How Soon They Forget

The Washington metro area is internationally known to have produced basketball players the likes of Elgin Baylor, Dave Bing, Austin Carr, Adrian Dantley, Johnny Dawkins, Danny Ferry and Kevin Durant. Yet the volume of standout players from the city and its suburbs is such that even savvy fans sometimes forget significant names when reminiscing about the best. Some names often overlooked include Wilbur “Ducey” Smith of Fairmont Heights, playmaker George Leftwich of Archbishop Carroll, Fred Hetzel of Landon, three-time All-Met Willie Allen of Richard Montgomery, big men Larry Featherstone of Bell and Lamar McCoy of Western, the inimitable Denise “Ms. J” Givens of Ballou, high risers Lamont Reid of Bladensburg and Garcia Hopkins of Duval, and Met Player of the Year Terry Coffey of Maret.

In forthcoming posts, we’ll jog your memory with more blasts from the past.



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