Funeral Arrangements For Aubrey Nash


Some of you have requested memorial service or funeral information for former DeMatha star Aubrey Nash.

Aubrey Nash’s memorial service is this Saturday, February 4, 2012.
Location: 4417 Douglas Street, N.E. Washington D.C. (Time: 11:00 A.M.) Place:  The Church Of Eastland Gardens

4 responses to “Funeral Arrangements For Aubrey Nash

  1. Truly a legend throughout the metropolitan area but especially in northeast where he grew up. I remember seeing him play at the Cole Field House when he was at DeMatha. But my most vivid memory was watching him play at Holy Name (neighborhood basketball court) one summer evening. This was one of those evenings when the court was loaded with the likes of Kevin Tatum, Randolph Milam, Tim Bassett, Billy Banks to name a few. He did a reverse dribble move and hit a jump shot from the baseline that I’ll never forget. He had the defender stumbling onto South Dakota Avenue. A great talent and legend who will truly be missed.

    • Thanks for reaching out to me Robert. I came along in the 1970’s, when Mason Clark was guiding the Warriors and the Pioneers. I grew up on Monroe Street near where they practiced, knew boys that played for them, and in 1975-76, played basketball for Reese’s short lived Woodridge Warriors (home games at Hamilton JHS). As for David Aldridge, I just interviewed him for our upcoming documentary on Washington area basketball. He told me where he grew up.

      As I have stated on our blog, the stretch between Edgewood and Woodridge has produced a richer crop of basketball talent, than any area that size in America or on earth. Names such as Catlett, Brown, Nash, Ellis, Battle, Sluby, McDaniels, Carr, Yeoman, (Delonte) Taylor, Little, Bossard, Diane Tolliver, Jenice Armstrong, and Tatum come to mind, but as you know, we had many, many more.

      As a child of that era and neighborhood, I would be especially honored to participate in any program involving current youth there, honoring its past, or both. I am at 240-687-5656, and please let me know what Mr. Aldridge says.


      Bijan C. Bayne
      Director of Membership
      DC Basketball

  2. I first meet Aubrey Nash at the Tournament of Champions at Woodson High school 1974. I was playing with Executive III which had Bob Churchwell, Moses Malone, Skip Wise and others. He had 25 points in the first half, I ended up checking him the second of the game. He was quick and very very strong. I called him two weeks later after I found out he worked Human Resources for Xerox. I told him I wanted a job and he explained I wanted a career not a job. Xerox was my first job and having Xerox on my resume moving forward give me respect in the corporate world. I know that Aubrey helped a lot of Dc Ball Players get employment with Xerox. I would like to thank Aubrey for taking a chance on me. May God Rest his Soul in Peace!
    Penn Greene

  3. Thanks Bijan.

    I’ll keep you apprised of our plans and efforts on behalf of our participants.


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