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Morgan State’s Bozeman, Gwynn Park’s Sean Thomas

Morgan State men’s basketball Coach Todd Bozeman, who attended Potomac High (the Forestville one), welcomes former Gwynn Park star Sean Thomas to the 2008-9 Bears:


Remembering Our Pioneers- Pete Johnson and Ronnie Hogue Featured in New Book

Remember racial trailblazers Julius “Peter Rabbit” Johnson (Fairmont Heights H.S.) and Ronnie Hogue? Pete was one of the first two Black basketball players to wear the uniform of the Maryland University Terrapins (1965) and McKinley Tech’s Hogue paved the way at the University of Georgia in 1969. Both men are featured in chapters of Barry Jacobs’ book Across The Line- Profiles in Basketball Courage: Tales of the First Black Basketball Players in the ACC and SEC (The Lyons Press). It’s a worthwhile read, and local fans will recognize other D.C. area products in the stories (among them former McKinley big man Tim Bassett).

Hats off to the local kids who were pioneers on such campuses, and made us all proud.


Janee Hayes To Play in Puerto Rico

Former Sidwell Friends and Duke star Janee Hayes has signed to play professionally in Puerto Rico. Best wishes to her.


Kevin Tatum- Like Father, Like Son

Did you see the father and uncle of former city championship point guard Kevin Tatum (McKinley Tech ’67-’69) gracing the cover of Sunday’s “Washington Post Magazine” as the Michael Phelps’ of the seniors’ set:

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Kevin played with four All-Mets in high school (Bossard, Hogue, Milan, Bassett, and Lewis) over his three years, and writes for the Philadelphia News.


DC’s Kara Lawson is Olympic Point Guard

The former Sidwell Friends and West Springfield student is a Beijing playmaker:


Dunbar’s Hope Foster Signs With German Team

Local girl and former Bucknell star makes good:


NBA Retirees From D.C.- Dave Bing And Austin Carr

Bing may run for mayor in Detroit. He’s a Spingarn grad interviewed on film here:

And Austin Carr of Mackin here: (see “Video Gallery”)


There’s Still No One Who Can Watch Curt Smith

The man is not a national playground legend for nothing. He’s never lost a game in Annapolis’ summer league:

Curt is a Coolidge grad- ran at Creighton, his brother Charles played at St. Anthony’s and Georgetown.


Gibran Hamdan Started Here

The 6’4″ Buffalo Bills’ quaterback was a basketball star at Bishop O’Connell H.S. in Arlington:

He succeeded Antwan Randle-El as quarterback at Indiana U.


The Kenner League is Still Going Strong

The Jabbo Kenner League is a summer fixture in D.C.:

Summer league play is an unsung tourist attraction in Washington- be it the Kenner League, the Goodman League, or others. I received an e-mail a few weeks ago from someone in Montreal who found this blog, and wanted to know where her boyfriend could see a good run while visiting Washington.

For more sports travel ideas, see: