How Soon They Forget

As stated before, this feature is dedicated to players whose names should surface in nostalgic conversation more often than they generally do:

Ed Hummer, Washington-Lee

Howard “Earthworm” Matthews, Mackin

Alphonso Adair, DuVal

Lionel Harris, Cardozo

Wilbert Skipper, Anacostia

Lew Luce, Wilson

Bobby Gordon, Richard Montgomery

Herb Estes, T.C. Williams

Randolph Campbell, Ballou

James McBride, Dunbar

Diane Tolliver, St. Anthony’s

Garland Logan, Spingarn

Floyd Lewis, Western

Ed Peterson, Springbrook

“Skeeter” Swift, George Washington



4 responses to “How Soon They Forget

  1. Can you provide more information about Alfonso Adair?

  2. Alphonso Adair was a very talented guard at DuVal High School in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. His team won the state once, and he was a clever ballhandler and good scorer. I have seen a game account in The Washington Post where he recorded 28 points and 14 assists in the same game- and the Post almost never noted assists in h.s. articles. I believe he played collegiately at Mount St. Mary’s afterward.

    Thanks for dropping in.


  3. Thank you for the update. Do you know where I could find more pictures of Mr. Adair from the papers?

    • In response to your query about photos, we will soon be posting images of local high school players at There are some there now (mostly players from the area with their college or pro teams, but some high school). We are entering an agreement with MLK Library to scan shots from the old Washington Star and Washington Star-News collection, which they now own.

      We haven’t seen many of Adair yet, but very soon one of his teammate Mick Michaels will accompany our interview w/ him on the homepage.


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