The Day Moses Malone Didn’t Reach The Promised Land

Bobby Kinzer, former Wilson High School (and Penn State) player, shared this memory w/ the DC Basketball Blog:

My greatest playground memory is:

The day Moses Malone and Chris Patton came down Upshur St. playground. All the rivals that nornmally existed on the playground, all join together to beat the then currently signed University of Maryland players. They were in the area because they were playing in the Urban Coalitian up on the hill at Roosevelt High School. Upshur’s team consisted of Harry Brokenberry (DC Teachers – one of the greatest shooters to ever to come out of D.C.),Wesley Boussard (Bell Vocational – one of the best all around sports player in D.C.- drafted by Dallas Cowboys), Bobby Kinzer (Wilson High/Penn State/European Professional League – one of the 1st big point guards out of D.C.), Carl Patterson (Roosevelt), Mike “Dick Barnett” Dodson (Upshur St.),and Gator Brown (Dunbar/Wilson). This was a day to remember because the word got out that Moses was playing down Upshur. People were coming out the wood work. The playground all of a sudden got packed. Standing room only. People were looking through the fence. The game started off with 5’9″ Gator Brown dunking on Moses’ homeboy who was 6’5″. The playground went off! The atmosphere was electric. Upshur playground went on to win the game and that day became frozen in time. It is the one time that Upshur Street playground united and celebrated like it was the NBA Finals. The next day, the rivalries were back at it, if you didn’t have game or know somebody you weren’t getting on the court and you might get jacked up and your wallet taken.

Chris Patton, for those who may not know, was a 6’9″ Maryland University forward out of Buffalo. Thanks Bobby.


13 responses to “The Day Moses Malone Didn’t Reach The Promised Land

  1. Hi,
    I like your blog.
    This is an interesting interview. I am currently living in Edinburgh and I’ve heard about Bobby Kinzer from people that used to see him play for team Solripe. Is Bobby Kinzer coaching basketball in the USA now? Is there a photo of him?
    Bobby still has fans over here in Edinburgh who would like to know about his career development since he left Scotland. Do you know where I can find this information?

    Keep blogging! I’m really enjoying it.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Rachel. I don’t know where Kinzer is working, but will try to find out by e-mailing him at the address he shared this memory from.



  3. Thanks! 🙂

  4. BCB…Thanks for posting my greatest playground memory. In response to Rachel from Edinburgh, Scotland, I am living in Mitchellville, Maryland. I am a Senior Financial Analyst for the FDIC, a bank regulatory agency. I host the Golden Child Awards Charity Basketball Tournament every year at Trinity University which is a fundraiser for children that have been through trauma. Some of the greatest moments in my professional basketball career was at Coasters Arena in Falkirk, Scotland. Scotland has some of the greatest basketball fans in the world. Enjoy Divine, Bobby Kinzer

  5. Thanks for the update Bobby.


  6. just thought you might like to know that Anne Laing, Paul and I are revisiting some old videos of the greatest basketball games EVER at Coasters Arena! They’re bringing back all sorts of fab memories. hope you are doing ok? happy days. if you need a copy, Paul can forward you a dvd. ps are you still as cheeky? xx and Anne says, pastilles are forever!!!

    • Hi Jenni…

      you won’t know me, or you may do…I was part of the choir who followed Team Solripe all over the place, Leicester and Southampton are two away weekends that spring to mind. Having just read your comments about revisiting old videos of basketball games at Coasters I thought I would ask the question…would you be able to send me a copy on DVD…I am more than willing to pay for the disc and postage.

      Many thanks

  7. Just read your emails, I to was involved with that great era at coasters and its still some of the best basketball moments I’ve had. Bobby taught me alot about the game at training which I still pass on to the kids today telling them all about the guy who taught me.I live in Australia now and at 49 still playing and coaching. Just can’t stop being involved with a sport that has given me so much. I’ve lost touch with Stevie ‘Monty’ Montgomery and Anne but maybe one day at a reunion??? All the very best to everyone, glad to hear you are all doing fine. Have a good one.
    How do I get my hands on a copy of the DVD?

    • We will be producing a documentary on local basketball history soon. Thanks.


      • Hi Barrie

        just to let you know that Steve Montgomery is alive and well and still living in the Falkirk area…I met him in Behind The Wall just before Christmas and spent most of the night reminiscing about the good old days of Team Solripe…just been looking through my old programmes and your name pops up a couple of times…
        Cheers Ian


    Hi Cagewriter
    Fascinating stuff and all from a time that remains very dear to me!
    Jenni & Paul New, Anne Laing, Steve Montgomery, not too mention the indomitable Bobby Kinzer – easily the best UK basketball salesman ever!!!!

    Would love to hear from ALL of you so could you please pass on my email address accordingly or likewise, please pass their contact details to me. As all are past friends I’m confident no one will bother too much about you bringing us back together so let me say thanks in advance!

    Cheers & keep the great work.

    Raymond Sparkes

  9. Hi, some of the very very best years of our lives were spent at Coasters Arena. My sister i spent many a Sunday supporting Team Solripe.So good to have news of Bobby Kinzer. We would like also if you have any news of Tyrone Shoulders. it was the best time ever & we will never forgrt it. Mary & Liz

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