DC Area Players Named PARADE All-American

We’ve had more than our share in the region (here’s a list from 1959-2002):

1959- Tom Hoover, First Team, Archbishop Carroll

1960- John Thompson, Second Team, Archbishop Carroll

1961, Fred Hetzel, Landon, 4th team
1962- John Austin, First Team, DeMatha

1963, Bob Lewis , St Johns, 1st team
Ed Hummer, Fourth Team, Washington-Lee, 4th team

1964- Brendan McCarthy, Third Team, DeMatha

1965- Bernard Williams, Third Team, DeMatha

1967- Austin Carr, Fourth Team, Mackin

1969- James Brown, Fifth Team, DeMatha

1970- Donald Washington, Third Team, St. Anthony’s

1972, Merlin Wilson, St Anthony;s, 3rd team

1973- Adrian Dantley, First Team, DeMatha, Larry Wright, First Team, Western

1974- Kenny Carr, DeMatha

1975- Stacey Robinson, Second Team, Crossland, James “Turk” Tillman, Third Team, Eastern

1976- JoJo Hunter, Second Team, Mackin, Charles “Hawkeye” Whitney, Third Team, DeMatha

1977- James Ratiff, First Team, Eastern, Tracy Jackson, Third Team, Paint Branch, Kenny Matthews, Fourth Team, Dunbar

1980- Earl Jones, First Team, Spingarn, Tom Sluby, Fourth Team, Gonzaga

1981- Anthony Jones, First Team, Dunbar, Billy Martin, Second Team, McKinley Tech, Adrian Branch, Fourth Team, DeMatha

1982- Johnny Dawkins, Third Team, Mackin, Len Bias, Fourth Team, Northwestern

1983- Tommy Amaker, Third Team, W.T. Woodson, Michael Graham, Fourth Team, Spingarn

1984- Danny Ferry, Second Team, DeMatha, Derrick Lewis, Second Team, Archbishop Carroll, Wally Lancaster, Fourth Team, Coolidge, Tyrone Jones, Fourth Team, Dunbar, Kenny Saunders, Fourth Team, McKinley Tech

1985- Danny Ferry (Player of the Year) First Team, DeMatha, David Butler, Third Team, Coolidge, Darryl Prue, Fourth Team, Dunbar

1986- Perry Carter, Second Team, Gonzaga, Jerrod Mustaf, Fourth Team, DeMatha, Mark Tillmon, Fourth Team, Gonzaga

1987- Dennis Scott, First Team, Flint Hill, Anthony Tucker, First Team, McKinley Tech, Rodney Monroe, First Team, Hagerstown, Jerrod Mustaf, Third Team, DeMatha

1988- Jerrod Mustaf, Second Team, DeMatha, Donald Hodge, Third Team, Coolidge

1989- Arron Bain, First Team, Flint Hill, Michael Tate, Second Team, Oxon Hill

1990- Michael Smith, Third Team, Dunbar

1991- Duane Simpkins, Fourth Team, DeMatha

1995- Michael Gill, Fourth Team, Dunbar

1998- DeMarr Johnson, First Team, Newport (Kensington, Md.), Keith Bogans, Second Team, DeMatha

2001- Levi Watkins, Fourth Team, Montrose Christian

2002- Travis Garrison, Third Team, DeMatha



8 responses to “DC Area Players Named PARADE All-American

  1. DC Parade MISSING:

    1961, Fred Hetzel, Landon, 4th team
    1963, Bob Lewis , St Johns, 1st team
    1972, Merlin Wilson, St Anthony;s, 3rd team

  2. Thanks unc1dmo.


  3. I would love to see a list of the All met teams from the 50’s-00 as well as All Inter High from 50’s-00

    • Mike- the All-Met teams are on our website, DCBasketball.com. All-Interhigh squads are linked on this page.

      Thanks for hanging out here.


  4. does anyone have access to the all- interhigh teams from the 50s and 60s. the all-met teams are nice, but there were some really good players in the interhigh and catholic schools that didn’t make all-met.

    i also noticed (it appears) that prior to 1954, there were all-high and later, all catholic teams. 1954-55 or so brought in all-met. i could be wrong, but didn’t recognize many (any?) names of black players until elgin baylor.

    • Dave-

      Thanks for visiting the site. Elgin was the first Negro boy named Washington Post All-Met in basketball. As for the All-Interhigh lists, there’s a link sidebar on our blog (with “Post” and “Star” listings).


  5. Kenny Carr, DeMatha 1974 was first team Parade All-American.

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