DC Basketball: A Glossary For the Get-Together

All are welcome to our inaugural event on Sat., June 14 (see below). Should you arrive, and not be a native, or be a spouse, date, child, or friend of a former player, the following definitions will help you navigate the sea of names you’re likely to hear thrown about like no-look passes:

(the event takes place  2-7 p.m. Saturday, June 14, at WOW Cafe & Wingery, 800 E. Shoppers Way (next to the Magic Johnson Theatres), Largo, Md. The founders of DC Basketball will also be on hand. Call 301-680-1979, or 301-520-2292 for more info)

RABBIT: Elgin Baylor

DUCK: Former Mackin star Donald “Duck” Williams

COON: Eastern High product Jerry Chambers

STACY: Former Crossland and Dunbar star Stacy Robinson

LENNY: Late Northwestern star Len Bias

THE URBO: The Urban Coalition summer league, also referred to as “The Coalition”

JELLEFF: The Jelleff Summer League

TURKEY THICKET: The playground at 12th St. and Michigan Ave., N.E.

JO JO: Former Mackin star Jo Jo Hunter

CRICKET: Former McKinley Tech star Anthony “Cricket” Williams

BAY BAY: Former Dunbar star John “Bay Bay” Duren

TURK: Former Eastern star James “Turkey” Tillman

CURT: Former Coolidge star Curt Smith

CHICKEN BREAST: William “Chicken Breast” Lee from Fairmont Heights

A.D: Former DeMatha star Adrian Dantley

TECH: McKinley High School

AUBREY: Former DeMatha star Aubrey Nash

ALL-MET: Named to the all-D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia scholastic team by The Washington Post

APPLE: Former McKinley Tech star Randolph “Apple” Milam


That should help a little. Bring your memories and your business cards.



2 responses to “DC Basketball: A Glossary For the Get-Together

  1. SLIGO…

    i played there once when i was a teenager…remembers…

    played on the campus of MD too ( that court next to the gym)
    also on New Hampshire Ave in White Oak.
    and the court in Oakview.
    these three places developed my game..

  2. Thanks Oak. Hope you can make the gathering.


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