DC Basketball’s All-Time All-Met Team

I’ll get the conversation started with my two cents on the best 12 players the Greater Washington area ever produced, in no particular order:

Elgin Baylor, Spingarn

Danny Ferry, DeMatha

“JoJo” Hunter, Mackin

Donald Washington, St. Anthony’s

Harold Fox, Northwestern

Adrian Dantley, DeMatha

Matthew Gantt, Douglass

Fred Hetzel, Landon

Grant Hill, South Lakes

“Ducey” Smith, Fairmont Heights

James Brown, DeMatha

Austin Carr, Mackin

(alternates- Jim McBride DUNBAR/DEMATHA, Stacy Robinson CROSSLAND/DUNBAR, George Leftwich, ARCHBISHOP CARROLL)

Any list this short is going to exclude some tremendous contributors. Who’s on your twelve?



27 responses to “DC Basketball’s All-Time All-Met Team

  1. BCB ,,, Your top 12 entry is a good list. Have you personally seen your top 12 play when they were in high school or were some players picked based on reputation or pro career?

    A question for anyone who reads the board….

    Whatever happened to the incredibility gifted David Reavis, Mackin High, 73. He has been one of the most underrated players in the D.C. area. He was one of the few players of his era that was performing Iverson hesitation crossovers, Tracy McGrady dunks off the backboard and slam dunks just inside of the free throw line in a half court setting, yet he has received very little recognition over the years.

    I’d like to add David Reavis, Apple Milam, Mckinley Tech, Dave Bing, Springarn, Sherman Douglass, Springarn and Steve Hegans, Springarn to Honorable Mention.

    • orbjones- I never caught Baylor h.s. act- even I’m not that old. The list is a combination of guys I saw and didn’t.

      As for Reavis, everyone I have interviewed for the homepage, and a lot of other former players anc coaches have regaled me with stories of his lightning crossover dribble- particularly unusual given his size. He played at Georgia (there’s a photo of him there on our homepage), and later became a local D.C. comic, but died rather young.

      I like your honorable mention. Who would be on your 12?

    • I have looked on this website before (RIP to Coach Ed Epps) but only ended up on this page THIS TIME because as a comedian out of the Washington, DC area I heard David Reavis’ name pop up as NOT ONLY one of the best basketball players out of DC but also an entertaining comedian and better friend..

      According to my sources he passed away in 2004

  2. Gary Washington

    Do you remember Greg Carrington from Bell Vocational High School 1972 graduate. He was a two time all met first team. It’s no way this guy should have been ommitted from this list. One of the best I’ve seen including Adrian Dantley.

  3. To Cagewriter,

    I did not know David Reavis passed. (RIP). Can you tell me the circumstances? The last time I saw David, he was on the “Apollo Amateur Night” show telling jokes.

    Although there were some great players drafted in 1977, I could never comprehend why he wasn’t drafted until the 4th round. And even more difficult to understand was why Bob Ferry (Washington Bullets GM) cut him. It was and still is implausible that he did not give the hometown Mackin star a chance.

    There have been D.C. players with great cross-overs and hesitation moves similar to David, but as you so elegantly stated only Tracey McGrady and David Reavis could follow up these moves with throwing the ball off the backboard and slam dunking.

    David could take off just inside the foul line off of one leg, throw the ball off the backboard overhand and slam dunk on a one on three fastbreak. Or, in a half court setting, after executing the crossover or hestitation move, take off of one leg just inside the foul line, throw it off the backboard and slam dunk all in one motion.

    In 1976 I attended a summer league tournament at PG College. I was there to see the great Vic Kelly and great Archie Talley go head to head. They didn’t disappoint. But, the player I was most impressed with was David Reavis. Are there any witnesses in D.C. Blog land?


    • I don’t know the circumstance. I saw him do standup comedy in the ’80’s, and didn’t even know he was the same Reavis who had hooped. I heard he possessed a wicked crossover before it was de rigeur.

      • Francis Harris

        David Reavis died in May, 2004. Don’t know what he died from, but he was a friend of mine. RIP!

