What They’re Saying About “Elgin Baylor: The Man Who Changed Basketball”

Elgin Baylor has long deserved a book like this highlighting his exceptional career that startled the basketball world when it sprang to life in the late 1950s. He was more than a pioneer with a game that was immune to the future. It was a nasty, racist age, and he reigned supreme with great dignity. They could play the game for a thousand years, and Elgin would still be relevant. Basketball owes him much, as does society in general. Kudos to Bijan C. Bayne for bringing Baylor’s story back to life for future generations.
— Roland Lazenby, author of Michael Jordan: The Life

Bijan Bayne has demonstrated he is a wise student of basketball with his elegant, richly-detailed biography of the often overlooked hoops innovator, Elgin Baylor. Bayne’s absorbing book will make you want to dig up old videotape of Baylor’s greatest aerial moments. It will certainly give you a better appreciation of Elgin Baylor the man.
— Kevin Merida, managing editor of The Washington Post and co-author of Supreme Discomfort: The Divided Soul of Clarence Thomas

Bijan Bayne has written one of the best basketball biographies in the history of the genre about one of the greatest players the game has ever known. A marvelous narrative that reads like a novel. Do yourself a favor and read this book.
— Kyle Keiderling, award-winning sports biographer and author of Heart of a Lion

Elgin Baylor was difficult to guard on the basketball floor and even harder to write about. He was the elusive superstar. Bijan Bayne, with his exhaustive research, makes a huge breakthrough here: He tells the most complete story of one of America’s greatest sports icons.
— Dan Raley, former Seattle Post-Intelligencer sportswriter


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