Bobby Lewis- A St. John’s Legend

Former Cadet star was one of  Tar Heels’ “L & M Boys” in 1967:

an excerpt from this excellent profile by Frank Deford:

…Despite his leanness, Lewis has always played very well underneath the basket; he learned his basketball on the playgrounds, where survival demands playing one-on-one, inside and out. For many summers, day and night, he would be at the Chevy Chase Center or at St. John’s academy (where he made All-America in high school), playing pickup games with players like Dave Bing, Fred Hetzel, Ron Watts, John Thompson, Tom Hoover and John Austin. A great jumper (though he needs one step to get his spring), Lewis could always hold his own in the extracurricular playground dunking contests. On one occasion he tied the 6’10” Hoover, matching his best—a two-ball stuff, one right-handed, one left-handed on the same leap…

(Bob Lewis is pictured on the left, # 22 for the Heels- the defender is Pat Riley)



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