Embee Shaw Finds New Life

Scroll down to page seven in this PDF about Providence Hospital:


Former Eastern High All-Met was unconscious for two months.



5 responses to “Embee Shaw Finds New Life

  1. He was one of the better players he and his brother Gaines from HD woodson.

  2. He was the best him and my brother. Wish they would had follow their dreams,

    • Who is your brother Camille? Shaw and Jerome McDaniels played together @ Barber-Scotia College.


    • yes, I lived behind barber scotia college in concord nc. your brother and embee were two of the best to ever wear a sabers jersey. they were electrifying back when dunks were illegal. crowd loved it when the sabers were up by a lot towards the end of a game, the dunks were mind blowing back then….RIP Jerry Mac

  3. Embee and Shaw and Jerome McDaniels were two of the best players to ever play at Barber Scotia College. I grew up behind the college, it was exciting times in Saber Den when Shaw and McDaniels played.

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