Jerome Dyson Disappointed in U.Conn Loss

Nailbiter frustrates Procter Academy grad from Rockville (excerpted from the Hartford Courant)

“…Jerome Dyson had 24 points, seven rebounds and five assists Wednesday at Cincinnati. He and Stanley Robinson pulled UConn along in an otherwise flat game, carried the offense, led the charge as the Huskies erased a 12-point deficit.

But Dyson also missed three free throws, making six, and because of that he was a little dejected after the Huskies’ 71-69 loss.

“I’m frustrated with myself,” Dyson said. “I’m still leaving too many points on the free throw line. As good as I played, I feel like it wasn’t a good game for me because I left so many points on the line. I’m a senior this year and I feel like that’s part of my duty, to step up to the free throw line and make free throws. It’s my last year. I’ve been here before. A lot of the guys haven’t. My, myself, I’ve been here before. And it hurts that my teammates aren’t looking at me as the guy to step up there and make the free throws. I’m just not doing it right now.”…’



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