Remember Jo Jo Hunter?

We realize a lot of visitors come here wondering about former Mackin scoring ace Anthony “Jo Jo” Hunter, the first high school guard to be seriously considered as an NBA draft pick. This profile ran last summer:



4 responses to “Remember Jo Jo Hunter?

  1. I think Jo Jo Hunter was the best point shoot guard that ever came out of the DC area. I attend Mackin and he was history to all of us. I remember choosing school to attend High-school, all the guy wanted to attend because they wanted to be the next Jo Jo Hunter. I have’nt yet seen anyone yet with that kind of style & attitude that Jo Jo possessed. He had a serious hesitation that would fake the socks of you and the preetiest one hand jumper you just wanted to frame. And for those of you that don’t now Mackin we had the best uniforms wormup ever you wanted to see. It was immtiminating to see !

  2. Whatever happened to a D.C. player named Ken Simerin (sic). He played in the 80s/early 90s. He was featured in a documentary about high school players. He had some academic troubles and was going the junior college route. He never made it to a Division I school as far as I know. Ever heard of this guy?

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