DC Basketball Documentary Film “Supreme Courts”

Here’s the first rough cut for the trailer for our upcoming doc on local basketball:




12 responses to “DC Basketball Documentary Film “Supreme Courts”

  1. George D. Williams

    One of the worst stories about DC basketball in the Universe. A few names Daddy Grace, Superman, Bay Junior, Greety , Buzzard, Ben Wsrley, Sleepy, Suitcase, Sandy, Micky Gore, Alvin winstock ,Gary Mays, Sweets,Welford, C.Jenkins, Pug, Schoo Schoo Syphax,, Hooks, Cousey, Frank Jones ,etcThe real DC players know these names.. Basketball was played before intergration. The Catholic Schools could not keep up with the Black DC Public Schools. The Catholic schools did not take off until the 60’s Where is the history on Jonny Mc lendon, Tricky Harris,Big House etc. Come on you can research better than that. The real DC basketball coaches .Frank Bolden, Charlie Baltimore, Dave Brown . Why Morgan , he would not play Big john Thompson when he was coaching at St. Anthony. Terrible..

  2. I agree, in part, with Mr. Williams. He mentions players with whom I am familiar (age 70 out of Dunbar and Southwest # 4 police Boys Club), and of course one’s ventage colors who one thinks is best, etc. I saw no mention of John Austin, who was the “fair hair” star who followed Johnny Jones (who left Dunbar) to Dematha — they really put Coach Wooten on the HS B ball map. Joe Galleger of St Johns was the Catholic schools coach of note at that time. Gonzaga had good teams; Carroll got good after Tom Hoover and George Leftwhich left Dunbar and teamed with Monk Molloy (and later John Thompson). Coach Frank Bolden’s Cardozo teams(stopped Carroll’s 60 or so game win streak); Coach Baltimore at Armstrong, Coach Roundtreet at Spingran and Coach Williams at Dunbar were notable. Mr. Williams mentions Johnny Mclendon – who I recall from NC Central and Tennessee State and “Big House” Gains from Winston Salem State, not the DC scene. Mr. Williams mentions a Ben “Wsrley” — I think he means Ben Worley out of Phelps, Tenn State, Cleveland Pipers and Baltimore Bullets. I applaud for efforts and look forward to more trips down memory lane.

    • We cover that era and those teams on our website, in our film, and I have written about some of those revered coaches. Thank you sir.

  3. What about those great players that came out of Mackin Catholic HS? It was a struggling Catholic HS (99% black student body) that had many world class B Ball players that were constantly overshadowed by other schools that made more press. However, why no mention of those players and coaches that produced those teams that constantly stayed at the top of the food chain in DC B Ball / National B Ball?

    • Mr. Upshaw- there’s a recent blog post here about Garland Williams, and Mackin is covered well in our documentary. Not only did we interview Coach James “Butch” McAdams, Donald “Duck” Williams, Austin Carr, and Geeorge Gibbs, but there are Mackin players in our top 50 and top 100 player lists elsewhere on this blog. Also see http://www.dcbasketball.com, where we have images, All-Met teams, feature stories, and national awards.

  4. Approximately when will the film “Supreme Courts” be available to buy a copy of on DVD? Thanks.

    • We are targeting a 2013 distribution Jason, thanks f/ the interest. We will supply related updates here. Right now we’re seeking post-production funding.


  5. Can you give an update on the status of the film? Thanks.

    • We will wrap post production this year, and will soon be announcing local screenings of the work in progress, the trailer, and addition of a very accomplished Hollywood director. The more funding support we receive at such screenings, the sooner the film will debut. Also, my biography of Elgin Baylor drops in Sept. 2014.


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