Capital Heights: The DC Area’s Great Leapers

2012 is a leap year, and a fitting time to pay tribute again to the area’s greatest high risers, in a rerun of a past post:

New Yorkers proudly speak of their great leapers such as Earl Manigault, “Jumpin’” Jackie Jackson, and Herman “Helicopter” Knowings. Washington does have a height ordinance that limits the height of our buildings to twelve stories, but has had no limit of high rising basketball players. Here’s a partial list:

Elgin “Rabbit” Baylor

William “Chicken Breast” Lee

Terry Hatchett

Julius “Peter Rabbit” Johnson

Lionel “Hop” Dempsey

Bobby Lewis

“Leapin’” Lou West

Willie Allen

Matthew Gantt

Earl Hawkins

James Brown

Leslie “High Rise” Anderson

Lamont Reid

Tony Coles

James Roche

Garcia Hopkins

Derek Whittenburg

Johnny Dawkins

Lenny Bias



12 responses to “Capital Heights: The DC Area’s Great Leapers

  1. As a BSU alum, I was fornunate to see Joe Manley in the Mid 70’s and I would absolutely, put him and Lamont Reid, at the top on any list about DC Area Leapers also I would like to mention Bob Churchwell, and Leroy Marino as well, but I was used to seeing Joe Manley put his head near the rim on a regular Basis…Believe it……..!!. The guy could fly !

    • Thanks Wilky.


      • I too am a BSU alum and Joe Manley should definitely be at the top of the list of leapers and also he could do something lots of those guys could not do. He was a real basketball player with no weakness in his game. He was a very complete player and a basketball player that could jump and not just an athlete that happened to play basketball.

      • Lots of Joe Manley props.

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  3. dicky browne

    hawkeye whitney

  4. dicky browne

    turk tillman

  5. dicky browne

    and how can we forget stacy robinson

  6. dicky browne

    joe certainly could rise

  7. from 1975-1985…….Joe Manley, Leroy Marino, Garcia Hopkins, and Lamont Reid……end of list !

  8. played against marino at ridge road one summer hr crawford lea. i got a goaltend call but he was up there. saw it firsthand. wilky excellent list!

  9. Thanks ,Dicky Browne…you know your area basketball very well !

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