News 5’s “The Roundup”: Spurs’ Roger Mason One of 62 NBA Players From D.C.

San Antonio sportscaster sheds light on depth of local basketball talent:–69752762.html

his quote:

Consider the Following

…Roger Mason, Jr., is one of 62 players born in the District of Columbia who’ve gone on to play in the NBA or ABA. But of those 62, Mason is no. 1 in career free throw percentage (at 88.2 percent lifetime, he’s a smidge ahead of the no. 2, Kevin Durant) and second all-time in three-point shooting percentage (current ESPN analyst Tim Legler is no. 1 at 43.1 percent).

More worthless trivia: Despite being smaller in both population and total area than both Virginia and Maryland, D.C.’s had more NBA/ABA players than either. Virginia’s sent 54 players to the pros; Maryland has 46…



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