Charles “Tommy” Branch of DeMatha Catholic High School

Washington Post obituary:


On Saturday, September 10, 2011 made his transition after a long illness. He is survived by parents, Charles, Sr. and Carolyn Branch; three brothers, Phillip (Sharon), Adrian (Kim) and Alan (Stacey) Branch; grandmother Harriett Thomas and many devoted aunts, uncles, cousins and good friends. Wake at J.B. Jenkins Funeral Home, 7474 Landover Rd., from 7 to 9 p.m. on Thursday, September 15. On Friday, September 16, viewing 10 a.m., funeral service 11 a.m. at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, 2020 St. Joseph Dr., Landover, MD.
DC Basketball extends our heartfelt condolences to Tommy’s family and friends.

15 responses to “Charles “Tommy” Branch of DeMatha Catholic High School

  1. Tommy Branch was a tremendous player coming from the Washington, DC area. He had the skills to compete against the best this area had to offer. Including some of what the NBA had to offer. During an Urban Coalition game he faced Kevin Grevey of the Bullets and of the University of Kentucky. He finished the game with 40. He later teamed with Penny Greene, Stacey Robinson, Cedric Boatman, Darryl Greene, on a mens team that played at Northwestern High that brreezed through the league with those three guys leading the way. Great player! One of those DC guys that probably could have easily played in the League

  2. Eva E. Williams

    To the Branch family I would like to send my love and sympathy. I became friends with Tommy his first week at Old Dominion University. He came in as a basketball player for the Monarchs and they were ready and poised for greatness. There was a level of excitement on the campus and Tommy was a huge part of the thrill in the air. My ex-husband became friends with Tommy and he loved to play and hang with our son. I think he really missed home a lot and we were the closest on the team to a family. This man child was the most wonderful beautiful bright light that I had encounterd in a while, maybe ever. I have memories of Tommy with my son that I will cherish forever. Mrs. Branch I am sooo sorry that you have had to watch your son pass over so soon. So much seemed to have been unfinished in his life but God knows best and I am just sad that we dd not stay in touch. Love you and all your family. Tommy will always be the greatest. Eva E. Ellis Williams

    • We thank you for that very heartfelt recollection Ms. Wiliams. We at DC Basketball are sorry you lost your friend.


  3. Charlie Fairchild

    To the Branch Family,
    I am deeply sadden by the loss of Tommy. As I sit here I smile as my memories of him will last forever! I met Tommy at ODU and it was a group of us that instantly bonded and became friends. I should say more like family as he always raided my refridge! After he and his boys left needless to say, there wasn’t much food!!! He would always then ask…”when’s your Mom coming cause we running low on milk”!!! I use to want to shoot him, but all you could do was love him. Tommy always had a bright light shining around him! He was a joy to have around and kept everyone laughing. I always LOVED watching him play basketball! I swear he had moves Magic didn’t even have. I spoke to Tommy about 8 months ago. A friend had his number and I am so grateful I had an opportunity to talk to him. Tommy is now lighting up heaven. WE will surely miss him, but I am blessed to have had such a good friend. You all will remain in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully reading how much Tommy was loved will bring you a little comfort and peace. May God bless you all.

  4. Carla Savage-Wells

    To the Branch Family. I extend my sympathies to you all at this difficult time in your lives. I just learned of Tommy’s passing over this weekend. I had great love for Tommy as I know many others did. Few people knew of the special bond we shared in the years since meeting during his first week at Old Dominion University. I was immediately captivated by his smile, quick wit, and intelligence. His saavy on the basketball court seemed effortless. He was deceptively quick and always seemed to be where he was needed most. It was easy to cheer him on from the sidelines. Please know that your son was loved and will be fondly remembered by those who were blessed to know him. Carla Savage-Wells, ODU ’81

  5. Just heard about Tommy’s passing, my deepest sympathies to his family. I have a lot of fond memories of Tommy from our days at ODU. We used to ride back to the DC area together. I’d drop him off at Springfield Mall and it seemed the whole family was there to pick him up. He was amaizing on the court and always fun to hang out with. He definitly made life interesting.
    Rest in peace my friend.
    Tony Flores

  6. I am sorry to hear about Tommy, I remember playing football against in the CYO (St Camillus vs St Margarets) it was always a good game. Then I was lucky enough to play football with him at DeMatha, he was not the biggest or the strongest but he fought like lion and he was never defeated. I still see that beautiful smile that was always there when he spoke to you. My prayers are with the Branch family. Tommy keep on smiling.


    • St. Camillus football, remember that? Man, they KEPT a team. Thanks for the memories Quinn, and condolences from DC Basketball for your loss.


  7. Damon M. Brabson

    At the moment I am pretty devestated at the passing of my dear friend Tommy. Despite the fact that it has been almost four months. I am originally from Ports. Va. We became really tight friends during Tommys’ first yr. at ODU, with Ronnie Valentine, who I also played against in h.s. at Ports. Catholic. I was informed simply by looking for old friends being that I have travelled extensively over the years because of my work and currently reside in the Dominican Republic. Mr. and Mrs. Branch, Phillip, Adrian and Alan as well as extended family and friends my most sincere condolences at your lost.
    What we all share in common is the memory of a gifted, energetic and very positive man that will never be forgotton. Talk about that smile, rays of sunshine, may Gods embrace give you all the peace that exist my dear friend.

  8. Phillip Edward Branch

    Phillip Branch,brother, Sorry for just responding to this site.First I would like to thank our Lord and Savior for blessing me with a big brother like Tommy.He was my hero and role model.Secondly I would like to thank DC Basketball for having such a wonderful format as it has been a great comforter and source of healing for me personally.I can never get tired of hearing the terrific stories of my brothers’ positive impact on what I would call the Branches extended family.Third but certainly not least I would like to thank Dicky Browne,Eva E, Williams,Charlie Fairchild,Carla Savage-Wells,Tony Flores,Quinn Konieczka and Damon Brabson for your thoughts and prayers. I know my brothers at peace now probably calling next for when we join him in basketball heaven.Move over Wilt that guy next to you was called the “man with many moves.” 3/13 2014

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