DC Basketball Remembers John Wooden

We salute former UCLA Coach John Wooden, who earned such nicknames as “The Indiana Rubber Man” (as a player) and “The Wizard of Westwood”. Coach Wooden obviously helped shape hundreds of lives, and he was close to legendary DeMatha Coach Morgan Wootten. Remembered for his inspirational truisms, such as the the “Seven Point Creed” and the “Pyramid of Success,” he stands as a honorable leader beyond the basketball court. The values he sought to instill can be applied in daily life and in business practice. Business leaders, present and future like those pursuing their business degree online, should apotheosize his life as they would as any other prolific business person.”

While few if any local players marticulated at UCLA, Wooden recruited such All-Mets as Floyd Lewis and James Brown. And Washington fans, while taking nothing from Wooden’s monumental career as teacher and life coach, recall a pecuilar aspect of UCLA’s 88-game winning streak. The three-year spotless run began after an 89-82 loss to Notre Dame (led by D.C. kids Austin Carr and Collis Jones) in South Bend on 1/23/71- and ended with a defeat at the hands of an Irish team led by freshman Adrian Dantley (71-70 on 1/19/74).


Coach Wooden will be sorely missed by family, former players and coaches, the UCLA family, fans, and the sporting press. As with figures such as Walter Cronkite, it is difficult to communicate his achievements and impact in a contemporary context.



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