Aubrey Nash Dies

Former DeMatha two-sport Washington Post athlete of the year Aubrey Nash died.  He was only 62. Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and teammates.

Nash led the Stags’ teams of the late 1960’s, before guiding Kansas to the 1971 Final Four. Also an All-Met linebacker, he hails from a section of N.E. Washington that also produced players such as Kevin Tatum, Skip McDaniels, Tony Ellis, Tom Sluby, Ed and Mike Tapscott, Kenny Carr, John Battle, Michael Bossard and Ronnie Hogue, among many others.

As an executive, it was Aubrey Nash who opened the pipeline for so many Washington basketball players to work for Xerox, among them James Brown.



8 responses to “Aubrey Nash Dies

  1. sharon wingate 202 372 4083/202 423 8550

    please let me know about the furneral arrangements. thank you.

  2. Sorry I can’t attend the going home services, I am living in Florida. My heart is broken. Rest in peace. Never to be forgotten. Love Candyce

  3. Aubrey was a class guy, Rest in Peace, It was a pleasure to know him and be considered a friend. Bill D

  4. Truly a legend throughout the metropolitan area but especially in northeast where he grew up. I remember seeing him play at the Cole Field House when he was at DeMatha. But my most vivid memory was watching him play at Holy Name (neighborhood basketball court) one summer evening. He did a reverse dribble move and hit a jump shot from the baseline that I’ll never forget. He had the defender stumbling onto South Dakota Avenue. A great talent and legend who will truly be missed.

    • Holy Name. What memories that evokes. I came along too late to see Aubrey, James, and Tatum hoop there, but in my teens, Buddy Carter, and a core group of McKinley Tech kids older than he, were regulars. Thanks for the memories Robert.

      • Are you referring to Buddy Carter who played at Carroll HS? If it’s the same one then I know him well. Buddy was a youngster when I played at Holy Name during the 70’s and early 80’s. I miss that court each day that I drive by.

      • Yes I am. I’ll never forget how when he scored, Buddy would say “Mar-vich!”

  5. Sharon S, GOINGS

    I will miss you ! I will always remember that orange road runner ! you were my first play brother /big brother thanks for those good times me an my big sister

    See you on the other side

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