Free Jo Jo Hunter

Article on movement to free Jo in Washington City Paper:


3 responses to “Free Jo Jo Hunter

  1. Stanley B. White

    Here is a chance for the system to do the right thing, Just think of all the pressure this young man was in at an early age. Now he can help other to understand the important of having the support of other. When I came to Washington the name Jo Jo Huter was like hearing the name Magic Johnson, this young man had it all and we felt that everthing was all right, but again we put our young men’s in this position and exp[ect them to make it, now we can learn from this and give this young man a chance and hope that he will share his life story with other young men’s in the same position he was in. Second chance, we all need one and now we can do the right thing and that is to surround him with the right peoples and after spending that kind of time in jail he is ready to help another young man.
    Look into your hearts and see what is happen to all of our young mens, No support.

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