Recent Prep All-Star Teams, By City

These teams are nice, but outsiders categorize D.C. and Baltimore as one metro area. That’s like a Dayton newspaper claiming Cincinnati athletes on their all-time prep football team.

ESPN’s take:

High School Hoop gives it a shot:


    All-Baltimore/D.C. Team

G Keith Bogans (Dematha, 1999)
G Kevin Durant (Montrose Christian, 2006)
F Carmelo Anthony (Oak Hill, 2002)
F Rudy Gay (Archbishop Spaulding, 2004)
F Mike Beasley (Notre Dame Prep, 2006)
6th Man Jeff Green (Northwestern, 2004)

The Baltimore/D.C. area is producing top players faster than anywhere else right now. They are not just producing players they are producing big time players. Carmelo Anthony, Mike Beasley, Rudy Gay and Kevin Durant are all franchise player type talents.

Sorry HSH (and four-letter channel)- in the DC area, we consider players from The District, its Maryland ‘burbs of Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties, and our neighboring Northern Virginia cities our own. Baltimore city and County have their own mayor(s), t.v. stations, school systems, transit systems, and high school leagues, both public and Catholic. DC and Baltimore are 39 miles apart even at their closest points.



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