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August Issue of “SLAM” and DC Basketball

In the latest issue of “SLAM” magazine (the Jordan cover and NBA top 50 ish’), there’s a section on DC players in the NBA on page 26, Elgin Baylor is named their 11th greatest NBA player of all time on p. 52 (in an entry that states without Baylor, there’d be no Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant), and in the “Dime Drop” feature on p. 85, two young guns from Rockville’s Montrose Christian High get proppped.

“…Understand this, if you understand nothing else: Without Elgin Baylor, there is no Michael Jordan, no Kobe Bryant, no LeBron James. Elgin took a ground-bound game skyward, transformed the entire sport…”  Russ Bengston, August issue, SLAM magazine

Not bad for a month.


Mayor Dave Bing

Here’s a bio on the Spingarn grad:



DC Basketball’s Sports Illustrated Cover Boys

For a half century, basketball players from Washington, D.C. have graced the cover of our greatest sports weekly: