McKinley Armstrong of McKinley Tech: 1928-2010

Here’s an online obit for Coach:



2 responses to “McKinley Armstrong of McKinley Tech: 1928-2010

  1. Obviously this is a bit late. But I am a graduate of McKinley Tech class of 1970. Never was very good at basketball, but I had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Armstrong as my PE teacher and role model. I was also a faithful attendee at home games in McKinley’s gym which he affectionately referred to as “the Garden”, including the last league appearance of the “magnificent 7” in the Interhigh championship where they trounced Cardozo 98-63. Based on my own personal experiences, and the testimonials of others who knew him and played for him, he was a positive influence on all of the young people entrusted to his care.

    RIP Coach.

    • Never to late Anthony. He was my neighbor, then my p.e. teacher, and years later, I was honored to count him as a friend (in a fatherly fashion).

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