“Sleepy” Thompson and His Tournament

We’ve had some legendary coaches in this area. Red Jenkins of W.T. Woodson. Dave Brown at Spingarn. William Rountree of Spingarn. Joe Gallagher of St. John’s. Bob Dwyer at Archbishop Carroll. John Thompson with St. Anthony’s. Stu Vetter at Flint Hill. Cardozo’s Harold Deane. McKinley Armstrong with McKinley Tech. Joe Dean Davidson with Dunbar. St. Albans’ Bob Brown. Morgan Wootten at DeMatha. Eastern’s A.B. Williamson. Paul Furlong of Mackin.

Here’s a website dedicated to Coach “Sleepy” Thompson and his tournament:





4 responses to ““Sleepy” Thompson and His Tournament

  1. Pretty good selection and I concur. Just wanted to comment on McKinley Armstrong and his basketball accomplishments during his developmental coaching years at Criser High School in the early 60’s. Located in Front Royal, Virginia this all-black school that was created in 1959 saw the addition of M. Armstrong as athletic director in 1962. He quickly expanded the sports programs and took this fledgling young team to be one of the forces to be reckoned with in their local district.

    • Thanks Robert. Coach was my neighbor in Brookland. I think he put in some time in his native N.C. too. He’s a great guy.


  2. I went to St Stephens in the mid 1970’s and had a chance to know Coach Thompson. He is one man I will always have the utmost respect. Though I was a student, his office door was always open to me as well. One man that also should have been on that list was Bob Moore who was at Bishop Ireton for years, but spent the end of his career at St Stephens. He was not a coach but a trainer/equipment manager and was loved by the athletes he worked with. Both men were and are to this day very highly respected.

    Scott Edgell
    St Stephens Class of 1978

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