Playgrounds, Recs and Schoolyards

Some of the area’s historical outdoor basketball battlegrounds:

Guy Mason Recreation Center 3600 Calvert St., N.W.  

Sherwood Park, 10th and G Sts., N.E.

Turkey Thicket, 12th and Michigan Ave., N.E.

Candy Cane, Beach Drive & Rollingwood Drive, Chevy Chase, Md.

Sligo Creek Park, Silver Spring, Md.

Watts Branch Park, 63rd St. N.E.

Kelly Miller playground, 301 49th St. N.E.

Fort Stevens Park, 13th and Quackenbos Steets, N.W.

Ridge Road Rec, 800 Ridge Rd., S.E.

Anacostia Park, 1900 Anacostia Drive, S.E.

What parks and schoolyards hosted the best competition when you played? Where’s the best run now?



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