Dunbar’s Hope Foster Signs With German Team

Local girl and former Bucknell star makes good:




4 responses to “Dunbar’s Hope Foster Signs With German Team

  1. I first meet Hope as a counselor at a basketball camp run by DC parks and rec after her freshman year at Bucknell. For some reason she seemed like she would be something. She was not only talented but had the respect for the game needed to be successful. Hard work was a most for Hope and it all paid off. I have kept up with Hope since then and have done numerous stories on her on my Tv show CityHoopsTv that highlights Dc basketball and talked to her as recently as today (tuesday October 7). Thats my girl as she is a role model for success for players ingeneral who have aspirations of playing pro while coming out of public schools in DC. Education was always first and her fmily gave her a lot of support and this is what comes of that . Congrats Hope I look forward to seing you in the WNBA next season.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Supatim. Again, we wish her all the best.


  3. in real life that’s my teacher

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