyrone Whitlock of DC Teacher’s College. Sweet jumper that he could get off effortlessly.

  226. Best players in DC—-

    Andrian Dantley
    Jeff Briscoe
    Dan Elliott
    Jerome McDaniel
    Archie Talley
    Harold Fox

  227. Steve Bacon’s recollection of those times are spot on accurate. I was two years his junior, knew him and thought he was a fabulous basketball player. All the students looked upon the W.S.H.S. players in those championship years as rock stars. Those are my fondest memories of High School.

  228. Lonnie Barksdale

    I do remember Stacey From Pullen quite well, my Father and Taft Hickman used to drill me all the time that they had a weapon for us while I was attended Kent Jr. High when Herb Gray Sr. was our coach. We were beating Pullen at that point on a regular basis until Stacey showed his skills. Seeing Stacey today, he always has something good to say about those games and never in a bragging way, even though my Father gave Stacey the business every chance he could, During that time, Stacey was “Mr. Basketball” during those years.

  229. In the championship basketball 🏀 1975 Dunbar vs easterns Stacy Roberson got the ball on a fast break cross over flTub Gaskins drop the ball behind head in the basket on 6’9 Mike Morton at Georgetown arena went wild.

    Did anyone out there remember this game?

    • Ullysses "TUCK" Tucker Jr

      Mike Morton was a cool brother from Eastern. We played with each other in the All American Round Ball Classic at Fairmount Heights after the 1975 season. We also had Crickett Williams from Tech, Barry Frazier and Gaines Shaw from HD Woodson, Eggy Knight from Spingarn, and a few other DC notables at the time. We battled the Maryland All Stars that included Stacey Robinson (who somehow ended up on the Maryland team even though he played for Dunbar…LOL, politics), Mike Dabney, Dudley Bradley from Edgewood, and Lamont Reid among others. Score was like 165-158, they won. Coach Wood from Spingarn coached us and Butch McDowell and Fluff Parker coached Maryland. Great experience and game. Stacey was MVP of course.

  230. Game was played at DC Armory

    • no you are thinking of 1976 that was the game played at the armory between eastern and Dunbar. the 76 Dunbar team did not have Stacey Robinson.

  231. Lonnie Barksdale

    John Bowser, I remember you going toe to toe against Thurl Bailey back in the day.

  232. Ricky Johnson

    I hear stories of a guy from the mid to late 70’s who played at St. Anthony by the name of Ricardo Eley aka Purple. Every story I hear talks about how he brought showtime to the floor before Magic Johnson and the Lakers. The story takes a turn for the worst cause I hear that he ended up in Lorton but still being considered the best ball player in games there against other inmates and talent that was brought down there to play against him.

  233. VA heads, help me out, but i think 77 was Craig Harris, (Little Willie Jackson running mate from TC Williams ) year he put on a show at Cap Classic,,Too Short seem more like 75 with Slim and Turk,,Rodney Wright somewhere around 77 with Ratiff. I kick back and appreciate the follow up.

  234. PAL- Street Baller

    Grew up in Simple City SE & Woodbridge in NE. Was a lil boy when Dave Bing played @ Ridge Road. I played with his coz John. Bobby Dandridge must have had relatives in DC because I used to see him, @ Kelly Miller play ground and Len Bias uncle Chick played on the simple city court. The Landon Park court was a virtual all star show: Austin Carr, Sid Catlett, James Brown, Bob Whitmore, Adrian, Kenny Carr, Street baller Huckabuck, Duck, Skip McDaniel, all of the Tech stars; “Hogue, Tatum, Apple, Bossard, Basset, Jeffery, Ne- rue’, & Street baller Lil Lee. JT would come watch and recruit for Saint Anthony. I played PAL and remember Cheese Holloway. Jerome McDaniel dated one of my sisters. Jim O’Brian was killing it up in Maryland & went to Maryland. We cant forget Donald “Duck” Williams, the Hite twins of DeMatha, Carrol Holmes, Danny Ferry, Forte & Bogans, Jonny T., Molloy & those John Carroll teams, the Lewis brothers who went to Maryland, Jones & Tapscot and Stevie F., who was originally drafted from the summer leagues. I went to a Knights of Columbia torney @ Um & saw Datcher & Bullock. My 2nd coz Curtis Staples came up from Roanoke & was 3rd team All American @ Oak Hill. The list is endless; Fatty Taylor, Earl Jones, Michael Britt, and all of the street players who never got ink like Tim Best, a killer dunker from the forte Stephens play ground. Some of the Rec ball & PAL teams could compete with anybody.

  235. Classic!

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