McKinley Tech’s Tim Bassett Recalls The Old Days

Former All-Met performer played with Dr. J in the old ABA, owns Manhattan bar:



4 responses to “McKinley Tech’s Tim Bassett Recalls The Old Days

  1. Before McKinley Armstrong arrived in Washington D.C. his life took a slight turn and he ended up in the small town of Front Royal, Va. In the 1960’s a very heated and political integration debate was ensuing. Refusing to integrate the public schools a strong anti-integration lobby ironically built an all-black high school in the community in 1959 called Criser High School. Arriving at Criser High in 1961 McKinley transformed a fledgling sports program into one that was respected throughout the Shenandoah Valley. It was in this small community that the motivating power of McKinley Armstrong was established and has forever left an indelible imprint on the lives of many. This day and forever more we salute one of the most prolific sports figures and educators.

  2. Demanding. Discipline. Work ethic. That’s coach armstong. He made a young man with no confidence in his ability, believe in himself and that he could compete with the best players dc had to offer. I owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude for his faith in me. My sincere condolances go out to his family in this most difficult time. He will be truly missed.

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