  4. Pat Dosh at St. John’s was a great player. He was the MVP of the ’74 Knights of Columbus Tornament and St. John’s beat Dunbar of Baltimore with Skip wise and Larry Gibson and Eastern HS with James Turkey Tillman on consecutive days who were #1 and 2 in the country. He played in the Chevy Chase Summer leagues and would get 45 -50 points a game. One of the Nicest guys you’d ever meet.

  5. 1. Elgin baylor
    2. Adrian Dantley
    3. Len Bias
    4. Grant Hill
    5. Delonte (Nut) Taylor
    6. Stacy Robinson
    7. JoJo Hunter
    9. Greg Jones
    10. Curt Smith
    11. Walt Williams
    12. Eddie Jordan

  6. Pete Dehaven Edison. Top 12. also, He is listed as an all met by team from Madison 1975. He Played for Edison 1970. Enclosed is link to connection paper 1992 dream team first five.


  7. I want information about Stacy Robinson that came out of DuVal High school

  8. Baylor
    Craig Shelton
    Jojo Hunter
    Will Jones
    Austin Carr
    Earl Jones
    Ollie JOHNSON
    Adrian Branch
    Sharman Douglass

  9. sorry I left turk Tillman out

  10. where is Jim Mcbride for a long time best schoolboy player I had ever seen

  11. sam.coleman@tonwerswatson.com

    the campbell brother, charles and randolph
    austin carr
    johnny lloyd
    jo jo hunter
    larry herron
    dick williams
    keith herron
    micharl britt

  12. sam.coleman@tonwerswatson.com

    Michael Britt did not make all met here, played for UDC championship squad. You know what they used to say, You go to the game to see Earl Jones, you leave talking about Michael Britt. Firebirds were bad.

  13. I sad to hear that David Reavis has passed. When I was a kid one summer he allowed me to hang with and carry his gym bag as we would travel to gyms and parks all day. He was a comedian even then and I was honored to be around him as everywhere we went he was recognized as Jello. He had the nastiest crossover that would make any defender look foolish. RIP David Reavis.

  14. David Reavis I Miss Him…R.I.P. my dear Brother passed in Los Angeles…He still showed off those moves on Venice Beach before his death and had a chance of coaching the And 1 Team in Mexico. David was well versed in Spanish and enjoyed an overseas career in Argentina as a Pro Ball Player and Talk Show Host , as well, as enjoying a career in Comedy and Comedy Promotions….

    • I am the daughter of David Reavis and I looked through these comments and it seems that though alot of you dont know how my daddy died. Well he got stabbed to death. What happened? I dont REALLY know the story because i’ve heard more than one. But all in all…R.i.p to the best dad ever! I miss him dearly. If you would like more info….email me @krystleirby@yahooo.com

      • Sorry to hear, and some posters here also miss him. I will contact you offlist.



  15. Alot of people forget about the Woodrow Wilson High 1974 team that played Eastern High in the Interhigh Championship game. Rick Staten (6’3″), Keith Lewis (6’6″), Rodney “Farmer” Callahan (6’7″), Billy Brown (5’8″), and me (6’5″). Four of the five made All Interhigh (Washington Post or Star). The toughest player we ever played was Adrian Dantley by far, the next was Stacey Robinson and Kenny Carr.
    David Reavis was called the rubberband man for his crossover that I have never seen anyone else in basketball do. He would leave a guy on the other side of the court. He had made hops which I saw him dunk on Robert Reid (Houston Rockets) in the Urban Coalition and leave him in the second row. David’s down was he could go left and he could go right but he wouldn’t go to school. One of the best and nicest people I ever met who I call my friend for life (R.I.P).

    • It was a very good team, Bobby. I went to Western at the time, and I saw the Inter-High championship game at McDonough Gym, at Georgegtown University against Eastern HS, with James Tillman. Eastern won the game, and if I remember correctly, Tillman put on a show, but Wilson had a very good team that year. I was part of the Western team that upsett Wilson at Wilson in 1975.

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