Marty Lentz Was The Real Deal

Dick Heller’s Washington Times article on an All-Met player from Mount Vernon High:



5 responses to “Marty Lentz Was The Real Deal

  1. I went to St. Stephens in Alexandria. But I went to games to watch Marty. I never saw anything like him. I watched him play against Wakefield. Their defense that night consisted of putting a box of four men against Marty. He still scored at will……..over 30 points as I remember.

    During my time in high school, there were many great basketball players. Elgin Baylor, John Thomson, George Manger and Fred Hetzel come to mind. But there was one Marty.

    There has never been a high school pure shooter like Marty. Those of us who saw him were seeing someone whose likes will never be seen again.

    ed stubbs

    • Thanks Ed. He must have been something to see. We hope to interview Dave Heller of the Times about the teams and players he has covered during his career- Lentz included.

  2. I remember Marty too. My highschool was on the receiving end of his scoring record (JEB Stuart). I also remember great players of the DC area, as Ed Stubbs does above. John Thompson (of John Carrol HS, former Georgetown coach), George Leftwich, Dave Bing, Ed Hummer (of W&L HS), Elliott McBride (of McLean). Marty was like a point guard and a center rolled into one. Too bad about his injury at WVa.

  3. John Blackwell

    I played in the game that Marty scored 74. I played for J.E.B. Stuart and had my highest scoring game. I scored 30 that night and didn’t even get my name in the paper. He was the best Northern Va. had at that time. I always felt he chose the wrong university. Marty was as smooth as silk and W.Va. was a run and gun school.

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