“Elgin Baylor” on Richmond Radio Oct. 14

We discuss Elgin Baylor at 6:30 this evening on The Drum Radio Book Club, on WCLM 1450/AM radio here:


(join us at our first book signing at Barnes & Noble Catholic U, also at 6:30, Oct. 15)



2 responses to ““Elgin Baylor” on Richmond Radio Oct. 14

  1. Hey Bijan – just followed you on Twitter.

    My father graduated from, and played basketball for Mackin High from 56-58. I think he might have gotten an Honorable Mention on the All-Catholic League for 1957. Blew out his knee prior to ’58 and played only a bit his senior year, losing his scholarship to Belmont Abbey.

    He would relate stories of playing in DC, and his favorite was playing with Baylor – one time he says (at Turkey Thicket), that Elgin actually dribbled behind the basket and “dropped” the ball in OVER the backboard. He always says that it remains the most unbelievable shot he’s ever seen.

    By the way, would you know of any resource that I could check to see if my father’s name was on an All-Catholic list in 1957? His name is Art Nichols.

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