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Aubrey Nash Led Kansas To Final Four

Bud Stallworth. Dave Robisch. They were the All-Americans on the 1971 Kansas team that contended for NCAA basketball honors. As in so many cases around America, it was a Washington player who quarterbacked the team- Aubrey Nash of Taft Junior High and DeMatha Catholic High School.

Here is a highlight reel from that great run:


Aubrey Nash Dies

Former DeMatha two-sport Washington Post athlete of the year Aubrey Nash died.  He was only 62. Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and teammates.

Nash led the Stags’ teams of the late 1960’s, before guiding Kansas to the 1971 Final Four. Also an All-Met linebacker, he hails from a section of N.E. Washington that also produced players such as Kevin Tatum, Skip McDaniels, Tony Ellis, Tom Sluby, Ed and Mike Tapscott, Kenny Carr, John Battle, Michael Bossard and Ronnie Hogue, among many others.

As an executive, it was Aubrey Nash who opened the pipeline for so many Washington basketball players to work for Xerox, among them James Brown.


Coach Butch McAdams’ 10 Greatest Mackin Players Ever

Mackin grad and former Maret coach James “Butch” McAdams names his all-time team from Mackin Catholic High School:

Top ten Mackin players 1. A. Carr, 2. A. Hunter,3 T. Little 4. B. Butler, 5. J. Dawkins 6. D. Williams 7. K. Herron 8. G. Williams 9. K. Payne 10.K. Black.

(that would be Austin Carr, Jo Jo Hunter, Tom Little, three-time All-Met Bill Butler, Johnny Dawkins, Duck Williams, Villanova’s second leading all-time scorer Keith Herron, Ballou transfer Garland Williams, Kenny Payne, and Kevin Black)


Kevin Tatum of McKinley Tech

Can great ballhandling be taught, or is it innate? The DC area has produced more tha its share of proficient dribblers. Names such as George Leftwich, Larry Watson, Donnel Bullock, Kevin Tatum, Alphonso “The Magician ” Adair, Stacy Robinson, Ric “Purple” Eley, Mike Mundy, and Moocie Norris come to mind. Kevin Tatum, who played on the McKinley Tech teams that went undefeated in the Internigh in both 1968 and 1969, played with five All-Met teammates- Ernest Lewis, Randolph “Apple” Milam, Ronnie Hogue, Tim Bassett, and Michael Bossard. Not many playmakers can say that.

Kevin Tatum once said that he does not believe masterful ballhandling can be taught, he feels it is a gift. What other area ballplayers you recall, possessed this gift?