Leonard Tomlinson, McKinley Tech Star Dies

Leonard Tomlinson, who was a smooth All-Interhigh East performer at McKinley Tech in the mid-1970’s, died on Tuesday. Leonard is sometimes overlooked from those teams featuring Anthony “Cricket” Williams and center Shirley Martin, but he could play. Our condolences to his family and loved ones.



5 responses to “Leonard Tomlinson, McKinley Tech Star Dies

  1. Brandon Jackson (H.D. Woodson)

    Leonard was an unsung talent on those McKinley teams. I had a great appreciation for his smarts and talent. Additionally, he was always a pleasure to talk to. He always kept competition in its proper perspective. He’ll be missed.

  2. Leonard coached my son, Jared, for many years. He devoted a lot of time coaching and was very dedicated. He was a great man and we will miss him.


  3. Dwight Cunningham

    I think that I knew him best, He was my roomate at Langston University and later we both played professional basketball in Europe (Sweden). Leonard “served”up the best that Europe had to offer. Former NBA as well as all Americans found out what I had already known, The brother could ball. Leonard also had a huge heart and will surely be missed.
    Dwight Cunningham

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