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Word on the Street: DC Area’s Schoolyard Best

New York City and Phily are well-known for their streetball standouts- and rightfully so. Washington, though not nearly as large, has had its share of blacktop ballers too. Here’s a shout out to some of the best:

“Greeky” Watson

Elgin “Rabbit” Baylor

William “Chicken Breast” Lee

Terry “Razor Arms” Hatchett

Oscar Phillips

Willie Jones

“Monk” Malloy

Bernie Levi

Tom Little

“Ducky” Vaughn

“Playground” Bennett

Stacy Robinson

Archie Talley

Curt Smith

Randy “White Chocolate ” Gill

Hugh “Baby Shaq” Jones

Lonnie “Prime Objective” Harrell



Very Mason

In the Wizards 103-91 loss to the revamped Lakers last night, Good Counsel’s Roger Mason scored 14 on six-for-eleven shooting, in 26 minutes and change.


Going Great Guns- Metro Area Schoolboy Scoring Records

Courtesy of Paul Luchter’s webpage “Lucky’s Amazing Sports Lists” (http://www.mindspring.com/~luckyshow/amazingsportslists.htm )

•District of Columbia High School Boys Basketball One-Game Scoring Record:
(including DC Metro Area, Md. & Va.)
   74 pts. Marty Lentz, Mount Vernon (VA) v. JEB Stuart, 2/24/1961
   63 pts. Elgin “Rabbit” Baylor, Spingarn High School v. Phelps Vocational, 2/5/1954
   57 pts. Louis Bullock, Canterbury School, 1993-94 (Accokeek, Maryland)
   57 pts. Chris Wright, St. John’s College Cadets (W 108-35) Bishop Walsh Spartans, 2/17/2007 (23-34 FG, 4-11 3s, 16/16/14/11) Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament 3rd place consolation game at Frostburg State
   53 pts. Anthony “Jo Jo” Hunter, Mackin HS (L 95-99) Mount St. Joseph (Balt.), Mar. 1976 Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament at Allegany High
   53 pts. Lyndon DeBellotte, Cardozo High, Jan. 1983
   53 pts. Henry Hall, Riverdale Parkdale (MD) (L 102-104O.T.) Beltsville High Point, 2/3/1988 (21 reb, 8 3-pointer, 3rd 50 of yr.)
   53 pts. Scottie Reynolds, Herndon High (VA) (W 91-81O.T.) I.C. Norcom, 1/22/2005 (12 in OT, 9 reb., 6 a., 99 pts. in 2 games.) Battle of the Bay Showcase at Oscar Smith HS
   52 pts. Jim Wexler, Western High (W 90-43) Charlotte Hall Military Academy, 2/10/1953 (17 pts in last 5 minutes)
   52 pts. Lyndon Debellotte, Cardozo HS (L 71-78) Woodson, 1983
   51 pts. Henry Hall, Riverdale Parkdale (MD) (W 106-92) Oxon Hill, 1987-88
   51 pts. Folarin Campbell, Springbrook Blue Devils (W 87-67) Richard Montgomery HS, 2/2/2004 (Maryland) (7 reb., 5 a.)
   51 pts. Evann Baker, Archbishop Carroll (W 89-88) Brevard Christian School (Fla.), 2/4/2006 (Hit 3 foul shots with no time left in game; 21-21 FT) 7th Place Game at Montverde Invitational, Orlando
   50 pts. Donald Williams, Macklin High, 1972-73
   50 pts. Lamar Haynes, Washington International (W 100-57) Alexandria (Va.) Islamic Saudi Academy, 1/30/1990
   50 pts. Tre Kelley, Dunbar High v. School Without Walls, 2001-02 (6’1″ Jr.)
   49 pts. Darnell Dodson, Eleanor Roosevelt HS (MD) (L 94-97O.T.) Dunbar (D.C.), 12/27/2006 Riverdale Baptist HS Christmas Tournament
   48 pts. Marquis Newby, Carroll High (W 84-58) Martinsburg (W.Va.), Feb. 1993
   47 pts. Victor Page, McKinley Tech, 1993-94
   47 pts. Kellii Taylor, Archbishop Carroll High v. Oak Hill Academy (Va.), 1993-94 (6’0″ Sr.)
   47 pts. Dennis Bassich, Einstein HS (MD.) (W 73-61) at Meade High, 12/28/2007 Meade Holiday Tournament

Elgin’s 63 in a high school game played at a 1954 pace was gettin’ it done!

It also bears mentioning that Harold Fox of Northwestern scored 64 in a game in 1968, and that his contemporary, big Gary Browne of Walt Whitman, exceeded 60 in a game not documented on the list above. Few fans who were on hand will ever forget the ’68 Maryland AA state championship final between Northwestern and Whitman’s Vikings, when Fox, who left the game with a second quarter injury, returned to post 21 points and 16 rebounds to help give his squad a victory. Fox, a Scholastic Coach All-American, later starred at Jacksonville University.