DC Basketball- A Family Affair

There have been plenty of family acts in local basketball, among them:

Al Dutch, Sr. and Jr.

Lawrence Moten, Sr. and Jr.

Herb Gray, Sr. and Jr.

Jerry, Harry, and Mark Nickens

Fred and Victor Thomas

Larry, Keith, and Reggie Herron of Mackin

Terry and Miceky Wiles of DeMatha

Jim and Vince LeBuff of Gonzaga

Austin and Tracy Jackson

Ed and Mike Tapscott of Sidwell Friends

Sam and Matt Pashcall

Derrick and Cedric Lewis

The Ferry’s of DeMatha

Len and Jay Bias

Penny and Darryl Greene

Tommy and Adrian Branch

Jessica and Jasmine Parrish

Merlin and Gary Wilson

Sid Catlett, DeMatha, and his son Sid, Fork Union

Stacy Robinson, and his son Stacy

Randolph and “Jitty” Campbell of Ballou High

James and Jay Nichols

DeMatha’s Hite Brothers

Washington-Lee’s Hummer Brothers (plus current Gonzaga player Ian)

Fred and Wil Hetzel

The Baylor’s

Coolidge’s Gregory Brothers

Austin and Roderick Carr

(there have been countless others)



4 responses to “DC Basketball- A Family Affair

  1. Can’t forget the Cunningham’s of Eastern High School in the 60’s and their sons/nephews at Carroll in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s

  2. Add Antwan Harrison, Gonzaga City Champion 2003 and his sister Shanel Harrison, Good Counsel 2 time City Champion 2005, 2006

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